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Name:   Hitomi Yoko
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Name: Hitomi Yoko
Age: 16
Likes: Reading, pocky, the color green, listening to classicl music, dressing in Lotia dresses.
Hates: KANAME!!!
Crush: Shiki Senri
Name: Shiki Senri
Likes: Sleeping/being lazy, Fighting, the color red, rainy days
Crush:Hitomi Yoko

My mother's name is Yoko Amaya.My father's name was Yoko Kenta.
My younger brother Yoko Kazuki, he's 1 1/2 years younger than me.

Shiki lies on his bed resting in his arms behind his head, his thoughts made him wonder into his past memories.........


"C'mon Shiki! Your so slow, your like a turtle!!" giggled a young girl with blonde hair and light blue eyes. Shiki dashed after her, using his accurate speed, he grined slightly. His fangs gleamed as he tackled the young girl down to the floor of the woods. "Caught ya! Now you think I'm a turtle do ya??" he said smirking. The girl smirked back at him and stuck out her tounge. She said, "No fair. You're a vampire Shiki!" Shiki smirked wider before he noticed the position they were in and started to blush. She seemed to notice too since she also blushed. However, Shiki made no intention to move since his eyes turned blood red as he noticed her creamy-colored neck, much like a porcelain dolls. He made a low growl in his throat as he nuzzled at her neck. She shivered and clenched her eyes shut. She knew that Shiki was a vampire but he can restrain himself from biting her.....cant he?? Shiki licked her neck and whispered, "Forgive me....." He raised a hand to cover her mouth as he bit into her neck. She arched her back towards Shiki as he dug his fangs deeper into her neck. "Shh-Shiki!!" she whispered. Shiki released her and licked the remaining blood off from around the two holes that stained her neck. "I'm sorry." Shiki said apologeticly.
~End of Flashback~

Shiki sat up on his bed, startled and annoyed. "Why was this particular memory keep coming to mind??" he asked himself. "Why now?? For what purpose does she have now?? Why.......Hitomi???"
Ichijo: We're going to have a new student coming in shortly!
Ichijo said with a bit excitement in his voice, he was sitting on his bed looking at a furniture fashion magaizne. Shiki looked over at him....o_O??
Shiki: What do you mean?? A new student?
Ichijo: Well the Headmaster hasnt told any of us her name yet....
Shiki looked down and whispered.
Shiki: Her???
Ichijo:.....except for Kaname, though.
Shiki: Really!?! Thats not a surprise!
Shiki looks over at what Ichijo's reading.
Shiki: What is that?
Ichijo: It's the new furniture fashion magazine!
Shiki: For what exactly??
Ichijo: To help decorate the new students arrival of course!! Wanna help??!!
Shiki: No thanks...I'll pass.
Shiki gets up from his bed and just then the image of that little girl flashed in his mind. He stops and just shakes his head. Ichijo looks at him weird.
Ichijo: Okay??
Shiki: I'm fine...I just gotta get some fresh air.
Shiki grabbs his coat and walks out the door. He made his way to the courtyard and sat on the bench by the wall in the darkest shadows and thought.....
Shiki: Why do i keep seeing her face??
Shiki puts his face in his hands and tries to discover why he kept seeing her face and why he would have those flashbacks. Then he heard someone walking toward the direction he was in, so he fled and hid behind one of the columns. He spoted Zero and Nami walking and talking together. Then Zero stoped and looked his way, but Shiki fanished and went back to his dorm. Everyone was in their rooms, so he walks up the stairs and goes toward his room, until he heard Ichijo scream.
Ichijo: SHE'S HERE!! OH finaly!! I cant wait to meet her! I finished her room! I cant wait 'till she see's it!! She'll absolutely love it!! *twirling in circles*
Just then everyone dashed to the center of enterance hall watching and staring at the door, waiting for her to walk through it. The door opened and Kaname stepped in first then he was followed by, me, a young vampire girl, but right when I walked in everyone surrounded me to get a better look and Ichijo was the first to introduce himself.
Ichijo: Welcome to the Moon Dorm! My name is Takuma Ichijo!
Ichijo takes my hand and gentaly kisses the top. I just giggle and smile. Just then on the balcony Shiki got a chill running up his spine, as he thought, "I remember that laugh!" Then Kaname introduced everyone else to me.
