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Name:   â™¥x.o yajeehv o.x♥Ranking:   --
Birthday:   1991-01-07Country:   Philippines
Joined:   2008-05-31Location:   //dasmariñas//
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Name:   â™¥x.o yajeehv o.x♥
Birthday:   1991-01-07
Joined:   2008-05-31
Location:   //dasmariñas//
Uploads:   1 graphics 
•♥• nAme: bErnAdEtTe sUansinG •♥•
•♥• niCknAme: dhEt •♥•
•♥• agE: 14 yEaRs oLd •♥•
•♥• biRthdAy: jAn. 7 •♥•

→ •♥•pEopLe aRe aLwAys
gOnNa taLk
aNd teLl
yOu thE tRuth.
i lOve it.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i lOve thE aTtEntiOn,
i dO whAt i dO bEcAuSe
iT pUtS a sMiLe oN mY fAce.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i liVe mY liFe aCcOrdiNg tO mE.
aNd i'M nOt cOncErnEd wiTh yOur LifE.
whAt yOu'rE wEariNg
whO yOu'rE dAtinG
oR whO yOu'Re hAngiNg oUt wiTh.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i dOn't cAre
sO dOn't miNd mY liFe
cOz aT thE eNd i aLwAys hAve
a sMile oN mY fAce.•♥• ←

→ •♥•gUeSs wHat?
mY liFe iS pRetTy f***iNg aMaziNg.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i'M thE aUthOr oF mY liFe.
uNfOrtUnateLy, i'M wRitiNg in pEn
aNd cAn't eRaSe mY miStakEs.•♥• ←

→ •♥•dO nOt fOlLow mE,
fOr i mAy nOt LeAd.
dO nOt lEad mE,
fOr i mAy nOt foLLow.
gO ovEr thEre sOmewhEre,
i hAve mY owN.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i'M seLfiSh, iMpatiEnt
aNd a LiL iNseCurE.
i mAke miStaKeS,
i aM oUt oF cOntrOL,
aNd aT tiMes haRd tO hAndLe.•♥• ←

→ •♥•i hAve mY owN liFe
aNd i dOn't nEeD yOur oPiniOn!•♥• ←

→ •♥• iF yOu dOn't LikE mE..
thEre iS nOthiNg i cAN dO.
i dOn't hAve tO pLeaSe u!•♥• ←

→ •♥• kEep taLkin',
yOu gOt nOthinG oN me.
kEeP sMiLing cOz yOu knOw
yOu CAN'T dO whAt i dO.
kEep stArinG, cOmpArinG
tHinkiNg whAt iT wOuLd bE likE
tO bE in mY shOes.
weLl, yOu cAn't dO whAt i dO! •♥• ←

→ •♥• gO ahEad And LoOk.
tRy tO rUn up.
whEn i lOok at yOu,
i lAugH at yOur fAce.
siLLy hOes! yOu shOuld knOw,
yOu cAn nevEr tAke mY pLace. •♥• ←

→ •♥• iF yoU're taLking
bOut mE,
i gOt sOme aDviCe..
cLick yOur hEeLs thRee tiMes,
aNd sAy, "i wiSh i hAd a Life. •♥• ←

→ •♥• pEopLe oUt thEre,
kEep sAyiNg mY nAme.
i'M lOvin' aLL thiS f***iN FAME
bY thE wAy,
yOu're mY #1 FAN •♥• ←

⇒ i aM a dAughtEr,
a siStEr,
a gRand daUghtEr,
a nEphEw,
a cOusin,
a fRieNd,
a bEstfRienD. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i aM a pArtnEr,
a stUdeNt,
a yOung girL,
and a gRowN wOmaN. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i aM cOnfidEnt aNd sCarEd,
tErRifiEd aNd exCitEd.
i aM lOvinG aNd cAriNg,
aNd tHoUghtfuL,
aNd hOpefuL. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i aM siCk aNd tiRed.
i aM sHy anD fRieNdLy,
aNd cArefuL aNd cAreLess.
i aM bRokEn anD whoLe.
i aM miSundErstOod,
aNd miSleAd. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i aM hArd wOrkiNg aNd determinEd,
bUt a LiL scAreD oN thE insiDe.
i wiSh oN stArs aNd dReaM mY dReaMs. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i pRay tO GOD aNd cRy mY tEars.
i smiLe oN thE oUtsiDe,
whiLe i aM dYinG oN the inSidE.
i ListEn tO othErs whO wOn't ListEn tO me. ↵ ♥♥

⇒ i wAlk oN eGgsHeLLs,
aNd i waLk oN fiRe.
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