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Art is when you hear a knocking from your soul — and you answer. 🎨

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Name:   Gina 101 Creative Ranking:   official artist
Birthday:   1968-12-06Country:   United Kingdom
Joined:   2015-07-09Location:   Nature’s Heart
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Uploads:   1424 graphics 
Name:   Gina 101 Creative
Birthday:   1968-12-06
Joined:   2015-07-09
Location:   Nature’s Heart
Uploads:   1424 graphics 

This is my latest PSP Tube. Meet Pebbles The Puppy available for purchase as CU and PU. Click the image below to take you to my website.

This is one reason why I love Art With Flo, she's amazing at what she does and always helps those who wish to learn art. Not only that, she is a lovely person and always thanks her Patrons for their support, while also helping, supporting and encouraging them with their artwork. So glad I found her.

Goodbye my dear friend and soul sister, Angelica Sellers. I love you. I still miss you every single day. Nothing is the same without you sweet Angelica.

If you'd like to purchase my art, please click on the image below to take you to my website where you can click the shop now button on the Home page to take you to the store I sell in. This is just one sample of the 15 pre made PNG's and you have the option to create your own design. You also have the option to add extra thickness to the whiskers and add sparkles to the collar and also change the colour of the collar too. You can also use without the collar.

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fran (official artist) writes:
Hello my Dearest Angel,
Thank you so much for this GORGEOUS tag! I absolutely love it and love you much more. You have great talent and I just love your new creations. Thank you again for thinking of me my Dearest Angel.

On a sad note, I'm sorry to hear about Angelica's hard to believe someone so talented has left us. I know your heart is sad...let's just continue to pray for Angelica's soul. I'm sure she's with your beautiful mom, talking about all the beautiful work you are creating.
I love you Angel with all my heart...I'm so glad to see your work again.
Have a blessed new week Angel,

Posted on: Sep 29th 2019, 6:54:08pm

jess writes:
Wishing you a delightful weekend!


Posted on: Sep 27th 2019, 1:47:57pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:
Good morning sweet Gina,

Thanks for the compliment on my work, as I love your work also very much, as yours is always so beautiful & stunning too, thanks again.
It's okay if you don't reply soon, as I know you have alot going on. So sorry to hear of this sad news, Angelica has left a Huge loss in the tagging world, as she was well known for her beautiful art work... My heart goes out to her family, friends & all those who knew her, praying God will be very close to each one & bring a sense of comfort during this difficult time.
Don't blame you for keeping quiet about the details of her passing & can see why it would be inappropiate to share. I pray justice will be served to all who played a part that led up to her passing & will be held accountable. Sure, just know I'm here for you should you ever want to talk or be here to just listen. I'd be honored too in sharing the strong bond of friendship you had with her, glad you connected right away & got along so well, friendships/sisterhoods like that are hard to come by. I never got the chance to meet her, but heard all good things about her.
Ok, well again, no rush on replying back, & definitely take as much time as you need, as I know you'll reply back when your up to it, so no worries.
Just read your heartfelt tribute to her, it's beautiful...
Luv you too Gina, your welcome for calling by, thanks for replying back & letting me know about Angelica, as I too am saddened by her passing :(
Thanks for being one of my best friends also.

Much Luv & Hugs,

Posted on: Sep 22nd 2019, 1:40:07pm

shian (official artist) writes:
I will be watching to see if you do her as a brunette. Yeah buddy. I will deffinatly be requesting one then lol. Beautiful. Keep up the good work my friend. Welcome Back! Hugs.. Shii 💙

Posted on: Sep 21st 2019, 10:06:26pm

shian (official artist) writes:
Hi........... 😊☺😃😄😉😆
I would love to request these 2. So glad 2 see you back. Hope your doing well my friend. Hugs, Shian ❥

Posted on: Sep 21st 2019, 10:05:22pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:

Posted on: Sep 21st 2019, 1:25:38pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:

So Beautiful....thanks for going out of your way to make this for me sweetie, I Love It :)
Onto your comment too:

Your welcome for replying back to your email so quickly. Sounds good on when you'll be replying back, thank you. Cool, that you get to have some alone time beings your boys are away for the weekend, hope you enjoy yourself :)
Your also welcome for the compliment on your graphics, you know I Love your work, it's Awesome :)
Aw, thanks for your kind words & your welcome, I enjoy helping wherever I can :) Thanks for all you do too, much appreciated :D

Luv & Hugs,

Posted on: Sep 20th 2019, 2:56:35pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:
Hi sweet Gina,

How's it goin'? Hope all's well :) I've since replied to your email, hope you got it :)
Wanted to compliment you on this G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S graphic:

& Awesome animation, may I request one with Pami added please, when you have time, no hurry, thank you :)
Also here to wish you a...


