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Name:   gracielleyuzukahRanking:   --
Birthday:   1992-11-13Country:   Philippines
Joined:   2008-05-17Location:   Manila
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Name:   gracielleyuzukah
Birthday:   1992-11-13
Joined:   2008-05-17
Location:   Manila
I'm Gracielle, but my friends call me Gracie, Yuzukah-san or Azuka because of my e-add I have one brother who is a narcissist (he look s at the mirror everytime!) and a little sister whom everyone thinks is cute and innocent but in reality she is a brat, doesn't call me sister and orders me around as if she's not younger than me. I'm from the Philippines and currently studying at Sain Paul. My dream is to play the violin in front of other people (but I'm not that good..but I will be someday!),make my own manga (but I think this is impossible 'cause I'm not good at drawing haha), and cosplay with my friends ^.^

Likes: 1.) Flyff: My brother introduced flyff to me. If I have free time or its vacation, you'll find me in front of the computer playing flyff. I would wake up at 9 am and play until 11pm (haha they call me addict for that). ~~~~~~2.) Caramel: XD Caramel is one of my favorite food. Whether its vanilla ice cram with caramel syrup, tofee candy, Rondo Chocolate (has caramel inside), or caramel cream, I would definitely be glad to eat them ^o^. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 3.) Shopping with friends: Yay XD...Shopping with friends is fun. You get to buy things you can't whenever you are with your parents, get their opinion when buying clothes and eat a lot of sweets (My dad is not allowed to eat sweets so I can't eat them when he's around) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 4.) Going to anime conventions: Why of coarse!..It's fun..and you get to see cosplayers!!!~~~~~~~~~~ 5.) Collecting Anime Figures: Its expensive to collect anime figures..YES!...BUT you never get tired of looking at them ^_^ ~~~~~~~~~ 6.)Cute Cosplayers: like Jin and Kippi~~~~~~~~~ 7.) Read mangas: ^0^ You'll find me reading online mangas infront of the computer most of the time hahah..especially when I'm not playing flyff haha
Dislikes: 1.)Bitter groud: It's ampalaya in bitter! :P2.)Thick Chemistry books: T_T I'm never good at them 3.)Poster Paint: I'm allergic to them...sighs*
Books: Mostly mangas like: Merupuri,... Moe Kare, ...Get Love!, ...Ookami Nanka Kowaikunai,... Shounen x Cinderella,... Suki desu Suzuki-kun,.... Uwasa no Midori-Kun,... Valentine Nanka Kowakunai, ...WANTED, ....Vampire Knight, ...Zakuro no Mi wo Abaite, ...etc (I have a lot of mangas in mind...but it will take long for me to type them all XD)
Films: The Exorcist, Shutter,Twilight, Harry Potter, Camp Rock, High School Musical(The first one..I don't like the next one),Enchanted...I forgot the title of the rest haha. So, basically...I like watching horror films and those that are magical and romantic.
Music: When it comes to music...I like listening to Japanese songs...(JPOP or JROCK)
Item of choice: Computer XD

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