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to people that was thinking that I have something more with a ''Sora'' they was really confused couse I'm totally single and I was totally single and I love it but when I fall in love maybe I will hate it but not yet

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Name:   â™¥---kairi---♥
Birthday:   1992-01-06
Joined:   2007-03-28
Location:   Destiny Islands,kingdom hearts

i'm a girl from destiny islands i have many friends but my best friends are Sora,Riku,Donald,and Goofy.i have a nobody her name is Namine and the nobody of my beloved Sora is Roxas.i'm one of the 7 princessess of the hearts.My name is Kairi =3,but Namine is my friend my really good friend!Well Roxas too!I ended up in Twilight Town were two guys and a girl help me find Sora.There names were Olette,Pence,and Hayner, but Axel take me out of there then i was in a room with the Organization XIII but then Namine rescue me.And I found Riku no in the form he is but i found him!Then I finally see Sora!!!(love him !!),Goofy ,and Donald(my best friends too^^)and I was so so happy cause I really miss him and all my friends!Well then Namine and Roxas meet again like they promise (aww so cute) Sora and me tell to Namine and Roxas that we will be together everytime but then Donald ,Goofy and me separate from Sora and Riku =(!but now they are back! and we are together again!I just wish that I could be more time with Sora,and all my friends! i'm a girl that like to meet new people of everywhere i speak english and spanish so i can make friends from everywhwere.i'm really loyal and honest many people say that i'm a good friend but if you don't believe me ok try to be my friend and u will know! oh and i reallly love Sora !! Soon afterwards, a storm caused by darkness sweeps away everyone from the islands and I separated from Sora and Riku. By the time Sora finds me, I'm in a comatose state. It turns out that I was a Princess of Heart originally from the Radiant Garden sent to the Destiny Islands by Xehanort to confirm his theory that a Princess of Heart and the Keyblade are connected. Though Maleficent found out this fact about me, my heart ended up inside Sora before their island was destroyed. Because of this, Maleficent is unable to unlock the Keyhole inside Hollow Bastion until my heart is recovered. I was saved by Sora, who gives up his heart in order to restore mine, transforming him into a Heartless. I take it upon myself to protect that Heartless, showing Sora the way to the light which restores him. During the final stages of the game, I remain in the safety of Traverse Town, and in the temporary care of Leon, Aerith and Yuffie. I gave Sora my lucky charm, which I made from seashells back on Destiny Island the day before the storm occurred, with the condition that he gives it back to me. After Ansem's defeat, I was left behind on the reforming Destiny Islands and separated from Sora at the end of Kingdom Hearts. Sora promises to return to me with Riku, and I wait on the island for their return. I attend school with Selphie and converse with her about my missing friends. My memories of Sora have faded as I recall the days when me, Riku and Sora played together, but I do not identify Sora by name and mentions that I can no longer recall Sora's voice. However, no one else on the islands has any recollection of Sora at all. In addition, everyone Sora seems to have befriended have forgotten him until the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II. This is due to Sora's memories being taken apart in Chain of Memories, although Naminé later corrected this. I can still remember Sora, albeit barely. Eventually, I do remember Sora due to the restoration of his memories, writing a letter. After finally remembering Sora entirely, I send the letter drifting to the sea in hopes of that it will find its way to him. I'm later confronted by Axel, who hopes to use me to lure Sora to him. I evade him thanks to Pluto and heads to Twilight Town, but I was captured by Axel soon after. However, Saïx take me from Axel and imprisons me and Pluto in a jail cell in The World That Never Was. I escape my cell with the help of Naminé and we are saved from Saïx by Riku (in the guise of Xehanort's Heartless). Riku gives me a keyblade which I use to fight off the Heartless that Saïx summons. The connection between Naminé and me is resolved when I understand that Naminé is my Nobody, created when my heart was transferred from Sora's body back into my own. With that, Naminé gives up her existence as an independent entity to complete me. I return to Destiny Islands to welcome Sora and Riku back after they find my letter, the poem which I cast off in a bottle earlier in the game. Additionally, Sora returns to me my lucky charm, as he had finally fulfilled his promise to return it. I coming to help Sora? In "Another Side, Another Story", you see the line "This time, I'll fight." If you remember previously in Kingdom Hearts I said "This time, I'll protect you", so you can easily assume I saying this again. Also, in the 13 Points graph, this is located in the 10th point during Deep Dive under the heading "The Secret Place" and along side the line "His voice, it's left me". From this information, you could say that I'm on Destiny Islands waiting for Sora, but after much time has passed, I figure out a way to leave Destiny Islands (the wall is already broken down from the shooting star we saw) and goes out to find Sora. Another line from Deep Dive, "What took you so long Kairi?" can easily support that theory. I one of the unknowns? There is no way any of the unknowns could be me. There was even a rumor that one of the five unknowns standing at the top of Hollow Bastion is in some what of a familiar stance that I'm always(with my hands to my side), so many people thought that one particular unknown is me. I very highly doubt that.