Kaname: This is Hanabusa Aido.
Aido: Hi there! *waves
Kaname: This is Akatsuki Kain.
Kain: Yo! *holds up a peace sign*
Kaname: This is Souen Ruka.
Ruka: Hello. *smiles*
Kaname: This is Tooya Rima.
Rima: Hi!! *smiles big and waves*
Kaname: And this here is Seiren.
Seiren: Nice to meet you! *bows respectfully*
Kaname: Everyone this is Yoko Hitomi.
Just as Shiki heard my name his eyes widened and it gave him chill bumps, he shivered, and Kaname noticed he was there.
Kaname: Shiki why dont you join us in greeting our new guest.
Shiki walked to the top of the stairs and just stared down at me and everyone turned to look at him as he walked down the flight stairs and met everyone at the bottom. Everyone cleared a path from Shiki to me. As he walked toward me I remembered his face, it was still so young and beutiful looking, seeing that vampires never age. Shiki bows respectfully, and looks back up at me straight in my eyes.
Shiki: Pleasure to meet you Hitomi, My name is Senri Shiki.
My eyes widened when i heard him speak, the memories flew back to mind, and the feeling of my human heart throbbing everytime he spoke my name.
me: The pleasure is all mine, Shiki.
Kaname: *whispers to himself* I see..........Ichijo!
Ichijo: Yes Kaname-kun!
Kaname: Take Hitomi to her quarters, she needs to know where her room is.
Kaname looks around at everyone and spots Shiki staring at me while i wasnt looking. He had a suspicion about this atmosphere that arose when Shiki and I locked eyes on each other, but he coulnt tell what it was.
Kaname: Shiki.
Shiki: Yes Kaname?
Kaname: Make sure Hitomi here, gets a tour of the Moon Dorm....inside and out. Understood?
Shiki: Certainly Kaname. *bows*
Just as Shiki had rose he caught me staring at him, but i quickly shifted my glance elsewhere, so i put no suspicions in his mind. He just smirked and turned toward Aido. He whispered something in his ear, it made Aido's eyes widen and Aido stared at me, then he nodded his head. I wonder what Shiki said to him!?!? Aido walks over to me and whispers in my ear.
Aido: Waiting will never help you!
He said this with a smirky sound in his voice, i was confused at what he had said to me. I wasnt sure if he meant it about Shiki or something else.....? But what? Just as Aido left my side Ichijo wrapped his arm around me and shouted.
Ichijo: Let's go see about that room of yours!!! I hope you like it!! I decorated it myself!! It's absolutely beautiful! Perfect for you!
me: Alright........*^~^
Ichijo: Right this way!!!!
Ichijo leads me up the stairs and to the left down a huge hallway filled with windows on an entire side, and dorm rooms on the other. Ichijo told me all the rooms and who they belonged too!
Ichijo This one here is mine and Shiki's room! Of course my side is lavishly beautiful,
Just then i saw Shiki sitting on the edge of his bed with his hand rubbing the back of his neck. Just then i reached up and touched my neck, and a certain memory flashed in my mind. Shiki saw me standing there at his door and he got up walked over to the door and closed it on Ichijo and me. Then i noticed that Ichijo was still rambling about his decorative design skills and shouted.
Ichijo: But Shiki could use some help, i've offered pleanty of times to help him redecorate....he just never takes it.....well "his loss" I always say! C'mon let's go.
Ichijo and I start walking then we get to the next door.
Ichijo: And this one is Aido and Kain's room, their cousins so that's why they share.
We walk some more.
Ichijo: Oh this one is Ruka and Rima's room, i dont think they have any relations but they're two girls, so they share.
me: But what about Seiren??
Ichijo: Oh Her! Well she is a special kinda Vampire! Pureblood, just as Kaname-kun so they get the luxury of having their own room. That one there *he points* is Seiren's and that one there across the way is Kaname's.
We walk a little bit more past other Vampire's rooms and we get to a door that's lavished with purple and yellow bows on the door and entrance way beeds. *^~^
me: This is.................'my' room???
Ichijo: Yes! I decorated it all by myself!
me: Thanks Ichijo.
We walk in the door and the furature was very nice and beautiful. A huge canopy bed layed on the right side of the room and there was a tall wardrobe in the center of the wall when you first walk in, and there by a window was a lay out chair, and beside it was a desk with a lamp, some paper lay on top with a pen next to them.
