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u never no how much drama there is unless u go 2 high school

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Name:   Cassie
Birthday:   1994-06-01
Joined:   2006-12-03
Location:   wit my 2 best friends tori & ray
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this is so a true story

That Day

You read about it in books, newspapers, and novels. You see it on T.V., news, and hear about it from other people, but you never thought that it could happen to you, your loved ones, or a close friend. It doses! I used to be that way till that day.
It was another boring morning. I got up, got dressed, and waited for my best friend Rissa so we could walk to school together. As soon as we started to walk to school Rissa first tripped over a rock and then had an idea to pull a prank on a lot of people.
We just passed the woodshed and looked to see if we could name off everyone we saw or thought that was who they were. We started to walk by the tree when she ran up to Rissa as hyper as could be with a energy drink in one hand while she was waving her other hand in Rissa’s face. I being my normal self walked over towards the guys, which were sitting on the bench facing the wall just talking to each other and that was the first time I would see her at all this morning until the end of 4th period which was the last time I would get to see her that day.
It was the end of 4th period just like that I had just left the classroom to go to get a drink. I saw one of my best friend, which was like a bro. to me and like always I would see him and punch him in the arm on my way to the fountains when I saw her she looked horrible she told me she felt so tired and sick, and that was the last time I would get to see her at all that day.
It was lunchtime and we were all outside and then I heard that she was taken to the hospital during 5th period for OD and that made everyone scared, sad, angry, shocked, and a lot of other things. Lunchtime had just end and we were all going to our next class.
In band I was called to the office so when I walked outside I saw some of my friends, Rissa, Josph, Edward, and fat ass. So I started to run to catch up to them and I finally caught up with them and I was told to wait in the office, so I did and when I did I saw three police and a guy that I had never meet before and I was asked some question about her and all of them were stuff I did not know.
When I got back to my class people keep talking about her I got so mad.
Finally school was over and after school was even worse.

That day was the worst day of my life and I wish I could tell everyone that is reading this that this story was a made up story by a 14 year old that was depressed one day, but sadly its not this was a true story that really did happen to a bunch of teenagers that are basic outcast from the real world and that don’t care what anyone thinks about them. So next time you are asked to smoke, take a wired pill, or want to kill yourself just remember there is always people who you don’t think are your friends or are your friends that care about you and if you do kill yourself they will moron for you when your gone or in the hospital. So before you do anything stupid think about your friends, the ones that care for you, that they will not be the same if you were gone.


Hi my name is Cassie or u can call me Cass or Cat all my friends at school do so u can if u r 1 of my friends, I <3 anime, I'm my own person no mater what people say bout me, i like black, scary moves, animals, i like friends who help me wen times r ruff, the dark, a little bit of rap, rock, I'm a big redneck so if u don't like it get over it, a little bit of hip hop, sum slow songs, hard rock, emo, screamo, I'm a cowgirl & a tomboy, i live in Texas, I'm a really good friend, u can trust me wit anything & if u get on my bad side (but tats very often but still) watch out i bite peoples heads off k (just ask chocolate1010), i have a vampirefreaks but i will not give it 2 u, i like to resle(sp) (if u dont like it dill wit it), i hang out wit a lot of guys, i do like sum girl stuff (sum), i <3 v-ball, i can b hyper,

i hate mean people, pink, people who judge other people by the way they look, liers, cheaters, people who think they know it all but don't, getting hurt by sum1 close 2 u,

me as anime:
me when mi uncle was in the hospitel

me telling the truth of god

me wat i do often

aint i sexy come & get me

me 4 real hehe (new hair)




Evanescence mi


my chemical romance

me and jack aka mi bf

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me n my bff rissa

(blondie)rissa(purpleness)me_dont mess wif us



so ture saying

funny lol

i dont blame hinata

all of our group needs 2 read this cause we would all have 2 do tat

if ur grossed out by blood ten dont c tese cause im not i lik tha site of blood

both my fav tings in tha same amv (blood & evanescence)

bloody anime

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i love faries

stuff given 2 me

me in high skool

stuff made 4 me (n every1 that dose that i love it all so thank u 4 them)

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