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Inhale. Exhale.

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Name:   Cassius Lupus
Birthday:   1997-11-07
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Hi, I'm Cas! That's short for Cassius Lupus. Yes, my name is Latin. I get that question often. I am 15 years old, just like Yuni. My family came here from Rome generations ago and they like it! I'm not a human either, but.. It seems weird to just put something like that on here. I guess if it's important, I'm actually a werewolf.
My family has been cursed with Lycanthropy since the beginning of their lineage. We had our bad ancestors and our good ones. Obviously, I would like to be known as one of the good ones. In order to keep that dream as a possibility, I live with my uncle. It's better if I do not contact my dad, so I have not seen him since I was 9. The same goes for my mom.

Some dabbles to develop Cas:

....."Cassius." The sound of his name caused him to turn his head towards the trees. Who was it? A wolf surfaced from the forest, approaching him with hungry eyes that matched his own. Fear held his feet in place. "Cassius," the wolf repeated, chills running down his spine. "Father.." he spoke with reluctance.
....."You know why I am here." The wolf was eye level to the teen and his fur bristled from the growing silence. "I want your answer," he snarled.
.....Speak, Cas.. Speak. With a small swallow, he did, "I have not changed my mind. I will not join you." The wolf held his gaze menacingly. Somewhere in his eyes.. Was their disappointment?
.....It did not last long if there was. With a growl, Cas was tackled to the ground, a paw pressed down on his throat. "You will die," his father roared. "You will die a disgrace." Pain exploded from the boy's neck, a desperate scream piercing the air as fangs sunk into his flesh.

.....The scream carried through the air as Cas woke with a start. His heart raced, threatening to burst through his chest as he searched the room. No one. Even with the facts clear, Cas could not halt his violent tremors. That nightmare haunted him ever since he moved in with his uncle. Something seemed off about it.. It was too real for it to just be shrugged off. Moving his shaky hand to his neck, his fingertips made contact with his sweat-drenched skin. It was just a dream, calm down. He can't hurt you at this point. You haven't seen him in years. No comfort followed his empty thoughts as he kept his eyes glued to the ceiling, listening to the silence that hung in the humid air in case something were to break it.
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icefairy2932 writes:
Haily: thank you!*she entered the parlor but soon as she did she felt his tension highly rise. She wasnt psychic unlike her sister yuna who found a home somewhere far and between where Ino and Haily once been, she might have to write her about this gut feeling thing and why she can sense it, she looked back to him and noticed a dramatic change in his eyes, she saw the pain and agony she once knew but much deeper, she knew he was going to have a dark past but she wasn't going to pull away, she and Ino seen enough stories that she cant even reveal all the knowledge in just one sitting.* come on, lets order and get you something to drink, also I see a jukebox, any songs you fancy you want me to see if they have it on there? It seems they have down to the classics and even new artists.

Posted on: Jun 4th 2013, 5:27:57am

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