oh! and i have myspace but i create it 14 of April so isn't the best but i like it and if u want add me

Hope u add me !and if u add me tell me so i can add u too!

ok! i send this to all my friends and it means that u are my best friend but i really don't know what i put this cause i send these to all my friends but it's ok



is Sora's Nobody who was "born" when Sora stabbed himself with the dark Keyblade and turned into a Heartless. Roxas received his name from Xemnas prior to being recruited. Roxas had no memory of being Sora because of the short time Sora spent as a Heartless. He eventually left the Organization to find Sora. However, Roxas was captured by Riku and placed in DiZ's virtual Twilight Town with no memory of before. Overtime, Roxas eventually remembers his true self and accepts his true nature during the process of merging with Sora. However, Roxas remained active, challenging and almost defeating Sora in a "mental duel". Roxas is the 13th member of Organization XIII, the "Key of Destiny", and controls the element of Light. He dual-wields the Oathkeeper and Oblivion Keyblades.Anyways he's cool,funny awesome and of course a good friend!


is my Nobody, born when my heart was lost to Sora during a "rare occasion". She is a young witch who can manipulate memories. Under orders from Marluxia, Naminé shadowed me and altered Sora's memory while he was in Castle Oblivion. Because Naminé is based on the false memories of Sora's feelings towards me, Sora believed her and Naminé had been friends since childhood until he learned the truth that he never met her. The forgiveness in Sora's heart moved Naminé to disobey the orders she was given. She then spent a year to reconstruct Sora's memory. Before the final battle, Naminé fused with me after opening a dark corridor for everyone to escape.

According to the Secret Ansem Reports, Namine was created when my heart left my body, but because my heart had no darkness in it, it didn't fade into the darkness and turn into a Heartless like the other hearts. Strangely enough, my body did not fade and then get reborn as a Nobody in Twilight Town like the rest of the Nobodies either. This has not yet been fully explained. We do know that Namine, my Nobody, was born and then ended up in Castle Oblivion.She's so cute, nice, really artistic,kind-hearted !


has his share of concerns, but overall, he manages to keep an upbeat attitude. He seems simple-minded at times but he has a strong sense of justice. He lives for the simple pleasures of life, enjoying things like sunsets and ice cream and loves his friends more than anything else. He'll even force himself to the limit to protect them from harm. Sora has always been very open with his emotions. He was the one who was chosen by the Keyblade to battle the Heartless. It was Sora who defeated Xehanort's Heartless (who called himself Ansem), ending his plan to shroud all worlds in darkness. However, Sora continued his journey, seeking Riku and the King, who were sealed behind the door to darkness. This journey took him to Castle Oblivion, when he thought that he was reunited with a friend named Naminé, but he was actually being used by Organization XIII. During Kingdom Hearts II, he searches for and eventually finds Riku and the King, and defeats Organization XIII.He always b my friend he's cool,awesome,funny,and a nice friend!