Ichijo: What do you think??? *he extends his arm toward the room*
me: Oh my! I absolutely love it!! Thank you so much Ichijo!
Ichijo: I'm glad you like it! I'll leave you now to enjoy you new room....
me: Okay then.....ummm Ichijo!
Ichijo: Yes??
me: Thanks a lot.
Ichijo: It's no problem really! I enjoy fashion!!
me: *giggle* Okay.
Ichijo left the room and i layed down on the bed with my arms spread out, it was a huge bed. I just looked up at the top of the canopy, thinking of how much Shiki hasnt changed, but i have! A Lot! I started to think of that one time i was still human and how Shiki and i spent so much time together...


"Hitomi!?" Shiki said with a serious tone in his voice. "Yes? What is it Shiki??" He just stared at me and walked toward me very stern looking, and backed me up against the wall. He played witht the ends of my hair and just stared in my eyes and i stared back into his. I thought i could get lost into a whole other world when i looked into those eyes of his, a world where there was no one else, just me and Shiki. He towered over me at the time, i was still so young, but very much in love with him. I had wondered most of the time if he felt the same way i did, but he never showed it until now. He looked down at me and got really close to my face and wispered, "I will always care for you, you know that right??" I stared at him blushing, "Yes...I...I know that Shiki." He smiled and whispered again, "You also know i will never mean, purposely that is, to hurt you, dont you??" He stroked my cheek and lifted my chin toward him. I blushed and replied, "Yes i know that too.....Shiki." He grined very widely and i cought a glimps of his fang, but i didnt think about it. He got as close to me as he could without touching my lips to his, i took a deep breath, but nothing happened. He pulled back and just stared at me, "I'm sorry....I shouldn't do this to you." Just as he said that I saw a glem of red shoot through the center of his eyes, then it went away. I never really knew what happened at that moment, but Shiki acted very strangly for the remander of that day, he never looked straight at me, and when he did i looked back at him, but he moved his glance elsewhere.......'What's wrong with Shiki??' I asked myself that the entire day, but the answer never came to me.
~End of Flashback~

Just then there was a knock at my door. I sat up to see who it was and it was Shiki. I jumped up and fixed my skirt, and stood there shyly, which i dont see why i was. It was only Shiki, my childhood friend, pal, bud, commrad, ........lover....What am i thinking, SHiki would nevr think like that of me! My luck he's probably with one of these older more pretty looking vampires here at the dorm, rather a young dumb understudy who's a little girl still. Shiki steped in the room and leaned up against the edge of the wall. Just staring at me, with those beautiful blue luscious looking eyes.
Shiki: Are you ready??
me: For........?
Shiki: Your tour that i promised Kaname I'd take you on.
me: Right! I forgot.......sorry.
Shiki: *smiles at me* It's alright. Let's go.
Shiki turned around and walked out the door, i followed right behind him. He stopped and turned around, reached behind me...'He is so close to me!' I thought......he closed the door.
Shiki: Never leave your door open, people are bound to snoop.
me: Oh, thanks Shiki.
When Shiki heard me say his name he turned his face away from me.
Shiki: .........Let's just go.
me: Sure.
Me and Shiki walked to the entrance hall, where we see Aido, Kain, and Ruka sitting on the couch talking about something. Then Kain noticed we were coming and changed the subject. Shiki didnt pay any mind to them as he led me right past the them, but Kain called out.
Kain: Shiki!
Shiki looked back over his shoulder, then looked back at me.
Shiki: Why dont you wait outside for me Hitomi, I'll be there shortly.
me: *I smile* Okay Shiki!!
Shiki turned and went to meet the three sitting on the couch.
Shiki: What??
Kain: Do you find this Hitomi girl fond??
Shiki: Is that what you called me over here for?? If so then your wasting your time!
Shiki turned but just then Aido speaks up.
Aido: Shiki......we all felt that ora or atmosphere in this room when the two of you looked at each other! Now tell us!....
Shiki: Tell you what??
Ruka: Shiki......
Shiki: What? *said annoyed*
Ruka: Isn't it about time you confessed to her, that you love her?
Shiki started blushing and glared at all three of them. Then Aido started busting out laughing!
