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God is a girl, only a girl, can you believe it can you recieve it?

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Name:   Haily
Birthday:   1995-09-11
Joined:   2008-07-31
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My name Is Haily and I'm 15, I cant quite exactly explain how... Different I am.
I am a born prankster, riddle queen, Thief, and not quite all human. Some people from the past wouldn't even know who I am today,
not even by any comparison. No I am not no fairy or anything special, But I used to be. Until... the freak accident that changed
me, but not who I am why of course not! I am still exactly the person I was before, but more so different in much much ways, if
you can catch my drift. But however I do inherit some very weak powers from Ino thanks to some blood ritual on how I am still alive

But still, and ANYWAY I still am in contact with my sisters
who we were all wolf's and foxes at one point, but we all came
to our different paths and all changed human for some reason.
But all with our own triggers to tragic events.. I still lay in
me and Lulu's old pup bed and think about her.. Her scent still attached to the old bed

I am putting a list of songs down since playlist is no longer
a playlist, now a radio station -.-


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fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Pauses and holds his gift, opening her mouth to ask her what was up but she just shrugged. When she left, Yuni got her sweater and headed out. She slipped the present into Cas' mail slot as she knew he wasn't home. Afterwards, she returned home*
????: *Pads onto the porch, scraping lightly against the door. A present, hm? The wolf licks his chops, seeming to smirk. After a long while of playing around with a piece of string, he retrieves the gift, tossing it into his mouth. With a quick glance around, the wolf ran off*
Yuni: Uh.. Let's go to the alligator. *To be honest, she didn't even like being around so much water. It made her miss Kahvi and it only made her bitter. She didn't show it though. Right now, she wanted him and she wasn't going to ruin it*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 9:23:38pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Stops, hiding the fact that he was kind of hurt. He stood up, tossing the rag in the garbage as he grabbed an old one to clean the stains. He scrubbed hard, in a rush to go* She just had a girl issue. It's fine. *Tosses the other rag in the trash* I should get going.. It's getting late. Tell Yuni sorry for me. *Grabs the trash, ignoring the sharp pain from his wounds. He opened the door, shutting it behind him*
Yuni: *Jogs down the steps* Yo Cas, I got the pil- *Stops and looks at the surroundings. Damp cushion, but barely stained and Haily standing there* Oh. He must have left. *Frowns* You okay?
Yuni: *Laughs, taking his hand as she led him out* That's more like it, Crow. *Smirks, looking back at him* What's a cool place to chill around here? I don't come to the aquarium often.

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 8:53:02am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Perks, looking at the door as she entered. He was bandaged, currently wiping off blood from his hands with a rag. His eyes widened and he hid it behind him on the couch. He was going to have to clean that off later.* N-Nope! J-Just me.. H-Hahaha.. Y-Yuni needed to st-step out.
Yuni: It is so an invitation. *Winks* So how about it, hm? And I want your phone off if we do hang out. I don't want your banshee girlfriend interrupting.

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 8:25:09am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Listens and leans back, thinking* Hm.. Well, I think for Cas.. You gotta let him come to you. He's a bit shy and if you keep trying he's going to get overwhelmed and confused. He's traditional and shy to the point it's murder. *Nods* So just like wait a bit.. Think of him as a stingray. He'll come to you if you leave your hand in the water.
Yuni: Oh.. I asked about you once you left. *Smirks* Ino told me you worked here and I figured I come see you here rather than you come to the raggedy house. *Chuckles, her voice lowered as she hinted, but not too much.*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 7:50:32am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: That's nowhere near rambling, but Cas? Like.. Cassius Cas? That's.. actually a surprise that you like him. He's so different from you. *Thinks* Well, if you want my advice, you have to explain more.
Yuni: Oh. *Nods* Yea, that's a very likely scenario even with her. *Shrugs* As nice as that is, she seems like a total bitch. No offense.

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 7:11:58am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Uh, yea I'm going to just pretend you never said that. *Sits down, facing her* And you come to me for that? You do know I haven't have a serious boyfriend in a while, right? But, I can read them well enough. Who are we talking about here and what do you need?
Yuni: *snorts* A spoiled girl, huh? I should have known from her screeching. *rolls her eyes, remembering very well how many rich girls she's had to deal with* What's the story behind you two? Did she bribe you or was she actually decent then?

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 6:53:18am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *hears a knocking and she groans, throwing her blanket off herself* Who in the hell.. It's 8am, early as hell. *Gets up, shuffling down the stairs as she wore a sleeved shirt and short-short pj bottoms.* Meatloaf? That's not even appealing, what in the fuck are you talking about? *Leans against the wall, looking at Haily with a raised brow*
Yuni: *Stares at him in shock. He let her do something like that? Yea, that would not fly with her* And you are still with her? What did you even do before? *He must be a major push-over. Didn't fit his look, so she was tempted to learn more.*

(double yuni ftw)

