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Name:   mr.cinderella
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There she goes again. Tristan Grey watched as she moved down the hall, laughing and talking with the girls that surrounded her. He leaned up against his locker in his best attempt to look cool; hoping that today would be the day that she would notice him.

But just like any other day she simply passed him by. Her eyes overlooking him as if he wasn’t a human being, just part of the locker.

“Staring at Avery Evans again?” Tristan’s whole body jumped as he looked to his right. His best friend Will Moesly was leaning against the locker next to his.

“Stop sneaking up on me, Will!” he snapped

“I didn’t sneak, its not my fault that you were lost in Avery land,” she smiled and rolled her eyes. “Maybe my love obsessiveness has rubbed off on you. At least you make a good choice in Avery. Pretty but not conceded, popular but not a cheerleader” she snarled at that word. “Or snobby. She will make a good sister-in-law for me someday.”

Tristan and Will weren’t exactly siblings but they had been together for so long that Will’s family called Tristan their adopted son. On the other hand Tristan’s step-dad didn’t even pay enough attention to Tristan to know whom he hung out with. But on the complete opposite side of the gate were Tristan’s stepbrothers, Chance and Drew. These two weren’t very bright at all but that didn’t stop them from watching Tristan and waiting for him to screw up. Now this kind of thing normally wouldn’t bother Tristan, but he felt like he always has to be on edge all the time. He was paranoid thinking that even when they weren’t around they still had their evil eye on him. It seemed like he could go to the complete other side of the world and they could still see him…

“Oh, shut up… Its not like she even notices me.” Tristan said staring off at her “I swear, sometimes I feel like I’m just part of the wall… except I have eyes…”

“Oh come on, you just need to cheer up and you could get lucky…” Will started.

“Do you think walls with eyes would be considered stalkers if they watched one person?” Tristan interrupted blankly.

“Your not listening to a thing I‘m saying are you?”

“Its not like they could follow the person or anything…”

“BOOBIES!” Will yelled and everyone in the hall turned and stared.

“Oh, hey Will. When did you get here?” Tristan said as the bell rang to get to class.

“Come on, you better get to class you loser…” Will said smiling.

“Feeling the love, later.”


Tristan Grey

Tristan walked into English class and sat in his usual seat in the back of the room. He wasn’t very active in class because he was shy and afraid of embarrassing himself by saying the wrong thing. So he just slunk down in his seat and tried to make himself invisible, something he was really good at. It was no wonder that Avery didn’t notice him.

A girl walked in the door and sat next to him. Rose Ozera was the only girl other than Will that seemed to know that Tristan existed. This was because Rose wanted to work in the medical field so she worked with Tristan’s stepfather, who was a medical doctor, as his assistant. Through the stepfather, she met Tristan. She was also a good friend with Avery.

“What’s up shy guy?” she nodded to him as she sat down.
Tristan shrugged “Nothing, like usual.”
“Well I have a bit of juicy Avery news that you might want to know.” she smirked at him.
Tristan tried to seem uninterested; “Well I guess you can tell me. It seems like you are dying to tell me something.”

“Avery and Tanner broke up.” Rose whispered. Avery and Tanner had been together for 2 months. Tanner was another meat headed football player who hung out with Chance and Drew. Tristan hated Tanner, not only had he taken Avery when Tristan had almost had the courage to talk to her but he also bullied Tristan along with his step-brothers. He was quarterback, the leader of the idiots and supposedly a perfect match with the very pretty Avery.

But Tristan had watched them. He saw how tanner treated her, how he cut her off when she spoke, how he treated her no different then the football he held under his arms. Just there to complete his image. If only things had been different that day...

Tristan leaned against his locker in his normal attempts as Avery walked by. He had been thinking about how he would go through this in his head. ‘I can do this, ill just subtly ask her for her English notes. And then she will know I exist’ He had seen it done many times before in the movies and it worked perfectly. ‘But those were the movies, where everyone was handsome, beautiful, and all of the above’ He had shaved his entire face that morning. The smooth feel that his moisturizing aftershave gel, that didn’t have such a strong scent that it was really noticeable, gave to his face made him keep feeling where his petite amount of facial hair had been. ‘Alright, English notes. That’s all I need to ask about then she will realize I’m a person… I can do this, just walk up and…’ he began to walk across the T-shaped intersection in the hall to her locker, when HE came up to her and put his arm around her. ‘Ok, just turn around nonchalantly. No one saw you, just look down.’

“Serpentine, serpentine!”

Who said that? He was sure no one had seen him. And the voice sounded familiar… But he didn’t bother looking up. He was too embarrassed by what he did. He had all the confidence built up and he was going to go talk to her. He had worked on rehearsing it for a few weeks.

“Can I borrow your English notes?”

“Sure,” They both reached in their backpacks. “Just let me reach in here nice and slowly and pick them up. Oh, my. Do you feel a draft in here.” He removed his eyes from his backpack, looked up and saw Avery in a French maid outfit.

He realized he was just day dreaming and shook himself awake before something awkward began to develop. As he was walking toward his locker, he spotted Will. ‘So that’s who was calling at me. I am going to give her such a noogie.’

“Going in for the kill?” Will poked fun at him.

“How could you tell?” Tristan asked sarcastically.

“Don’t worry about him, I‘ve seen how he treats his girlfriends. They won’t last longer than 2 months.”

“Thanks, I really needed that.”

“Need a hug?”

“No, I‘m alright. I probably shou… ouph” Tristan said surprised. She had hugged him anyway.

Tristan found himself staring at the ceiling of the classroom with Rose waving her arm over his head to snap him out of it… How long had he been out? Oh well, class hadn’t started yet so it didn’t really matter.

“So are you going to?” Rose asked impatiently.

Tristan had obviously missed something. “Am I gonna do what now?”

“Are you gonna ask Avery to the homecoming dance this weekend? I mean now that she is free.”

Tristan just stared at her, as if she just asked him to do something as complicated as defusing a bomb that is about to explode, “I don’t think I could do that.”

“Why not haven’t you liked her for, well like ever?” Rose asked him.

A blush appeared on Tristan’s face but he turned from her before she could see it, “No matter what it wont work out, she doesn’t even know who I am. And I am too shy to approach her so I just have to be happy to watch her from the background.”

Rose looked at him concerned, “Well at least go to the dance, I can introduce you two at the least. It doesn’t hurt to try.”

“Thanks but I can’t go. Mister step-monster is gonna be home that night and there is no way that he will let me go anywhere. It would take a miracle to be able to go.”

Rose turned to Tristan and hers eyes lit up. She leaned over to tell him something when the teacher walked over to them and cleared her throat. “Time to start class, no more chit-chat.” She said as she glared at Rose and Tristan.

Tristan turned to Rose to find out what she was gonna say. But she was already staring off into space, thinking, of what Tristan could only guess was the dance. It was as if he could see the gears spinning around in her head. A smirk appeared on her lips and Tristan suddenly felt fearful of what she was planning.

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