Shiki: What are you talking about!!?? I have nothing to say to her!
Ruka: We all knew you missed her Shiki!
Shiki: What!??! I have no complete idea what your talking about!
Kain: Sure you must. Ichijo says he cant sleep most of the time cause you would always talking about a "Hitomi" in your dreams.
Aido: *with laughter in his voice* Yea and you said you were in love with her....even if she were still human!! HAHA...ha...ha *looks around and no one else was laughing*.....ahhh.....sorry.
Just then Kaname walks around the corner, stops and slapps Aido across the face.
Aido: Kaname-kun! I'm terribly sorry.
Kain: I think you took that a little to far Aido.
Aido: You think??
Kaname: Just be quiet!!
Ruka: Shiki, we all know. Even Kaname-kun does.
Shiki: Kaname!?.....i still dont know what your talking about??!!
Ruka: Right Shiki. Just tell her.
Shiki: I have nothing to tell!! Back off!!
Shiki storms out of the entrance hall and slams the front door. On the other side he leans against it, bows his head and sighs. I look up at him from the side, with my head bent down.
me: Shiki.......?
I put my hand on his shoulder, and he lays his hand on top of mine. I smile, and he raises his head, looks at me seriously, then he smiles back.
Shiki: C'om on!
Shiki took my hand and pulled me along until i was beside him, but he still held my hand. I started blushing. We came to the court yard, it had been a couple of hours now, and it had gotten darker. He lead me to the court yard, he had showed me everything. So he sat on the bench and i stood up looking at him.
Shiki: Stop staring at me, it feels like your trying to burn a hole right through me.
me: Sorry.
I glance my stare elsewhere, then Shiki looked at me.
Shiki: You can sit down you know. I'm not gonna bite you.
I sit down next to him.
Shiki: You dont have to sit next to 'me' if you feel treatened.
me: Why would I??
Shiki: I just figured that you've lost trust in me since i promised you that i would never hurt you, then i.....i.......well you know.
I touch the side of my neck remembering the same day he was talking about, that very moment.
me: Its alright. Im not the type to hold grudges. *giggle*
Shiki: I know you arent, i was just making sure, you didnt hate me.
me: I could never hate you, if anything i care deeply about i did in the past.
Shiki stared at me, then he looked away from me. He didnt say a single word until we got back to the dorms. He walked me back to my dorm room and said goodnight. But that wasnt enough, when he turned to walk away i grabb him by the arm and turn him back around to face me.
Shiki: What?
me: Why wont you look at me Shiki?
Shiki:...........*doesnt look at me*
me: Why?
Shiki:..........cause i.....i just cant.
me: Tell me why. Please.
Shiki: I cant.
me: Shiki.....i miss the way we were.
Shiki: Yea well too bad!
me: Why cant it be that same way??
me: Why??
Shiki: Because you've changed!!!
me: What??
Shiki: Your not.......not.....human feel act smell different.
me: Is that why you cant look at me??
Shiki: That's why. Because you seem like an impostor, in Hitomi's body!
me: Really.......i do!?!
I start to cry, and Shiki slides his arm out from my grip and walks away from me. Through my tears i see Shiki walk down the hall, but before he walks into his room he stops and stares at me, then just walks inside and closes the door. So i close my door and crawl into my bed and just cry.

It's been 3 weeks since Shiki has talked to me, but in class i always feel him staring at me, but why wont he talk to me?? Sure i may be different but it wasnt my fault! I was transformed without any say so on my behalf, it just happened! Why cant he understand that!?!?!I looked back over my shoulder towards where Shiki was sitting and i saw that he was staring right at me.....
Yagari Touga: Miss Yoko!?
me: Uhhhhh....Yes! Mr. Youga??
Yagari Touga: Can you please tell me what the answer to question 8 is?
me: Ummmm...........question 8..........????Ummmm??? Pacte de Gonzalez........??
Yagari Touga: Correct.
I felt like everyone was staring at me. After class was finished, we all walked back to the Moon Dorm. As soon as everyone walked in they went straight to their rooms, i was the last to come inside. Then i saw Shiki standing against the railing of the stair case, he just stared at me and it looked like he had a smirk on his face. I just started walking toward the stairs, then Shiki took a step forward and was standing right in front of me now, blocking my way up the stairs. He stared at me...
