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Name:   Zim
Birthday:   1985-10-13
Joined:   2010-11-20

I'm Zim...the last name doesn't matter cause really who else is named Zim? I'm an elemental I can control fire and air not sure why I have two elements but I do.I have no birth mother just Syl. Who created me in her lab. Honestly she scares me but she gets me outta stuff so its all good. She says you can talk me into anything and out nothing personaly I say it's a lie.....

Name: Zim
Age: 25
Eye color: Brown (sometimes flashes to ice blue)
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Likes: Lightening, tacos, books, wind, Spree, Kamora, dead baby jokes, sitting in the sun, and philosophizing.
Dislikes: Cops, envelopes, Jake, homelessness, homeless people, and anchovies.

Name: Sylvia "Spree" Stone
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown (red when angered)
Hair color: Red
Likes: ME!!!, Jake , cooking, and to keep me outta trouble.
Dislikes: Me in jail, fighting, and frappes.

"Step Father/ best friend/ ????" :(
Name: Jake Rabalais
Age: 21
Eye color: Emerald green
Hair color: red but he dyes it
Likes: Music, stupid stuff, and...who cares???
Dislikes: Me....idiot...

So apparently he looks like this now...HOW DO I COMPETE WITH THAT!!!!!

Name: Kamora Sato Flowers
Age: "17"
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Leaves
Dislikes: Kids

The Twins
Name:Zeion Sato-Flowers
Age: Two
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Daddy

Name: Keion Sato-flowers
Eyes: Blue
Likes:Mommy POKEMON
Dislikes:Puppy toes
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rocker babe writes:
Saki: I didn't really know you were much of a cook..
Kamora: *turns back to him* did..did you..did you just..did you just jack off?

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 2:56:49pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: nope, no you didn't.
Kamora: *looks over the couch* i miss him..*shrugs* oh well..ZIM!

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 2:52:36pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *smiles back*sure thing *gets up* i'll be back soon *walks out*
Saki: *points at her face* You have brownie mix on your face
Kamora: *stares at the fire then hears the door close* hmm *looks around* aww pretty boy is gone *frowns*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 2:48:11pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: you know what i don't feel to much like dancing anymore
kamora: oh. oh..oh *leans back* ohh...
Saki: *pulls kamora to him* well i suggest we leave
kamora: *grumbling*
Saki: *sighs* you act like your 3
Kamora: you look like your three!
saki: grow up
Kamora: *bites him*
saki: T_T *gets up and walks to the kitchen*
Jake: *taps his figers on the table* jake jake jake jake.

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 2:35:41pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: *pulls kamora off of him* well i only really came her to kidnap kamora from zim *looks at syl with the oddest of looks*
Kamora: *grabs saki's hand and pulls him to the couch then she sits on zim* i feel like randomly dancing
saki: screw that!
jake: *nods* i'd enjoy that
Kamora: i get to dance with pretty ab boy! *sits up*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 2:28:30pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *sits at the table* well i havn't had your cooking in like forever so..*trails off and looks at a picture on the wall of them form a while ago* man i was ugly.
Kamora: *grumbles* your an awful lair *puts the phone away and lays on him* but i guess its one of the few thing i like about cha
Saki: *knocks on the door*
kamora: *perks up* SAKISHI! *jumps off zim and runs to the door* saki!! *tackles him*
saki: oof! *falls to the ground* nice to see you to girly *smiles*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:49:06pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *lifts her chin and kisses her*
Kamora: *pokes him* you can be so depressing..i mean you just got laid! you should be happy. that doesn't happened everyday

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:42:51pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *walks closer to her*you look nice
Kamora: *leans back against his chest while texting saki* cause he wants to see me and i'm here with you oh..hes going on by

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:37:50pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *smirks* okay lets go *looks at zim* oh yeah by the way syl and i kinda have a thing going on now so...yeah
Kamora: *justs keeps stareing at jakes abs then she looks at her phone, while walking back to zim* saki's coming by

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:33:19pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: i agree Syl, I agree.
Kamora: *stands up then looks at jake, her jaw dropping* oh my god
Jake: *raises in eyebrow* yes?
Kamora: your..your really pretty *walks over to him and stares at his abs* really REALLY pretty
Jake: *slight smirk* well um..thanks?

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:23:57pm

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: *pops her head up* oh.. h-hi syl your home *looks at her self then turns to zim* we proably need to get dressed *puts her clothes back on*
Jake: *blinks* well..looks like they'll be little *thinks on it* zims around.

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:15:56pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *gets out and pays the taxi driver* well its nice to be home *looks at syl then grabs their bags* I miss my bed *walks to the door*
~and we know whats going on inside~

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 1:08:32pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *chuckles some and puts his hand on syl's shoulder*
Kamora: *grinning and pulls her face to his*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 12:58:07pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: well i guess if my name was Zulfiquar I would hide it to
Kamora: ohh stop wimmpering and take me *smirks and kisses him hard*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 12:26:44pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *gets off* so....why am i just finding this out?
Kamora: *kisses him* good cause i would knee you in the balls if you where

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 10:33:06am

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