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Don't cry little girl it'll only hurt for a while but remeber there's a light at the end of every tunnel....

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Birthday:   1994-10-11Country:   United States
Joined:   2006-11-08Location:   Arizona
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Name:   darkflame105
Birthday:   1994-10-11
Joined:   2006-11-08
Location:   Arizona
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Name's Andrea. I like to be called Andii, although my friends at schooll don't call me that, my friends from home do.
I am 14 years old. I first saw light on October 11th, 1994. I love the month my birthday's in. Because it's when the moon is at it's prettiest, my mother when I was small used to call me Moon's Child. Due to the fact I have always been amazed by the moon and it's beauty.
I have found my special someone. I hope to be with him f o r e v e r. ♥♥
I love the color black it makes me feel released, and I adore Purple it's just cute, blue makes me think about the sky which makes me think about birdies, I dispise yellow it makes me wanna rip someone's head off, orange is orangy and I like oranges; citrus! xD I simply admire green, because I think of our home Earth.
I'm not 'emo' or 'goth' I'm Andrea, I don't need a label, I'm not a soup can or a cereal box
I simply love dark colors, hey it doesn't make me goth or emo. It's just me.
Music is life, it's the best form of art out there. Without it I can surely say, I would've already gone mad.
Werewolves and Vampires? Yes please. ♥
I think there's someone out there for everyone.
Love? Never tell someone it's just a 'crush' because at that point in life where they are in love, it is love, it always is, it's our own version of it.
Never let someone tell you there arn't friends out there. Because hun, trust me, there's always a friend, you just gotta get through all the assholes and bitches before you find your teasure.
Trust. It is a big thing I look for in people first, so if you don't have it, don't expect to have my respect.
Animals are living and feeling too, don't hurt or use them as test experiments. ..
Tigers and wolves are amazing.
Spiders, eh not soo much.
I think the moon is just wonderous and amazing.
I believe there's always a better tomorrow.
Barbie and Hello Kitty? They're both hella creepy.
Reading, it's like going to the movies, only better.
Never let anyone take away your imagination or inner child, it's always great to believe.
I come from a rough past.
Believe it or not, texting and cellphones arn't my thing. Telephones, like at home are, I love talking on the phone at my house, but not so much when I'm out.
I cuss every now and then.
I try hard to be a good person.
I am against Drugs and alchohol. I hate them both oh so much.
I enjoy sports when I'm having fun.
I am a rough person.
I love rough-housing when it's just messing around.
I am catholic, and very religious, if you're not, I respect that, but respect that I do believe in Jesus Christ.
I hate the thought of war, and I hate the way our government thinks sometimes, and sometimes I believe the methods they come up with are inhumane, meaning cruel.
Gay marriage? I support, guy on guy, girl on girl, girl and guy. All are love. Each of us was born with both genders, one just took over before the other could. Don't believe me? Look it up. I can be smart I just choose not to be sometimes.
I learned a heart can't lie, but a face can try.
Throughout the years I've learned things can change when you least expect, so learn to get over stuff, and move on. A boy who cheats, lies, or leads you on isn't worth your tears when they leave you. Because hey? It's their loss, there will come a boy who will truely love you with all he's got, who will give you unconditonal love, and who will always have your back.
Everything happens for a reason. Even if it seems unreasonable.
Nothing lasts forever so appreicate what you have.
Don't believe everything you hear and see.
I love making up new words that seem like they'll never make sense. xD
Sometimes, the word 'still' isn't in my vocab.
I can be very moody every now and then, I can seem like I'm PMSing every day. But that's because alot of people are asses.
Nerd? Geek? Hey, it's not my fault I want an education and a good life.
I am mature, I just choose to ignore my manners sometimes.
I have an inner child, Invador Zim, Fosters Home, SpongeBob, CNKND, Fairy Oddparents, ICarly? Yep, I love them all and many more.
I enjoy a good disney movie now and then.
I love to write and make up my own dream land, I am a writer and I hope to write a book someday and be the next Stephenie Meyer or J.K Rowling.
Don't crush my dreams. Because I do have some.
I am trustworthy and reliable.
I love to help.
I didn't stop watching Blues Clues 'till I was in 5th grade.
Quotes and Icons help me through rough times, because I know I'm not the only one who's felt what I'm feeling at that time.
I love comedy and a good laugh.
I did cut once in my life, don't judge me for it, you don't know my story.
I have low self-esteem, but compare my self esteem to when I was in Kindergarten and you'll see it's possible to change.
I can criticize my self alot, because all of us being human, we see our flaws more then our strengths, but I do believe, there's something I can do for the world.
I enjoy poetry.
Ask not what the world can do for you ask what you can do for the world.
For the mean time, that's all I can think of writing. I was indeed quite bored when I did this need to know more, ask.
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