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"There's three things I don't do. Tan, date, and sing in public. -- Angel"

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Birthday:   1981-12-07Country:   Finland
Joined:   2007-01-06Location:   kemi
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Name:   katsa
Birthday:   1981-12-07
Joined:   2007-01-06
Location:   kemi
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It's meee...haaaa....*dork* I name is Katja I'ma 250 years old vampire (25)..I live in Kemi,Finland, I love many things...especially Vampires,vampirelore,(Of course) DUH!And I love to read/write Angel the series,Bones & real person FanFic/SLASH Yah..I'ma perv...LMAO!

also obsessing over Mermaids,werewolves,pixies,fairys,hobbits(LoL),elves,Sirens..all and all I love mythical & fictional creatures,mythologys,ancient civilisations,egypt,Greek mythology,egyptian mythology,ancient rome,ancient england,knights,castles,ghosts,ghost stories,Ghost hunting (LoL),Tarot,wizards,witches,witchcraft,wicca,neo-paganism,herbs,herblore,candles,insence,
wine,angel tv series(VAMPIRES!),BtVS series,Underworld movies(VAMPIRES AGAIN!),Bones tv series(David Boreanaz<3) LoL...

I also love all kinds of horror movies (For example:The grudge,the ring,exorcism of emily rose,the exorcist,texas chain saw massacre,SAW 1,2 & 3,The amityville horror,Halloween movies,)other movies I love is : LOTR(Lord of the rings),HP(Harry Potter),Narnia,Neverending story,Interwiev with a vampire,queen of the damned,crow movies...especially the first one & The wicked prayer,Tomb raider,Matrix trilogy,Star wars...and the list goes on and on.....

Then one major thing in my life is MUSIC!!!!! <3<3<3 If someone says she/he dont like music..then I say...Sod off!!!! There is no way someone wouldnt like music! I also Love drawing very much..have been doing it since i learned to hold a pen..LMAO...and it kinda stuck! xD

I've been also writing my whole life..On and off though..but there is no way i would stop that either...*gah*...since i learned english...i mean..really learned..i've been writing also in english sometimes i even forget words in finnish and say them in english..Bloody 'ell how weird is that??? and I even talk "Brit" english occasionally O_o'' that's something that got stuck in my head since I've been watching tv series angel & buffy lately..for those series contain lots of "Brit"english & also "irish" xF I just LOVE that too..gotta learn to speak that and then annoy my family members to shreads

And the thing about me and english language is that ..i've always loved it and wanted to learn it...and other reason is that since i got into Queen (English band) I had all these music documents and stuff and i couldnt understand all they said...i got really annoyed and wanted to understand i just tought myself as long as it took.

Eventually i got really good at it..LoL..and now i dont need subtitles or anything in english spoken programs or's easy..i can order movies without finnish subtitles and still understand all..and the good thing is that i can have many movies which others cant... mvahaha...sooo...what else....haaaa! I love color many variations...Wine red,crimson red,bright red,blood red..etc...and i like also Purple,some green,black,white and in some cases pink..but it's gotta be HOT pink

I love to least sometimes...I have periods in that too... Rolling Eyes I like Different Wok foods,chicken,salads,green salad leafs,apples,noodles,pasta,rice,thai food,mexican food,indian food,finnish fish/salmon soup,summer soup,rye bread..etc...My fav drinks are,water,coffee,tea(ice & normal),juice(from real fruits),mineral water...etc..

My style in clothes are pretty wide..i love rock style,gothic style(especially old style),leather,knitted gloves,scarfes,shoes,boots,jeans,some emo clothes,glitter in some cases,lots of metal in my clothes LMAO!..etc...etc...

but yeah..i guess here is quite enough info about me...LMAO...
Ask if you wanna know more

Bye now

Take care
Katja aka finvampire
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