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Kinda in the dunps right now. but I fell there when I met him. He went for help, when will he come back?

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Name:   catzmeowrock
Birthday:   1996-02-13
Joined:   2007-06-18
Location:   A-Town

Wazzup people? how does it flow? imma tell you sumthin i think you should know! imma be rainin all up in this place! should pop that pimple...that people call your face! (you have officially been BURNED!)

this is kinda me and matt, 'sept the girls curls are too big for me. otherwise, YEAH!

As you CAN see, I am Sasuke-crazy! I just love his accscent! he's all like, "Naruto" (nar-OOH-toe) I just love it! He's also pretty hot for an anime guy!!!! = )
= )

My Friends:
1.Randi Hill. The most important person in my life. I value her over myself AND Matthew X2! And that is SERIOUSLY saying something!
2.Gabriela Sorto. She now lives in north carolinia, but we still keep in touch. It took us 11 minutes before we became friends. = ) that doesn't happen to me very often.
3.Katie Mitchell. I often hate her and wish she would stand in the middle of the road and get run over, and I'm sure she does sometimes, too. but I still would kick anyones ass if they hurt her. just like I would for anyone else I care about. So be careful.
4.Nikki Rhodes. I just met her, but I can tell that shes a really good person, so if you even think about messing with her, you've got a serious death-wish!
5.Blue-green. I don't know her real name, but shes a good person who loves anime as much as I do and thats enough for me to put her on this list.
6.jojo4life/lilprincess101. I barly have said 4 words to her, but if randi likes her enough to put her on her lovers list, then i like her enough to put her here, too. = )
7.Brieanna Baker/Meskerem Nemomsa/Alexz Abrego Paz/Olivia Tyce/Alexis Kearns/LucindaBeth Van Leer. All my friends from school. I know they talk about me behind my back, but I STILL care about them. I'm just the type of person who cares about her friends no matter how badly they treat her. but that doesn't mean that you can treat me like shit. so don't even think about it!
8.not yet filled
9.not yet filled
10.not yet filled
11.not yet filled
12.not yet filled
13.not yet filled


i LOVE this thing!

This thing is soooo true! I mean, I got the president's award, gold level. which means I got all A's in all subjects for the intire year. plus, only two people got it in the intire school. guess what color hair the other bitch has? BLONDE! So don't say all blondes are ditz. 'acause they're not. well, some are, but not all are. so if you have the nerve to call me stupid you got the nerve to get bitch slapped upside you unworthy head. P.S. It would NOT be fun!
= p

Syke! but imma song writer, part of a vocal group, and an awesome anime drawer

here is some more things about me:
SEX ORIENTAITION- no clue. tryin to figure that out now days. always thought i was straight, but now days, i just don't know.
CURRENT CRUSH- obviously, Matthew.
anything else you wanna know about, just ask. ttyl! <3


P.S. I'm new here, and need some friends. plz add me!

92% of the teen population would be dead if
Abercrombie and Fitch decided breathing wasn't cool!!

~Put this is your profile if you are one of the
8% who would be laughing hysterically instead~


Me and Randi r SOOOOOOOOOO in LOVE with this thing!!!! lol <3

This is me and Matt!!!

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