Shiki: Kaname-kun told me i should walk you to your room.
me: Why?? Im capable of walking by myself!
Shiki: Yes, but this place is pretty spooky at the time right before the break of dawn.
me: OH!...............okay...?
Shiki led me to my room and i followed him, up the stairs, down the enterance courters, and all the way down the dorm hallway to my room. He opened the door for me and turned on the light.
Shiki: Here you and sound.
me: Thank you Shiki.
Shiki stood there for a second turned and looked me straight in the eyes, his eyes carried a sad, and lonely look to them, the same way my mother use to have when my father was gone. I reached out and touched his arm, he was startled and flinched. Then he took a step back and still just stared at me, i looked at him and i could feel the tears building up in my eyes as i stared back at him. For a split second when i blinked he had his arms wrapped around me in an embracing hug. I was shocked that i didnt know what to do, or what to even think. The first time, in a long time, i had felt the embrace of the one who meant the world to me, and i didnt know how to respond! Then he whispered to me....
Shiki: *whispered* Hitomi.......dont think that i've forgotten about you.......because i could never find it in myself to do so......
me: Sh-Shiki??
Shiki: Hitomi..........i've.........i've missed you for so long.......please....forgive me.
me: Shiki!?? I already have!
Shocked at how i responded, he pulled back, with his arms still on my shoulders, he stared at me, then took my face in his hands and backed me up against the wall.
Shiki: *whispered* Hitomi........I'm so glad that you dont hate me.
me: *whispered back* Why would you ever think other wise??
Shiki: *whispered* Because when i left, i knew that i had hurt you.
me: *whispered* Yes, but now im all better.......Shiki?
His lips had gotten closer and closer to mine with each phrase he had spoken. I was so scared, with no reason for being scared, i held my breath and just stared him in the eyes. He got so close that his lips were barely touching mine, it had reminded me of that one time just like this, but 'I' was in a different state, i was human. Just before Shiki's lips acutally touched mine Kaname-kun was standing right beside us both. Shiki stopped what he was doing, dropped his hands away from my face, and took a step back.
Shiki: Kaname-kun!
Kaname: Shiki...........
Then Kaname slapps Shiki right across the face, and Shiki falls to the floor. I gasp at what happened and got extremely mad.
Kaname: You know the rules Senri!!!!!
I step in front of Shiki on the floor, and i start trowing punches toward Kaname, but he caught my hand, twirled me around, held me tight in his amrs.
Then Kaname reared his head back and bit me on the neck, i then felt too weak to fight him off any longer, and i felt my arms go limp, and i could no longer keep my eyes open. Limp in his arms, Kaname walked over and set me on top of my bed, Shiki got up and lowered his head, then Aido, Kain, Ruka, and Rima all came to the door enterance, staring at Shiki and at Kaname.
Kaname: Shiki....of all the student in the Night Dorm!........___(japanese word for 'you')___ Senri you know the rules!!
Shiki: Yes i know. Please forgive me Kaname-kun.
Kaname: Dont ever do a pathetic stunt like that again, Senri!
Shiki: Yes Kaname-kun.
Kaname walked out the room and everyone went back to their rooms, talking about what happened, but before Shiki left he whispered in the air toward me.
Shiki: *whispered* Hitomi................I still love you.
Then Shiki closed the door and went back to his room, were Ichijo was sitting on his own bed wondering what happened in my room.
Ichijo: So Shiki!...........What happened??
Shiki: Nothing......
Ichijo: Shiki something must have happened for Kaname-kun to have slapped you like he did!
Shiki: It was nothing Ichijo. I was breaking the rules anywayys by even going in her room without Kaname-kun's permission! it doesnt matter.
Ichijo: Okay.......if you dont want to talk about it, then you dont have to.
Then all of a suddne there's a knock at their door. Shiki got up to answer it and it was Aido, Kain, Ruka, and Rima all standing at the door. Aido had his arms cross, Kain was standing loosly as usual,Ruka had crossed her arms, and Rima had her hands on her hips. They all looked curious and upset. They all barge in the room and so Shiki closes the door and when he turns back around everyone's eyes are on him.
Aido: Shiki???What exactly happened between you and Miss Yoko?!?!
Aido said with a smirky sound in his voice, and Ruka and Rima both wacked him on both sides of his amrs.
