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God is a girl, only a girl, can you believe it can you recieve it?

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Name:   Haily
Birthday:   1995-09-11
Joined:   2008-07-31
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My name Is Haily and I'm 15, I cant quite exactly explain how... Different I am.
I am a born prankster, riddle queen, Thief, and not quite all human. Some people from the past wouldn't even know who I am today,
not even by any comparison. No I am not no fairy or anything special, But I used to be. Until... the freak accident that changed
me, but not who I am why of course not! I am still exactly the person I was before, but more so different in much much ways, if
you can catch my drift. But however I do inherit some very weak powers from Ino thanks to some blood ritual on how I am still alive

But still, and ANYWAY I still am in contact with my sisters
who we were all wolf's and foxes at one point, but we all came
to our different paths and all changed human for some reason.
But all with our own triggers to tragic events.. I still lay in
me and Lulu's old pup bed and think about her.. Her scent still attached to the old bed

I am putting a list of songs down since playlist is no longer
a playlist, now a radio station -.-


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fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: Oh, that makes sense.
Waitress: *Gasps as she stumbled, nearly dropping their food*
Luke: *Watches and sighs with relief when she regained her balance*
Waitress: A-Ah, sorry.. *Puts their plates down* Here you go.
Luke: *Smiles crookedly at her* Thanks.
Waitress: *Blushes and smiles before rushing off*

Posted on: Jun 15th 2013, 5:31:30am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Eyes widen in shock* A wolf? I mean.. I believe in werewolves, but that attacked you? That's pretty dangerous. I have nothing to do with that! I'm normal, I swear. *Lying, but it's very hard to tell. He was a born liar*

Posted on: Jun 15th 2013, 5:04:01am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Pauses as his hand chilled, looking down as a rose bloomed from nowhere. Even if made out of ice. He held it for a moment, chuckling. She was like a passionate pixie. He set it down and nodded* Very true.

Posted on: Jun 15th 2013, 4:56:30am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: Of course there's more to it than that. That's pretty cool.. I believe in stuff like that but I didn't believe it was actually true.

Posted on: Jun 15th 2013, 4:50:12am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: That's a dumb question. *Stares at her, his chin resting on his hand* It would be your looks and those little pranks of yours. More of the ability, not the pranks themselves. I hate pranks.

Posted on: Jun 15th 2013, 12:32:55am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: Ha, that hasn't happened to you much? *Shrugs* You are very easy to remember too so that's how it fits.

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 9:47:31pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: So my name catches your attention? *Raises a brow* Ino? Pretty easy to remember. *Smiles* Fitting name though.

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 9:20:31pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: So I have yet to catch your name. You already have my name, as I recall.

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 9:14:50pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: Let me just call her over then. *Chuckles at her comment, looking as he spotted the waitress. She saw him and immediately came over*
Waitress: Ready to order?
Luke: Yes Ma'am! I would like the double burger with fries. Could you add another burger in for me?
Waitress: Well they are pretty big but.. *Raises a brow before scribbling* Well-done?
Luke: Medium-rare, if you don't mind.
Waitress: Ooookay. *About to walk away*
Luke: And the lady here would like a shake and pie. *Looks at Ino*
Waitress: *Rolls her eyes* What kind would you like?

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 9:03:52pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: Do you want something for later then? Food here is pretty amazing and I'm a pretty picky eater. *Smiles at her, closing his menu*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 8:54:55pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Already has the table picked out, able to persuade the waitress with ease. He spot Ino and smirks, glad to see she actually took him up on his offer. He took her hand as she was looking the opposite way. He pulled her from the waiting line, leading her to the empty table* Here you are. *Sits her down before sitting across from her. The waitress huffs before giving them their menus.*
Waitress: I'll be back when you are ready. *Gives Ino an envious look before disappearing to deal with other customers*
Luke: This'll be on me. I figure you ate so go ahead and buy a shake or something. Maybe even a slice of pie. *Opens the menu, looking over the options for himself*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 8:38:40pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Pauses as the breeze hit his burning skin. He shut his eyes and sighed, enjoying the sudden breeze. He knew by now the girl dealt with ice things. It wasn't surprising as he himself was a werewolf. He glanced back, but her scent was no longer there, but it was nearby. He shook his head with a small chuckle before walking into a small diner. Before he entered, he pinpointed her scent and looked in her direction, beckoning her to follow after him. He let the door shut behind him*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 8:17:41pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Growls dangerously, his fangs bared as he stared at her. He snapped at her, not close enough to cause damage but to shock her. He was not going to be messed with. This was going to be her only warning. He grazed his teeth against her neck before getting off. He growled again and leaped off the roof, shifting just before he hit the ground, doing a somersault to get his balance. He huffed, running his hand through his hair before walking back out into view*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 9:54:40am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Flinches back, stumbling as he tried hard to avoid the ants. He snarled, pupils dilating as he grew infuriated. His fists clenched as his slapped off the ants that irritated his skin. He disappeared, shifting as soon as he was gone from view. She wanted to play that way.. The bitch was going to get it. He knew exactly where she was. He scaled the fire escape on the next building, stretching as he reached the roof. He growled, his eyes glued on her figure. Launching himself off, he tackled her to the ground hard. His paws were on her wrists, towering over her as he was about three times her size*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 5:39:54am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Eyes widened as he slipped forward for a moment before immediately tossing his weight back to keep his balance* What the fuck?! *Looks down, feeling the different in temperature. Ice? His brows furrowed as he growls* Try that shit again, I dare you. *Looks directly in Ino's direction, going off her scent. He rolls his eyes and keeps going*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 5:11:23am

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