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You can't spell Families without lies||Even though you inpregnant my mother, made me your brother I will never call you father!||See you in another life Brotha

Name:   Elizabeth Dawn.Ranking:   --
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Name:   Elizabeth Dawn.
Birthday:   1996-06-09
Joined:   2010-06-12

Ѧʏ Ɖяαɢσиƨ
Yes, I do indeed take pride in my Dragons
Albino (Female)-Check
Albino (Male)-Check
Balloon (Female)-Check
Balloon (Male)-Check
Black (Female)-Check
Black (Male)-Check
Alt Black (Female)-Check
Alt Black (Male)-Check
Canopy (Female)-Check
Canopy (Male)-Check
Daydream (Female)-Check
Daydream (Male)-Check
Deep Sea (Female)-Check
Deep Sea (Male)-Check
Purple Dorsal (Female)-Check
Purple Dorsal (Male)-Check
Red Dorsal (Female)-Check
Red Dorsal (Male)-Check
Electrice (Female)-Check
Electrice (Male)-Check
Gray (Female)-Check
Gray (Male)-Check
Green (Female)-Check
Green (Male)-Check
Guardian (Female)-Check
guardian (Male)-Check
Horse (Female)-Check
Horse (Male)-Check
Magi (Female)-Check
Magi (Male)-Check
Mint (Female)-Check
Mint (Male)-Check
Neotropical (Female)-Check
Neotropical (Male)-Check
Nocturne (Female)-Check
Nocturne (Male)-Check
Ochredrakes (Female)-Check
Ochredrakes (Male)-Check
Pink (Female)-Check
Pink (Male)-Check
Purple (Female)-Check
Purple (Male)-Check
Pygmy (Female)-Check
Pygmy (Male)-Check
Red (Female)-Check
Red (Male)-Check
Stone (Female)-Check
Stone (Male)-Check
Blue Striped (Female)-Check
Blue Striped (Male)-Check
Red Striped (Female)-Check
Red Striped (Male)-Check
White Striped (Female)-Check
White Striped (Male)-Check
Green Striped (Female)-Check
Green Striped (Male)-Check
Sunrise (Female)-Check
Sinrise (Male)-Check
Sunset (Female)-Check
Sunset (Male)-Check
Two-Headed (Female)-Check
Two-Headed (Male)-Check
Vine (Female)-Check
Vine (Male)-Check
Alt Vine (Female)-Nope
Alt Vine (Male)-Nope
Water (Female)-Check
Water (Male)-Check
Water Walker (Female)-Check
Water Walker (Male)-Check
Water Horse (Female)-Check
Water Horse (Male)-Check
Whiptail (Female)-Check
Whiptail (Male)-Check
White (Female)-Check
White (Male)-Check
Ice (Female)-Check
Ice (Male)-Check
Magma (Female)-Check
Magma (Male)-NopeCheck
Thunder (Female)-Check
Thunder (Nope)-Check
Gold (Female)-Nope
Gold (Male)-Nope
Sliver (Female)-Nope
Sliver (Male)-Nope
Cheese (Ungender)-Check
Paper (Ungender)-Check
Two Finned Bluna (Female)-Check
Two Finned Bluna (Male)-Check
Vampire (Female)-Check
Vampire (Male)-Check
Winter (Female)-Nope
Winter (Male)-Nope
Summer (Female)-Check
Summer (Male)-Check
Spring (Female)-Check
Spring (Male)-Check
Fall (Female)-Check
Fall (Male)-Check
Chicken (Female)-Check
Blue Dino (Unknown)-Check
Green Dino (Unknown)-Nope
Red Dino (Unknown)-check
Purple Dino (Unknown)-Check
Yellow Dino (Unknown)-Nope
Bright-Breasted Wyvern (Female)-Check
Bright-Breasted Wyvern (Male)-Check
Hell Fire (Female)-Check
Hell Fire (Male)-Check
Nebula (Female)-Check
Nebula (Male)-Check
Sunsong Amphipteres (Female)-Check
Sunsong Amphipteres (Male)-Check
Guardians of Nature (Female)-Nope
Guardians of Nature (Male)-Nope
Day Glory Drake (Female)-Check
Day Glory Drake (Male)-Check
Night Glory Drake (Female)-Check
Night Glory Drake (Male)-Check
Terrae (Female)-Check
Terrae (Male)-Check
Shallow Water (Female)-Check
Shallow Water (Male)-Check
Geode (Female)-Check
Geode (Male)-Check
Coastal Waverunners (Female)-Check
Coastal Waverunners (Male)-Check
Spitfires (Female)-Check
Spitfires (male)-Check
Flamingo Wyvern (Female)-Check
Flamingo Wyvern (Male)-Check
Ridgewing-Purple (Female)-Check
Ridgewing-Purple (Male)-Check
Ridgewing-Tan (Female)-Check
Ridgewing-Tan (Male)-Check
Harvest (Female)-Check
Harvest (Male)-Check
Ember (female)-Check
Ember (male)-Check
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