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Name:   Zim
Birthday:   1985-10-13
Joined:   2010-11-20

I'm Zim...the last name doesn't matter cause really who else is named Zim? I'm an elemental I can control fire and air not sure why I have two elements but I do.I have no birth mother just Syl. Who created me in her lab. Honestly she scares me but she gets me outta stuff so its all good. She says you can talk me into anything and out nothing personaly I say it's a lie.....

Name: Zim
Age: 25
Eye color: Brown (sometimes flashes to ice blue)
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Likes: Lightening, tacos, books, wind, Spree, Kamora, dead baby jokes, sitting in the sun, and philosophizing.
Dislikes: Cops, envelopes, Jake, homelessness, homeless people, and anchovies.

Name: Sylvia "Spree" Stone
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown (red when angered)
Hair color: Red
Likes: ME!!!, Jake , cooking, and to keep me outta trouble.
Dislikes: Me in jail, fighting, and frappes.

"Step Father/ best friend/ ????" :(
Name: Jake Rabalais
Age: 21
Eye color: Emerald green
Hair color: red but he dyes it
Likes: Music, stupid stuff, and...who cares???
Dislikes: Me....idiot...

So apparently he looks like this now...HOW DO I COMPETE WITH THAT!!!!!

Name: Kamora Sato Flowers
Age: "17"
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Leaves
Dislikes: Kids

The Twins
Name:Zeion Sato-Flowers
Age: Two
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Daddy

Name: Keion Sato-flowers
Eyes: Blue
Likes:Mommy POKEMON
Dislikes:Puppy toes
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rocker babe writes:
Kamora: What does this mean zim! *turns to him, and barries her face in his chest* i'm married to the both of you...and your other half told me bassically i'm in love with his words, your attactions...then that i'll only have to deal with one of you soon!! *wraps her arms tightly around him* why can't we just be married and happy!!

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 11:28:01am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: b-but your two different people..i..i liked it better when i thought this was all one person! *turns away and keeps looking down at her feet*

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 11:03:54am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: *slowly drops her hands and hangs her head, she keeps slient for a few minutes* which...which one am i in love with..?

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 1:05:42am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: *pounds on his chest* why would you do this!!?! *pulls away and covers her face with her hands and shakes her head* i can't hate you..! i don't know you!
isabella: what the fuck..?
Ayame: O_O Kamora...?

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 12:54:07am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: no its not!! it was the other one! he ruined our marriage!! *clings to him more and cries*
saki: who? *looks around* i didn't see anyone object to your marrying him

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 12:45:29am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: *hugs him tightly and cries* i married the wrong zim!!! i'm so sorry!
Isabella: *confused* married the wrong zim?
ayame: how is that possiable?

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 12:30:36am

rocker babe writes:
Jake: i have no clue at all
Kamora: *sits by a wall and cries*
saki: regretting it already huh? didn't take you long
kamora: *hisses* shut up sakishi! *covers her face with her hands and keeps crying*
ayame: *hugging kami* why are you crying? you just got married?
Isabella: *frowns at her then glaces at zim* what did you do?!

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 12:13:47am

rocker babe writes:
Kamora: *jaws drops* un...un...i..just un...i *tears up* umm...*runs down the isile*
Ayame: kami..? *runs after her* kami!
kaylee: *looks at her* what that?
Isabella; kamora!
Saki: *glares at zim for no reason and goes after kami*

Posted on: Dec 31st 2010, 12:04:06am

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *chuckles* zufiquar..
Kamora: *raises and eye brow then shurgs it off* i...i..*coughs some* i do!

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 11:52:11pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: *flips zim off* screw you. *glares*
Jake: *chuckling*
kenzo: i don't get it...
Kichiru: either do it...
Kamora: *giggling like crazy*

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 11:43:46pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *standing next to zim* Wow..shes hott
Kenzo: *stands by zim*
Kichiru: *standing by ayame*
Saki: *walks kamora down the isisle*
Kamora: *walking slower and slower as she goes*
saki: *whispers in her ear* kami... we could always turn back
Kamora: *stomps on his foot and finshes her walk down the isile*
Saki: *cussing under his breath, and limps the rest of the way*

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 11:18:16pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: i still think its a bad idea but *goes to fine fine kami*
Kenzo: *looks at isabella* mama...why are we throwing leaves and carrying the rings?
Kichiru: *looking at the rings* oh shiny!
Isabella: *giggles some* because your sister wants you both in her wedding. *goes to see kamora* ohh kami you look beautiful
Kamora: *smiles* thanks mama...where's daddy?
Isabella: umm..well your daddy had to go out of town for the weekend for his music and such..but he wanted to be here *bites her bottom lip some*
Kamora: well saki said he'd give me away and all..this mean! daddy owes me big time!
Isabella: *kisses her forehead* i hope your happy baby *takes her seat*
kichiru: *walks down the isile, watching the snow fall and throwing leaves*
Kenzo: *the same but giggling*
Kaylee: *sitting with her husband and their son* shes getting married at 17.. i wasn't allowed to spend more than 2 hours with tatum when i was her age
Kaz: *smiles and kisses her* well shes more of a ...rebel than you
kaylee: shes a whore
Kaz: very true
Ayame: *squees and hands kamora her flowers* here you go *smiles and hugs her* i'm happy for you kami
Kamora: thanks...i'm just really nervous..*really really nervous*
Ayame: *walks down the isile*
Saki: *takes kamora's arm in his* ready to go
Kamora: *swallows hard* i believe so

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 10:57:35pm

rocker babe writes:
Ayame: *getting kamora ready and almost done*
Taki: *takes a seat* ohh the snow is soo pretty.
Saki: *picking his teeth with a tooth pick and goes to find kami on his way he sees zim and stops to talk to him* I can't believe you two would do this.
Jake: *steps back* i did nothin! nothin!
Saki: T_T
Jake: *chuckles* sorry dude i'm just in a good mood
Saki: yeah...

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 10:34:55pm

rocker babe writes:
Ayame: one hour! i have to get to work! *starts putting make-up kamora*
kamora: ack!! don't you dare get any of that in my mouth!
Jake: *Laughs* No..dude i'm just pull yer chain is all.

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 10:07:24pm

rocker babe writes:
Ayame: *putting make-up on Kamora* oh your getting married kami
Kamora: i know...*eyes widen* i know...dear god...*looks at Syl* is..zim still..going through with this?
Jake: well if she stands you up syl and i will be there for you *pats jake's shoulder*

Posted on: Dec 30th 2010, 9:56:54pm

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