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Name:   The Unadya
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Makiya's Personaitly is meek and naughty. She was adopted by the Unadya's at the age of four. By six she relized she had powers, her foster parents did test on her, the ending result was she was a ghost from a different relm sent here by her real parents. By Makiya discovering her powers the Unadya's begain to adopt other Mythical beings. Although Makiya is a freshmen in college, She moved out of her Foster parents house and she now lives in an apartment with her foster sisters Lyida and Makhia. She doesn't use her powers much, but likes to train with them every now and then. She's never been in a real relastionship with a guy but enjoys day dreaming about it.

Sakuya was found as a baby by Jester at his job. She was curled up in a small box by her self with nothing but a blanket. Jester took her to his home with his wife and there adopted kids, him and his wife both agreed to take her in. Sakuya was later found out to be a demon. Kiko works at a lab for mythical experience, she tested Sakuya like she did Makiya and found Sakuya DNA matched the DNA of a demons. Her demon class name is Eki level 5 of innocentence. Sakuya uses her powers more offten then her other foster sisters. She enjoys drawing animals then bringing them into existence.Her personaitly is happy like most teenager girls but when she angry her temper tends to over boil.

Izanami is bit different from the others. She enjoys a good time and lives her life to the fullest, taking no regrets on anything. Jester and Kiko adopted Izanami when she was 7, Kiko wanted to extend her mythical family so she purpose went out looking for a fairy like Izanami. She never did well in school for she was in love with boys and flirting around. Her college Career isn't to promseing but she'll do anything to make Jester and Kiko proud.

Ramika only answers to Rami. Shes the only gothic one in the family. Rami and Makhia share the same mother. Their mother was in a car wreck just a few weeks after Rami was born. Her older sister Makhia tried to get her aunt and other family members to take them in, but no one would. The police after about a week came and took them away and sent them to a foster home. Jester and Kiko took the younger girls in with open arms, even if kiko wanted a mythical family she didn't mind taking in humans. Mikha knew her and her sisters were vampires but didn't tell their foster parents till later. Rami hates her vampire side and wishes to be rid of it. She knows shes an outcast and that adds on to it more. She hardly wears any clothing when she leaves the house and has seen a few beds in her time.

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lemontree writes:
add me!

Posted on: Feb 13th 2011, 6:26:32pm

the+brotherhood writes:
Jett: *walks straight up to Rami and a crooked smile slips upon his lips* hi...

Posted on: Feb 8th 2011, 12:15:02pm

the+brotherhood writes:
-as soon as Rami walks past Jett he turns and watches her leave. He takes his cigarette outta his mouth, tosses it on the ground, blows out the remaining smoke in his lungs, and follows her.-
Zadist: *looks at Jett* Hey dude!?Where the hell you going the cute girls are that way *points at the table and smirks*
Daimen: *smiles a bit* well they seem very nice to talk to...
Zadist: Nah they seem very nice to f**k to me! *crosses his arms and smirks* yepp.....
Hikosa: *punches Zadist in the arm* I will never understand why you are like that Zadist......hoestly its so repulsive sometimes..
Daimen: *nods* i agree, you're so vulgure and nasty with discriptive words...
Zadist: *shurggs* so what!? I do whatever the hell i wanna do...and i'll say *pokes Daimen in the chest* whatever the f**k i wanna say! it!

Posted on: Feb 8th 2011, 9:47:42am

the+brotherhood writes:
-Zadist, Daimen, Jett, Momichi, Hikosa all walk past the girls sitting at the table-

Zadist: *looks over, stops dead in his tracks* hey hey hey....*stops Jett, trows his arm around his neck and points towards the girls* look Jett..*raises eyebrow* look at them sexy things. *smirks*
Jett: *looks over at the girls at sees Rami* wow she's really attractive....
Zadist: *shakes his head* nahh....not my type imma go for the hot ass blonde!

Posted on: Feb 7th 2011, 9:08:44pm

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