Posted on: Sep 19th 2019, 2:51:31pm

jess writes:
Good morning, dear friend! Thank you for all your hard work & time in making the graphic for me. It's stunning & I absolutely love it on my page! <3 That's so cool you made one for yourself too! You are awesomely talented!
Lots of love & hugs for you too! Thanks for the hugs for me & Flash. Sending loads back to you from us!
Happy hump day!

Posted on: Sep 18th 2019, 2:05:57pm

jess writes:
Hello again, Gina! Thank you for replying back to me so quickly too! Thank you so much also for working on the tag for me & letting me know about it. I hope you enjoyed your walk with Eddie & that dinner is good for you & your lads. :) That'll be great if you can finish it by tonight! I look forward to seeing it. I am sure I will love it! The tube sounds lovely!
Yes, the divorce is so stressful & painful. Awh, thanks, I am glad I have Flash for that too! He is one big reason why I am still here! I see Flash like you see Eddie. They are amazing companions to have! I agree about ppl. who don't have dogs & that they are so much more. I tell others that Flash is my kid with 4 paws! That's so sweet you are convinced Eddie is a gift from above. I think you are right!
I am so sorry to hear you have experienced a form of domestic abuse. Thank you for trusting me enough to share it with me. I will keep you in prayer for continued healing! I am glad you shared with me that once you are away from such a horrific situation that it takes time to really try & process it all because that's exactly how it has been for me. I do need to work on gaining self-confidence. Awh, thanks for sharing that you are very proud of me for how strong I am being! It means a lot to me as does your friendship. I will hang in there, thank you!
I do put me & Flash first now. :)
Thank you, I hope today is a wonderful day for you too! Okay about when you will be back later.

Much love to you too,
Jessi & Flash

Posted on: Sep 17th 2019, 9:03:49pm

jess writes:
Good morning, Gina! Thank you for stopping by too! That is weird how you couldn't log into G.G. last weekend when nothing was wrong with the site. So glad to see it worked itself out. I know how frustrating it can be when you can't log in! It could have been your Internet Security Software. Mine actually acted up when I had to update my version of Windows. I had trouble logging in then.
I am hanging in there, thanks! I am going through the divorce process now, which has been really hard since I had been married for so long but now I have to think of my safety first!
It's my pleasure to use the beautiful background you made. :) I am so glad to see it makes your time spent all worth while. Thanks so much for being willing to make me a pretty lady graphic! Whenever you can get it to me is fine. That's so cool you are working on a Harley Quinn doll & have been tweaking it! It sounds exciting! I can imagine it! That's amazing you love to paint & watch it come to life before your eyes. I am sure you will improve with practice. I know I have improved hula hoop dancing with a lot of practice! I have been doing it since I was little! I am so glad to see you find painting relaxing with all you have going on at the time.
Thank you, sending you lots of love & hugs back! I will indeed kiss Flash for you. Thank you! Awh, hey back to Eddie from me & Flash! We send kisses & hugs to him also. 💛

Posted on: Sep 17th 2019, 1:24:36pm

brennybren (official artist) writes:

✿⊱ Hello Gina :) ⊰✿
I hope you and your loved ones have a really great week ahead ♥
Thinking of you and wishing you well :)
I love how wonderfully organised your page is :D
looks fabulous!
...Sending hugs your way...
~ ✿ {◕‿◕} ✿ ~
♥ xox ♥

Posted on: Sep 17th 2019, 10:24:27am

jess writes:
Good evening, Gina! I am honored to be using the beautiful background you made that I am now. I wanted to use it for a while because it has some jewelry in it that I make jewelry with!
I was wondering if you could please make me a pretty lady graphic as a page ending to go with it. If not it's okay!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!


Posted on: Sep 16th 2019, 11:36:21pm

mystyhaze21 writes:
Hey is, love your theme and...

Posted on: Sep 16th 2019, 2:38:52pm

jess writes:
Hello, Gina! Another 1 of our friends had trouble logging on here too on Sat. Then she got the problem fixed! I am glad to see it seemed to have fixed itself! That could have been it with your Security Software! What a relief that it's all sorted & working again fine now.
T.y.s.m. for my stunning graphic! I love it! It's going straight on my page after this. :)
Lots of love to you too! 💙

Posted on: Sep 10th 2019, 2:16:19am

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