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 6:39:19am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: O-Okay. *Smiles wider, waiting for her to close the door. He heard a thud and paused, but figured she bumped into something. He frowned and rubbed the back of his head before going home*
Yuni: *Sneaks into an unauthorized area, her breathing deep and heavy* Fuck.. These damn markings. *She scratched at her arms helplessly, the burning easing gradually. Her eyes watered and she punched the wall* Why me? *Hisses, rubbing the tears away as the shaking subsided. She was tempted to just leave, but she said she was going to come back. She took a deep breath before sneaking back unseen. She almost didn't notice Eric as he was wearing casual clothing. She raised a brow, recognizing him after a moment* Nice outfit. *Smiles crookedly, putting her hands in her pocket* Wow I was getting a weird chill in here before. *Chuckles* Before I forget, why do you do this? Like, your job? Did you always do this? *Changes the subject immediately before it even began. She didn't want him to ask her about earlier*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 6:05:38am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Frowns. Was that the wrong thing to do? She seemed upset and regretful. He wasn't doing so well at this. He saw her house and he approached the door with her* I'm uh.. sorry, b-but I had a lot of f-f-fun. *Smiles slightly, looking down*
Yuni: *The pain spread through her arms as they began to shake slightly. She laughed it off, standing up* I just got too busy.. I'll be right back.. Gotta go to the ladies' room. *The shaking grew more intense as she ran off, just trying to get herself alone in order to get a grip on her reaction. It was so hard for her to do anything anymore. The moment she was beginning to feel like her old self, the marks pinned her back to reality. She was tired of it*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 5:14:45am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Blinks as she began to explain herself. He shook his head* No that's not what I meant.. I didn't mean it in a sa- *Tenses as she hugged him tightly. His eyes widened and his cheeks burned. He hesitated again loosely wrapping his arms around her* I-it's okay.. I just said it wrong, it's m-my fault. *Clears his throat, awkward*
Yuni: *Watches him, the stingrays causing her to giggle as they showed their affection. How cute.* I used to do stuff like this a lot.. *Her free-time always went to the animal shelter back then. People would use Yuni as a person to get others who were afraid of animals okay again. She was so gentle and friendly, when she actually had her powers. Her arms burned, causing her to flinch as she immediately covered her arms. It only seemed like she was cold. She gritted her teeth, inhaling slowly. Don't think about it..*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 4:04:10am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Pauses, raindrops plopping onto his head. He frowned, not expecting it to rain even with his good sense of smell. He pulled his hood on and he walked after her* I mean.. I thought I was walking you home but whatever's fine.
Yuni: *Giggles as one of the guys was being pestered to touch it even though he was scared* You aren't going to get them to have fun unless you really interact with them. *goes to the boy and gently takes his hand. She gave him a reassuring smile and put their hands in the water as the stingray swam by, making contact with their skin. The boy gasped and grinned*
Boy: Whoa! This is so awesome! *Runs off to brag to his friends*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 3:38:41am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Hums quietly, the silence a bit thick. She seemed to be thinking but more like forcing herself to stay calm. He pauses* Are you okay?
Yuni: *Stops, looking at him stupid. Ino's sister? Yea that was the first time in a while she was seen as "someone's ____" and it irked her juuuust a bit* Mhm. *More like quite a bit. She looked at one of the kids as they were gasping in awe about the manta-ray. She could tell they were amazed. Probably was one of the kids to read about fish. She smiled softly, her irritation fading. Kids were so cute.. She pauses and frowns*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 1:13:00am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Walks beside her, his hand closing as he was tempted to hold her hand. He looked away. Wasn't it too soon? He didn't want to move fast. Right. No moving fast. His brother always seemed to know exactly what to do with girls. Luke.. His face turned sour. He was different than Luke, but not in that sense. He wanted this to last so he had to compare himself to him.*
Yuni: *Eventually is able to get nice and awake after buying a cup of coffee at the nearby shop. She entered the aquarium, buying a ticket. Weaving her way through people, she kept an eye out for Eric. He must be by the stingrays. She found him and she pauses, giving a small flick of her hair to make sure it was nice. Inhale.. The kids ran in, excited for the stingrays. Yuni was like that. Animals were her thing back then. She smiled unexpectedly, a warmth spreading through her body. She watched them before glancing at her target.* Stingrays huh? Dangerous work. Not even the crocodile hunter could handle them. *Smirks, her tone light as she tried at the icebreaker.*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 12:32:21am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: Um.. Actually I don't? But I really don't know what to do now. Haha.. *Pauses, having a feeling he really should head home. Maybe it was training day with his uncle? He tended to forget a lot and his uncle hated it* We should head back.. I'll walk you.
Yuni: *At around 9am, she was dead tired, but she finally finished. She stood up and stretched, smiling as she laid down in bed.* Ah.. Perfect. I can finally go to- *Her eyes met the clock and she shrieked* ARE YOU SERIOUS?! FUCKING HELL. *Rolls out of bed with a thud, getting up and wobbling to the shower as she nearly ran into the wall. She wanted to see that dude and she was pretty sure if she slept he would be out of work when she got up. After her shower, she put on a pair of jean shorts with a short sleeved pullover. Doing a quick brushing of her hear, she threw on her high-tops and ran out, heading to the aquarium.*

Posted on: Jun 9th 2013, 12:00:08am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Gives it to her and finished his last scoops of ice cream* So, now what do you want to do? *Looks at her* Do you want to head back?
Yuni: *Comes in after a while, seeing the note. She raises a brow and shrugs, eating a small portion of the spaghetti before jogging up to her room. When she opened the door, she gaped. She forgot the fact their rooms were gonna be bigger but holy shit. She laid on her bed for a moment before taking it upon herself to reorganize. Shuffling through her things, she removed a lot of stored items. Pictures of situations years before. A few were of Taro and Yuni, a lot were of her and Lunick. Each of something different. She didn't stare too long, just shuffling through to find little notes she might have left. She put the pictures by the people in it and put them in separate envelopes, scribbling on the back of the sealed containers. She put them into her drawers after she emptied their contents.*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 11:37:24pm

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