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God is a girl, only a girl, can you believe it can you recieve it?

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Name:   Haily
Birthday:   1995-09-11
Joined:   2008-07-31
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My name Is Haily and I'm 15, I cant quite exactly explain how... Different I am.
I am a born prankster, riddle queen, Thief, and not quite all human. Some people from the past wouldn't even know who I am today,
not even by any comparison. No I am not no fairy or anything special, But I used to be. Until... the freak accident that changed
me, but not who I am why of course not! I am still exactly the person I was before, but more so different in much much ways, if
you can catch my drift. But however I do inherit some very weak powers from Ino thanks to some blood ritual on how I am still alive

But still, and ANYWAY I still am in contact with my sisters
who we were all wolf's and foxes at one point, but we all came
to our different paths and all changed human for some reason.
But all with our own triggers to tragic events.. I still lay in
me and Lulu's old pup bed and think about her.. Her scent still attached to the old bed

I am putting a list of songs down since playlist is no longer
a playlist, now a radio station -.-


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fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Already finished with half of his ice cream, continuing to destroy his dessert. Oh, how unaware he was of her gaze. He had an itching feeling someone was looking at him, but when he glanced around, he couldn't tell why he felt that way. With a small shrug, he put a spoonful of ice cream into his mouth. He took a cherry and offered it to Haily* Um.. Want it? *Blushes slightly. He wanted to offer her some ice cream, but it was their first outing.*
Yuni: *Flinches as her laugh pierced the air. It was usually so quiet too.. She groans, going to her room to grab her mp3. She put it on, going outside into the front as she blasted her music from her headphones*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 11:02:48pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Chuckles again and eats at his ice cream, enjoying it as he was finally calm for the first time in what felt like months*
Yuni: *Perks, clinging to the armrest* What the hell?! INO! *Relief spreads as she is set down. Flying was not something she was used to anymore.* Don't do that, holy shit. *Takes a moment to breathe, her heart racing. Ever since she lost her powers, heights ruined her. Something set off every time something like that happened. When she got a hold of her nerves, she got up, glad to be on the ground* Expand it. Even if they did come back they wouldn't stay. They are past the age of staying with us. It's not like we're ten anymore.

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 10:41:48pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Takes out his spoon, and begins to dig into his banana split. He heard her giggle and looks up, seeing the ice cream on her nose. He chuckled and moved his hand, gently wiping it off for her with his thumb.* Pace yourself. *Laughs and smiles*
Yuni: The aquarium? *Makes a face* Well I guess. I'll go check him out tomorrow. *Plops onto the couch, flipping through the channels*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 9:50:40pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Picks up on her sudden change in breathing even from afar, grabbing the bowl and her cone. He turns to her, analyzing her. He couldn't read emotions. That was something for more.. intimate mates. He gave her a smile, handing the cone to her as he sat across from her* There you go.
Yuni: I can do that myself. What's his job? I'd rather not have to work on the house for weeks before I see him next. *Gets off the table, taking a piece of chicken as she flipped on the lights. She grabbed a few pots that had plants way past their expiration date. She emptied them out and tossed them outside. She used to actually garden but that stopped. She considered trying again, but she would rather not. Despite what she said, she was tidying up*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 9:39:03pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Nods, even if it was weird, she liked it so he wouldn't judge* I like all ice cream but I love banana splits. *Goes to the counter, buying their ice creams*
Yuni: *Laughs* What a shame. She sounds like the Nanny. Did you invite him over for another dinner? I wouldn't mind actually talking to him.

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 7:55:48pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Inhales deeply as he enjoys the pleasant summer day. It was hard to come across such days around this time. To be honest, he liked how no one was really out and about. It made it easier to keep an eye on. He did a quick glance around, something he did ever since he left to live with his uncle. Approaching the ice cream parlor, it was one that was mainly for the outdoors. There were only doors for employees, but there were many tables. He looked at Haily and smiles* What flavor is your favorite?
Yuni: *Comes back in during Eric's introduction. She set her sword down, wiping at her brow when his phone went off. She raises a brow, his girlfriend loud even without speaker on. With a quick wave, she watched as the door shut* Crow? *Glances at Ino* Sounds weird enough. I thought he was gonna be flirting with you but that call proves none of that happened. *Sits on the table, keeping her gaze on Ino as a smirk made it onto her face* Seems like he's dating a banshee; that's always fun.

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 6:13:46pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Walks beside her as he put his hands in his pockets, heading to the ice cream shop* Not sure.. It's a bit of a walk though. *Perks and clears his throat, looking away. Saving her wasn't even special.. Anyone would have done that*
Yuni: *After scavenging through her things, she tossed on a tanktop and sweatpants. She descended from the steps again and her hair was braided down her back as it was still damp.* Nice to have company. *Sends Ino a look that showed she did not mean what she said. It was bad enough she was here. Her house was not going to be a hangout spot. She grabbed her sword from the backdoor before clutching the handle* Unfortunately, I'm going outside to train. *opens the door* Don't bother me. *Lets the door shut behind her*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 5:11:43am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: Don't worry about it. *Smiles slightly, getting up as he closes the box, picking it up* Of course we're getting ice cream. I have a lot of room for dessert. *Chuckles as he waits for her*
Yuni: *The next morning, she woke up pretty early but was unwilling to actually get up. She sighs softly, her mind replaying the dream she had. Since Ino came back, the dream was related to the past. It took her a while to get over it and shower. Once she finished, she wraps a towel around herself and steps out. She hears shuffling around in the kitchen and figured Ino returned from her obvious outing. Hopping down the steps, she enters the kitchen with the towel tight around her* How much did you- *Pauses and furrows her brows* Okay, so I keep a decent inventory, Dude. *Eyes meets the guy and she gapes. Yea, towel on. Who the fuck was he? Her lids lowered into a glare. Perfect.* Son of a bitch.. *Mutters, turning to search for a spare pair of undergarments as she slips away quickly. She didn't expect there to be a guy and the last thing she wanted was for him to be a creep*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 4:18:13am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Unfortunately, since she was thinking he couldn't really keep her from getting too close to the truth. Yet, he still didn't look at her. On his 9th slice, Cas just kept eating. He was a bottomless pit and he didn't mind. He never got to the point of starvation. He clears his throat, opening his mouth to say something but then hesitates* So, do you want to just take the rest home? *He could still eat, but he figured he should stop after this slice. He was sure she was waiting for the ice cream*
Yuni: No. *Finishes her pizza, stretching her arms over her head* I'm busy tomorrow. *With what, that was her own business. She wasn't going to force herself to be by Ino. She had no reason to. Part of her missed being around her, but that part was long gone when her powers seemed to dull out*

