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Name:   Axel and Demyx
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2008-11-04
Location:   Castle Oblivion
Ok well for starters....Hey Im Axel,A-X-E-L,get it memorized! Axel! You cant forget me too! Ok well w/e me,Axel,am going to type a story about how me,the guys,and Larxene live about at Castle Oblivion....and some other stuff like pranks,bets,and missions. If u have any ideas to add on to the story feel free to tell me!

~The story starts off at Castle Oblivion~
Me:*siting on the floor* So why are we doing this again
Demyx:Cuz I said so
Demyx:Just help me with this ok
Me:What ever I'll help
Demyx:Well I was planing on pulling a prank on Luxord
Me:Joy -_-
Demyx:Neh! >_< Just help me think of how
Demyx:What about it?
Me:Duh! Use glue!
Me:-_- You really ARE slow
Demyx:What I cant help that I dont get it!
Me:Well learn
Demyx:Forget this Im leaving
Me:You go do that
Demyx:*walks out* Meany
Me:I could care less.....
Vexen:*walks through a dark portal* Axel,Xemnas wants to speak with you
Me:*stands up* Oh joy....*walks through the dark portal*
Hey Superior
Xemnas:*hands me a peice of paper*
Me:*reading it* Ok so you need me AND Demyx to find this one chick whos a nobody and get her to join?
Me:Ok then....why waste paper?
Xemnas:Just go
Me:What ever *opens a portal*
Demyx:Yeah Axel? *stops playing sitar*
Me:Superior gave us a mision to find this chick from Hollow Bastion
Me:The place where you battled Sora
Me:Yeah exactly....lets go t-
Demyx:Now ^-^
Me:No I ment tomorrow
Demyx:Oh ok ^-^ Works for me *plays sitar again*
Me:*walks out of his room* Oh and her name I Nabiki I think
Demyx:No X wow thats a first
Me:Yeah I know...well see yeah tomorrow
Demyx:See yeah!
Me:*walks over to Luxord's room*
Hey Luxord you in there?
Luxord:Yeah why?*opens door*
Me:Up for another game?
Luxord:Sure. What this time?
Me:I could care less right now....I guess Wii Bowling
Luxord:Oh come on
Me:Hey Im bored I never said "Lets gamble"
Luxord:Thats no fun
Me:I dont care! *turns on the Wii* So....wheres the remotes?
Luxord:*throws one to me*
Me:*catches it*
~After a long hour of playing Wii Bowling~
Luxord:*yawns* See Im going to win any way
Luxord:What I do?
Me:Cheated duh
Me:You just did
Luxord:*anime falls* Your just jelouse I won AGAIN
Me:Are not
Luxord:Are to
Me:Are not!
Luxord:You are!
Me:I have better things to do then argue with you
Luxord:Like what?
Luxord:Nothing new there
Me:Neh! *turns the Wii off* See yeah *walks out*
I should get to bed...sence I have to go all the way to Hollow Bastion....with Demyx...uhhhhh...*opens a portal and ends up in my room* Uh *falls on my bed* Well this better be a better mission then last time....*falls asleep*
~Next morning~
Demyx:*getting ready* I hope Axel is up already....that would suck if he wasnt
Demyx:*walks out of his room* Looks like its still dark out....that should help some *walking to my room*
Me:*my alarm goes off and I fall off my bed* >_< Owwwww *looks at time* Aw crap I forgot about the mission! *gets up and starts getting ready*
Demyx:*knocks on the door* Axel? U up yet?
Me:Give me 5 minutes
Demyx:Got it

~5 Minutes later~
Me:*opens my door* Ready
Me:So....sence you've been to Hallow any chance do you remember where its at?
Demyx:Hm....*thinking* I remember thats where all the Heartless are
Me:Why would a girl be there?
Demyx:How should I know!
Me:Shhhhh keep it down
Demyx:-_- You started it
Me:Just shut up *opens portal* Go
Demyx:Your coming too
Me:I know stupid
Demyx:Neh! *goes in*

Demyx:*hops out*
Me:*follows* So we there?
Demyx:Chill! And yeah we are
Me:Any idea where?
Demyx:*anime falls* Hallow Bastion! DUH!
Me:I ment more of where IN Hallow Bastion
Demyx:Hell if I know!
Nabiki:*siting on building above them* Well there annoying....mabey I should kill them now
Demyx:Just look!
Nabiki:*jumps down holding her sword* Prepare to die!

Demyx:What the?
Me:Wait a second
Nabiki:-_- Oh come on!
Me:*looks at paper Xemnas gave me* Yep thats her
Demyx:You got to be kiding right?
Nabiki:*confused* Who wants what?
Me:We dont have time for a Q and A
Demyx:Do we have to fight her?
Me:Yes youd dumb ass
Demyx:>_< Meany! *summons his sitar* I'll take this
Demyx:Just head back Axel
Me:*shrugs* I guess I could watch *jumps on the building Nabiki WAS on and watches*
Nabiki:*grips her sword*
Nabiki:What scared to fight a girl!
Nabiki and Demyx:WHAT!
Me:We need music
Nabiki and Demyx:-_-
Me:*turns on "Open Your Eyes" By Sum41*
Nabiki:W/e >_<
Demyx:*plays his sitar*
Nabiki:You got to be kiding right?
Demyx:Nope *makes some water clones*
Nabiki:*sighs* Thats lame *swings sword and destroys them* Next?
Demyx:Neh! >_<
Me:*sighs* This is no funny anymore......*throws one of my Chakrams and jumps down*
Nabiki:*barly dodges* Oh joy 2 agenst 1
Me:Says who?
Nabiki:Wait what?
Me:*picks up my Chakram* We never said we wanted to fight
Nabiki:*confused* Wait then why did you come?
Me:*looks at Demyx*
Demyx:Er.....Axel why do I have to!
Demyx:Blah.....ok well our "boss" told us to come here....
Me:To get you for some reason
Me:To be honist....I have no idea
Demyx:To get you to join
Nabiki:Join what!?
Demyx:Our Organization
Nabiki:Im totaly lost
Demyx:*opens a dark portal* Just come on!
Nabiki:>_< I dont even know you 2!
Demyx:Hi Im Demyx. Ha now you know me
Nabiki:-_-' Not what I ment
Me:*pushes Nabiki and Demyx in the portal and follows them in*
I hated being there
Nabiki:*falls face first on the ground* What was that for!
Demyx:Bad Axel! *sprays me with a water gun*
Me:*shakes my head like a wet dog* What was that for!



If u HATE storys with LOT of DRAMA dont read this Quizilla story
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