may seem cool and collected for his age, but he is far from the quiet type. Always curious about the unknown, he begins to question the small, closed world in which he lived. Riku dreams of seeing other worlds and so he forsook the islands — only to be seduced by the power of darkness. He has a strong need to belong, which makes him vulnerable. He's afraid that if the people he loves don't need him anymore, they'll eventually drift away. Riku will do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening, even if it means having to control them. Feelings like jealousy and rage get in the way of his good judgment, but also help him and his power. He has changed his ways though after Xehanort's Heartless said he would drown in a world of darkness. Riku took control of his life and stopped him for a while. Now he finds help and moral support from Mickey. He is Sora's best friend and greatest rival; both push each other to their limits. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku, with DiZ, helps Sora regain his true memories. After Sora awakens, Riku travels the worlds, investigating Organization XIII. At first, although Riku gives help to Sora at crucial points, he hides from Sora and does not speak to his friend, even going as far as to dress like a member of Organization XIII to keep Sora from suspecting. He does this because in order to help Sora, Riku had to completely immerse himself in darkness to defeat Roxas, causing him to take on the voice and appearance of Xehanort's heartless, Ansem. Riku is ashamed that this happened to him, and so avoids his friends. King Mickey knew this, but Riku made him promise not to tell Sora. The player first finds out about this in The World that Never Was when a rescued-from-kidnapping me senses that my rescuer is Riku, and removes his hood, revealing Riku's transformation. Riku eventually reunites with his friends, as they fight together to defeat Organization XIII and return home. In Kingdom Hearts II, Riku is a party member in The World That Never Was after he returns to his original form. And when Sora is in danger, he becomes a playable character for only a short period of time, to save Sora as Xemnas tries to deplete Sora's HP bar. Riku can also perform a very powerful attack with Sora and heal Sora when he needs it the most. He is also the most compatable party member in the game such as King Mickey himself. At their final battle Sora and Riku finish by dogding thousands of lasers from Xemnas.He's cool,nice friend,awesome, and is always there when I need him!


is the court wizard of Disney Castle and a loyal servant to King Mickey. He is a short-tempered, powerful magician on a quest to find King Mickey Mouse. In Kingdom Hearts, he embarks on a journey to carry out the missing king’s orders to follow the Keyblade wielder. Donald finds a letter from the King explaining his departure. Donald Duck sets out with Goofy to find and assist the King in the battle against the Heartless. He is a feisty, impatient magician whose antics are a real highlight of Sora's story. Donald is one of Sora's two companions who go with him to every world.

This version of Donald, like the protagonist, Sora, undergoes several transformations, including an octopus style merman, an African bird with his coloring and head, and an armored virtual rendition. In the world "Halloween Town", it has been said that Donald takes the form of a mummy due to the numerous bandages he is wrapped in, but closer inspection will reveal that Donald is actually invisible in that world, and the bandages are used to show where he is. This can be proven by close inspection of his midriff (which appears black when looking from the front, but is really the player looking into the inside of the bandages around his lower body), and his right elbow, which when viewed properly will show to be invisible. In Kingdom Hearts 2, he is able to fuse with Sora for Sora's Wisdom form, and later, along with Goofy, his Master and Final Forms. He's nice,and a really good friend!


is the captain of the Royal Knights of Disney Castle and a soldier who despises weapons, instead preferring a shield to use against his enemies. Under the king’s orders, he accompanies Donald on the quest to find the key. He is an easygoing, but clumsy knight whose endearing charm evokes smiles even in the worst of times. Although he seems not as bright as Sora or Donald, he can see things that others miss. In Kingdom Hearts 2, he is able to fuse with Sora for Sora's Valor Form, and later, along with Donald, his Master and Final Forms.He's always funny,and a nice friend!

i love u Sora♥

is a really sad part

Namine !

Namine she is so cute and is my friend

Dance with me Sora

Sora plz don't go away from me♥


Sora and me!♥

Sora your friendship and your love are the most important things to me!!! =)♥

the cute Namine!

true love Sora+me!♥

Sora,Riku,Goofy,Donald and me!!

Roxas he is my friend too!=3


Sora and me♥

kingdom hearts !

Sora,Roxas,Namine and me!!!

Sora thanks for everything♥

Namine and me really cute! =3


waiting for you Sora!♥

Namine and me!!

thanks for the kiss Sora! =)♥

me!really cute or no?

me in the sunset

Namine and me!


Sora your smile make me really happy!♥

Sora i love u and i never change u♥


always thinking of u Sora♥

Namine and me!




Sora,Riku and me!!



me with the uniform of the school!

that u come back Sora

a really cute video of Sora and me♥

Yes,kiss me Sora!♥


walk away♥


Sora and me!♥

Namine and me !

me!with my keyblade

Angels in flight

i ♥ u Sora


Sora and me♥

me! so cute or no?

In the rain just thinking in sora

Oh Donald! He could give me a kiss but u don't want that

Namine and me!

aww Sora! you're so cute!

here its me!

Sora and me!


Namine and me!


take my hand and never leave me again


This time I'll fight!

You're Kairi!!You're the girl that is always awaiting for her friends to come back to her. You are kind and often gentle, but sometimes more offensive when it comes to finding your friends again. You're beautiful intelect is what makes you the person that you are.You're beauty is what gets those guys to keep coming.

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