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 2:41:56am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Right now he was enjoying the silence. So much had happened that he just wanted a break. He needed to breathe. He finishes his slice and takes a new one, drinking his water. However, he avoids Haily's gaze. He knew as soon as their eyes meet he would be unable to just stay calm. It would take him a bit, still a little "wolf-y" from the incident*
Yuni: *Makes a face, her memory hazy but well enough to remember that. Things changed. Kaki wasn't even with Jackie anymore. That was finished before she left. She remembered this because she was getting close to Lunick's older brother. She shook her head, taking a bite of her slice* No point in reliving the past, Ino. It only makes things worse.

Posted on: Jun 8th 2013, 12:00:28am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
(dammit I did it again ;A; sorry! *headdesk*

Posted on: Jun 7th 2013, 2:59:53pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Lets go of her hand at the table, taking a seat. That was more than okay with him* Of course I want to. I did offer. *Smiles, taking a new slice and taking a bite*
Yuni: Apology accepted. *Hops onto the kitchen table, sitting as she heard her laugh. She raises a brow and turns her head, looking at Ino* What's so funny? *She didn't notice her lone tear. She figured she found something ironic*
(Shorter post .n.)

Posted on: Jun 6th 2013, 2:48:28pm

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Pauses, his face burning as she wrapped her arms around him. Her nuzzle was welcomed. He held her tight against him, For her, it would seem just out of comfort but it was more than just that.* Don't mention it.. I'm here for you. *Smiles, taking her hand and leading her back inside where a new pizza was waiting. Her blush was so cute.. It stuck out harshly against her pale skin and he loved that* Do you want ice-cream or anything later?
Yuni: *Groans, now irritated.* Whatever, whatever! *Eats her slice before downing her drink, refilling the cup. It was going to take a while for her pride to settle down. She was too head-strong. Her image was frozen to stay like that. It only swayed in harsh times. After a long silence, she rolled her eyes* Thanks. *Mutters*

Posted on: Jun 6th 2013, 4:53:49am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Snarls, baring his fangs* That's what I thought. *Releases him, taking a step back as he watches his prey. When the guy ran off, he turned to Haily, his eyes normal and his claws gone. He gave a sad smile, approaching her* I'm sorry.. *Gently brushes his fingers against her arm where he grabbed her. He looked into her eyes, frowning* I should have went over sooner.. I didn't think he'd actually do something. *His hands were no longer shaking, his anger not lingering, fortunately for him. Now he had to restrain himself from burying his nose against her neck, to try and remove the stench that tainted her winter berry scent. Get a hold of yourself, Cas. You are a human, not just a wolf* Did you want to go back inside..?
Yuni: I still made my own money! Ino, you aren't what mom might have been, nor are you Kahvi! You can't just take the mother role as soon as you get home. *Something like that would just be weird, even if she was warming up to her, Ino having the motherly act made everything worse. She didn't need a mother anymore. That need was gone years ago. She took a bite of her pizza, growing silent. The atmosphere was tense for her. The situation was unfamiliar*

Posted on: Jun 6th 2013, 3:24:18am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Perks as the guy grabbed his date. Yea, that was right HIS date. He snarled as the stranger made it out before she pushed him. His instincts took over and his eyes brightened, his pupils dilating* Oh fuck no. *Charges out, the only thing he could think is that the guy challenged him. Haily was his. His for right now, anyway. Gripping the guy's wrists, his claws began to sharpen as they dug into his skin. His voice was deep and menacing, close to a permanent snarl* Seems I'm interrupting a one-sided attack. *With great strength, pulls the guy away, throwing him into the building wall. He wasn't going to just leave it at that, he touched her. His scent was on her. He approaches him, his hands around his neck as he squeezed. The guy was taller, but that made no different to Cas.* This better be the last time I see your face around her. *Growls, looking directly into his eyes* She's mine. *His voice lowers, out of earshot from Haily. Right now, he was restraining himself, shaking. He knew if he let himself go, he would want nothing more than to slice his face into unrecognizable bits.*
Yuni: *Lays on her bed, her eyes glued to the ceiling. She managed to keep herself from crying. Her ears were filled with the sounds of her reconstructions. She sighs softly, holding her sword against her chest. The unread letters were stacked on her nightstand. The power tools stopped and after about a half an hour, she hears Ino. Her stomach grumbled as she remembered her forgotten microwaved food. Turning, her feet touched the ground. Leave it up to Ino to actually get shit done. Her eyes wandered to the button on her wall that once carried her lab. For others, nostalgia would fill them, but it wasn't the case for her. She removed that button for a reason. She left her sword on her bed as she stepped out, sauntering down the steps* First drawer in the living room. It's partly open. *Grabs a slice, staring out the window as she thought* I don't need your help. *Looks in Ino's direction* I was getting by with just myself.

Posted on: Jun 6th 2013, 2:06:40am

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