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Name:   nickie's-love.
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2010-04-17
leave all of you're love on here <3
m i m i ; you are more than just my batman loving poptart eatting zombie hello kitty obbsessing best friend forever & ever. thee one person i can tell everything to, & know i won't be judge. thee one person i have been able to count on, even if you don't think i have. thee one person i can have thee most fun & most random convos with. thee person i get along with best, & rarely fight with. i could talk to you for hours upon hours & not once feel bored. you bring a huge smile to my face & make me laugh when i'm in my darkest times. you have made me a better person & i could never thank you enough for it. i love you dearly miss, please never leave my side for that would be one tragedy i could not bare to go through. <3

^ made by lexi <3 ^

^ made by kiku <3 ^
-grant- writes:
Dear Melabear<3
This is probably the worst thing for me to do but I love you and you mean the world to me. I know you think you're worthless but you aren't, you are far from it my dear. See Nickie you make my heart skip beats at times and make it sometimes beat faster. You have the ablity to drive me insane and at times I wish I could just kiss you. I made a mistake and I'm not going to ask you to date me again but please dont make a stupid choice and pick the wrong guy again like when you choose me. You are worth more then you know and people love you you just don't realize it yet. I love you, I always have I swear to it. Please keep me in your heart forever and always, you'll always be in mine even if I'm dating someone else that won't ever mean as much as you. I haven't slept for the past 3 days because you have been on my mind so i probably sound stupid and I'm making a lot of mistakes but whatever. I'll be frank and say that you are like my soul and whole reason I live. I enjoy talking to you and it's hard to believe that in 17 days will be our one hear friend anniversary. 1 year of up and downs, putting up with my shit and my constant girlfriends, mistakes, and problems. You were the second person I knew on this site and I'm glad I met you. I never knew I would fall in love with you but I did. Okay this probably sounds bad and I'm about to fall asleep so bye narnia <3

alexxheartbreak. writes:
I've got to go Nicole. I can't even breathe anymore. I want you to be good. No drinking, please? You're better then that, you and I both know it. Keep staying strong, you're amazing. Always have been. Grant better take care of you. You deserve nothing but the best. I'm sorry for the way things ended between us. I wasn't fair to you. Don't let anyone tell you negative things about you, they are not true. You have to stop being so hard on yourself. You deserve the up most happiness. You will find a guy who would do anything for you. It may be now, it may be in a week or month or year. But I am positive you will find him. Don't let anybody push you around. Don't take crap from anyone. Be you, the amazing girl I met pretty much a year ago. Do what makes you happy. Except drinking, thats bad, we've had this talk. Stop thinking about the negative and focus on the positive ohk? Again, I'm sorry for everything, for everything I have put you through. I want you happy Nicole. It's what you deserve. Remember life isn't always fair but everything happens for a reason even if we don't know what that reason is. Remember who you can trust and who you can't. You always new just what to say to get my heart racin fast. You make people smile, Nicole. You really are a gift and a lot of people need you. You're need here, so please take care of yourself. If not for me or anyone else, for yourself. Be honest. Be loving and be happy. I wish you the very very best Nicole. I love you, always have, always will. -Zanderr xoxoxo <3

this is from tia;
soo i think this'll be thee longest love comment id ever type. but imma try. ha, soo since the first day i met youu i pretty muchh knew we'd be tight. i knew that you would be there for me through all my rough times and all my good times. i knew that me and you were gunna clickk. and hell, i was righht. your amazing, hands down. i love you withh like everything in my heart &+ im pretty sure your the only one on this site that'll ever understand me &+ that'll keep talkinn to me no matter all thaa shizz that goes down. i know that you'll stand by me forever, and believe it or not ; that means thaa world to me. <33. you mean thee world to me(: we have soo many good memories likee ; -JIZZJIZZJIZZ. , raping robert patinsonn &+ thaa jonas brothers, gunna go cliff jumpinn , hahaha. &+ afterr all thaa shizz me & you've gone thru, we still are friends. i KNOW that we arent even as close to how close we used to be, and we probably never will be againn but i just wanna let youu know that no matter what happens, you CAN come to me with any problem you will have. you could text mee at 4 in thaa morning and i would be there for youu , youu could text me or call me in thaa middle of class and i would walkk outta thaa room flickinn off my teacherr off just to answerr andd calm you downn with whatever it is you were going thru. thats a promise hunn.<3 well i love youu, please never ever forget that... *sees a jonas brother.* -jizz. (:

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