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Name:   about kimiko
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-03-20
Well my name is Kimiko.I was born and brought up in Maine;USA.My birthday is August the 16th.I was born at 10:49 P.M.I hate fakes and sluts.I love to talk and hang out with my friends.I dance and I am a zumba instructor.I love to skateboard.I try to make people happy even when I'm not.I love the color black red and aqua.I hate childish people.I have a life and others may say I dont.Most people over react.I paint my nails out of boredom.Music is my life.I live with some of my family.I dress scene or anything close to that.I have brown hair and blonde streaks.I wear glasses.I cant sing.I am really clumsy.My mom died and I hate my father.I have two step brothers and one step sister.My favorite band right now is AFI.I love piercings and tattoos.I work for ZIN.I love talking on the phone and being on the computer.Davey Havok is my idol.I have a cat named Max.He has been with my family and I for about three years now.I have these great friends who I know will always be there for me and I will always be there for them.I will always fake a smile just to keep others happy.I put others before myself.I prefer dogs more than cats.I love video games.I prefer night time better than day time.Winter is better than anything.People call me a freak or whatever.I dont care it's my life and they dont have a right to judge.I dont judge anyone as much as I use to.I believe that love takes time.I am very impatient.I dont watch tv often.I love the movie Zombieland and Alice In Wonderland.I always have my nose in a book or in the computer.I am quite short if I compaired myself to others.People call me pretty but I never believe them.I have two sisters on here and they are Beth and Zazzie.I also have a twin brother on here named Tyler.I am very protective over all of my friends.I also can feel their pain.Anna Britty Melly and Kayla are my best friends.I tend to be really shy.I get annoyed really fast.I get mad over such little things.I live for people's smiles.I give free hugs.I'm not perfect in fact I am very far from perfect.I love freezing and yet I like the warmth.I dont like people who lie to me and sometimes I lie.I dont trust a lot of people in fact I dont trust anyone except myself.I hate wearing dresses.I love gir.If I tell you something I wont repeat it.I love goofing of around people.I live in a mansion.I know sign language.I love celebrating halloween.My brothes birthday is eight days before mine.I am single and I am not looking at the moment.I dont care what people say about me.My teachers are freaks.People call me skinny so I guess.Bands I love are Good Charlotte Escape The Fate My Chemical Romance Tokio Hotel and AFI.I listen to music every single day of my life.My life is boring so far.I dont entertain people.I accept adds on my other account.People call me a big flirt.I love my family and friends.I get called stuck up at times but it doesnt bother me what so ever.I love cute things and dead things.I wont be friends with anyone who makes anyone feel bad.I am not popular and I never want to be.I would rather sit alone than be with a whole lot of people.I hate people who tell me what to do.I am rude to almost everyone.People love to annoy me.I blast the music when I am home alone.I have to watch after my great grandmother at times because she is like really old haha.I dont swear because I find no reason to unless you get me mad.I am not like anyone you have ever met before.I hate most of the people in my class.I love yelling at people.I amone of the oldest in my family.I dont come close to you and I never want to.I dont believe in love at first site or chat.I believe in god but I dont go to church.I was baptised when I was six years old.I love taking pictures of everything.I recycle and everything.I believe in world peace and I hate war.I am one of the smartest kids in my class.I love living large.One of my friends live with me.I think people have no feelings what so ever.People pretend on everything but,guess is never pretend it is very real.I have a few enemies but I dont care.I hate them as much as they hate me.I can be the nicest person you know and I also can be your worst nightmare.I have a few people on my bad side and trust me you never want to be on my bad side.I hate when people stick their tounges out for pictures.I hate when people cry.I am just someone you'll never know anything about.I can run fast.I have a friend that talks extremly fast and it gets on my nerves.I usually tell peoople to shut up or anything like that.I love shots and surgery.I love tasting my own blood.I know I'm a freak but that makes me who I am.I would rather people hate me for who I am rather than people like me for who I'm not.Just so you know I talk a lot of drama so watch out.You may be the next one I talk about.Im kidding but whatever.I tend to not care about anything or anyone.I have black and white glasses that I love.I have a robot dog.I love hearts and stars.People tell me I come from Mars.I always have a smile on my face for no reason.I live for my family and friends.I will never leave for any boy unless I truly love him.I take showers rather than baths.I use slang words twenty-four seven.If you have anything to say than say it to my face.Jealousy doesnt bother me what so ever.I could really careless what you think.I am a fast typer.My favorite place is Florida.My friends amaze me.I love writing.I create poems and stories.I'm working on making a book.I get really hyper.I love pinkie pie and hello kitty and domo.I like to start fights and I also like to end them.I get in everyone's business.I dont do it on purpose.
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