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God is a girl, only a girl, can you believe it can you recieve it?

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Name:   Haily
Birthday:   1995-09-11
Joined:   2008-07-31
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My name Is Haily and I'm 15, I cant quite exactly explain how... Different I am.
I am a born prankster, riddle queen, Thief, and not quite all human. Some people from the past wouldn't even know who I am today,
not even by any comparison. No I am not no fairy or anything special, But I used to be. Until... the freak accident that changed
me, but not who I am why of course not! I am still exactly the person I was before, but more so different in much much ways, if
you can catch my drift. But however I do inherit some very weak powers from Ino thanks to some blood ritual on how I am still alive

But still, and ANYWAY I still am in contact with my sisters
who we were all wolf's and foxes at one point, but we all came
to our different paths and all changed human for some reason.
But all with our own triggers to tragic events.. I still lay in
me and Lulu's old pup bed and think about her.. Her scent still attached to the old bed

I am putting a list of songs down since playlist is no longer
a playlist, now a radio station -.-


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fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Eh, you'll find out~ Don't worry. *Smirks*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 3:19:59am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Follows after him, grinning* I hope you aren't tireeeed.

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 3:10:08am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Mm.. *Smirks* How about you walk me there instead, hm?

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 2:54:32am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Allllrighty! *Takes his hand and drags him out, setting the alarm for them* Sooo, does the girlfriend live with youuuu or do you live with herrrr? *Looks at him*

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 3:11:41pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Rolls her eyes, sliding off his lap. She already finished her second and half of her third drink by then* There's really no point in staying.. Haily left. I would move the girls, but they can protect themselves and the pub has good enough security. Do you want to head back? *Her words slurred and she pauses occasionally to think her sentence through*

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 6:11:16am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Shakes her head* I hope it ends in a tie because I don't wanna see any of that. *Scoffs, leaning back against Eric, smiling. She finished her first glass and she blinked back the sensation spreading through her body as she grew tipsy. Since it was her.. second time drinking? She wasn't even sure*

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 5:45:48am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Sits Eric down, climbing onto his lap as she turned to watch the ongoing game* Hey, there needs to be a losing risk and a winning reward! Make it all gamble-y and shit. *Takes a drink from her glass, forcing herself to grow accustomed to the buzz*

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 4:25:30am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Thanks. *Takes the drink, taking a gracious sip. It burned on the way down and she paused, looking at the drink for a moment as her mind tingled from the buzz* Beats me who Luke is. Maybe he's a friend of Cas'. For all I know, the only people who live at the house is Cas and his uncle but they could have relatives.

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 3:57:02am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Ah, could you please? *Smiles at Eric* I would appreciate it. *Looks at Ino and tilts her head* Yea, that's not Cas. *Raises a brow* Are you sure it's just not a coincidence?

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 3:33:18am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Sorry I couldn't bring Cas. *Smiles apologetically* He's so busy today, but what's the plan?


Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 2:37:56am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *walks with him, smiling* Don't worry about her hearing it from me.
Yuni: That sounds cool. Maybe tomorrow or something? *Looks up at him*

Posted on: Jun 11th 2013, 2:10:15am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Smirks as she caught his blush immediately. She felt great satisfaction as she knew her attempt wasn't in vain. She approached him, leaning over the the arm of the couch as she takes his hand in her own* Dangerous thinking for a guy with a girlfriend. *Purrs, her different-colored eyes peering into his eyes* But I won't tell.. *Smiles, standing up straight as she pulled him up* Come on, we better get going. *Leads him out, locking the door behind her*
????: That's a pity. Well, just in case we see each other again.. My name is Luke. If I don't notice you first, feel free to approach me. *Winks before walking past her as he went the other way*
Yuni: *Sighs softly in relief as she was brought close against him. His contact gave her a cooling sensation against her burns* I'll keep that in mind.. It's a good reason to keep coming back to see if that's really so. *Plays it as unaware even though she would be able to feel the alligator's emotions in just a glance*

Posted on: Jun 10th 2013, 5:49:34am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Gets out off the shower, going to her room as she needed clothes. She opens her closet, pondering on what to wear and grabbing her phone. She saw the text and figured he was already here so she hurried up. With a quick run through of her blow-dryer, she pulled on a strapped navy and white dress that ended just above her fingertips. She ran her fingers through her hair after curling it, leaving it loose. She put on a small amount of hairspray and put on strawberry-scented lip gloss that tinted her lips a darker pink. She strapped on two-inch heels and headed down to the living room* Hope you're ready for a long night out without any stress. *Smiles flirtatiously as she saw him, hoping she did well enough to cause a blush or something she could pinpoint*
????: *Walking down the street as he picks up a faint scent*..*It seemed familiar as it matched the one on the necklace. He smirked, turning his head to see who the owner was. He stopped, turning on his heel. She was hot enough. Slipping his hands into his pocket, he approached her* A pretty girl off on her own? Boyfriend busy with work, huh? *Gives her a charming smile*
Yuni: Heh, that sounds legitimate. *Looks towards Gramps and smiles* He must like it here. *Shivers, leaning against Eric as her skin warmed. It hurt. She knew she was trying to understand the alligator like she could with animals before. Instead of seeking his warmth, she was hoping he could cool her off.*

Posted on: Jun 10th 2013, 5:14:34am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Goes to shower, glancing at the time. She wouldn't hear back from Cas until tomorrow. Sucks that they were going to the pub today, or she would have invited him. She thought for a moment. Should she invite Eric? She wondered why she even asked that. She took her phone and texted Eric on his new phone number before tossing it on her bed and hopping into the shower*
Yuni: *sits beside him on the bench, watching the alligator* That's pretty awesome. Does he have a name? *Looks up at him*

Posted on: Jun 10th 2013, 2:19:28am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Looks at her phone and answers*..*Makes a face* I'm not your middleman, Haily. Jesus Christ. He'll come over here when he gets it. He's out doing some bonding with his uncle anyway. And the pub? I guess. It's not like I have anything to do.
Yuni: *Follows after him, hoping he actually wasn't. Maybe it would make them leave. She rubbed her arms slowly, hoping her marks wouldn't burn again* Has the alligator been here before you began working at the aquarium?

Posted on: Jun 10th 2013, 1:22:02am

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