Ruka: Shiki i know i told you to tell her, but not to SHOW HER!!!!
Rima: What were you thinking Shiki??
Shiki: I dont emotions and memories all came rushing at me al at the same time, i dont know what was going on i was just following what my head was saying to me.
Kain: Looked more like you were being lead by your 'heart' and not your 'head' Shiki.
Aido: Oh Please Kain, we all know that none of us can feel with our hearts! Were dead!
Kain: It was a figure of speech Aido! Dont be so stupid!!!!
Kain wopps him upside the head with the palm of his hand, and then Shiki got really uncomfortable, and leaves. He walks to the courtyard, and sits on the bench where me and Shiki both sat that same day. He leans his head back and sighs heavily with his eyes closed, then he gently opens them to look at the sky. It wasnt morning yet, or still night, it was peacful and calm, the right place and time for him to clear his head.
Shiki: *whisper* Hitomi......
inner Shiki: "What was i thinking anywayys!? I was being careless.......stupid and careless! I didnt even know how she would have reacted if i 'had' kissed her. But i have to know if she's changed or not, if she still was the Hitomi i knew a long time ago....Why am i so selfish??"
Shiki gets up and starts to walks back to the dorm, then he spots my window and decides to visit. Even when he just got in trouble for going in my room just a few hours before this. I guess when Shiki is determinded, he's really determinded, which isnt really a lot of the time. Shiki arrives at my door opens it, and slips in, then closes the door gently behind him. He stands there staring at me, while i was out. He walks over to the side of my bed, gently sits on it and he lifts his hand and with his fingertips, he barely caresses my cheek. Then i whisper out Shiki's name and he freezes and just sits there looking upon me, then gently smiles at me. Then i feel his fingertips touch the place on my neck where Kaname had bit me, to put me to sleep. I slowly open my eyes to see Shiki still in my room, beside me on my bed. I sit up and lay my hand on Shiki's cheek where Kaname had slapped him, he just smiles at me.
me: Shiki! Are you okay??
Shiki: Yea.......I'm fine Hitomi.
Shiki layed his hand on top of mine and looks at me with compassion in his eyes. I slide my hand away and ball it into a fist.
me: That Kaname-sama!! He's such a JERK!! I absolutley hate him for what he did!
Shiki: Hitomi, you shouldnt hate Kaname-kun. He's just the dorm leader, so he has say of what goes on in the Moon Dorm.
me: Yea well i still think he's a huge jerk......!
Shiki just smiles and reaches toward my face, but he starts to play with the ends of my pig-tails, then he looks away and dropps his hand.
Shiki: Hitomi...........
me: Yes? What is it...........Shiki??
Shiki kinda flinched when i said his name, but then he just sat there still as can be. I reach out and touch his forearm, he put his hand on top of mine, but he didnt look at me when he spoke.
Shiki: I remember a long time ago when it was just you and me, where no one could interfere with us.....
me: Shiki??? What are you talking about??
Shiki: When we could do whatever we wanted......together....and no one could stop us, unlike now......
me: What about now?? What's wrong with it??
Shiki: Almost everything......everyone is getting into your business, and you have no privacy when you want to be with someone, and you have to ask the dorm learders permission to be with someone.
me: You have to ask???? That's so wierd!
Shiki: privacy....i dont like it here.
me: Well I do!
me: Yes, because im much closer to you!
Shiki: Yea i guess its not that long as your going to be attending this Academy.....I'll be happy.
Shiki looked at me with a half smile on his face, then he took my hand and got close to me again, almost ready to kiss me, again, but his eye color started to change to a deep redish color. Shiki jerked away quickly, stood up and went straight out the door.
me: What............what just happened??
While Shiki was on the other side of my door, Kain was around the corner and spotted Shiki by my door holding his chest and his eyes bright red. Kain hid in a entry way so Shiki wouldnt see him. Then Shiki ran to his room and slammed the door. Once Kain had realized it was safe so that he wouldnt be caught snooping, he came out and started walking toward my door, but just when he reached my door i came running out, and accidentaly ran into him. I started to fall, but then Kain caught me and stared at me,his arm was wrapped around my waist, and i started to blush.
me: Ummmmmm......thanks for catching me. I had to speek with Sh......i mean...........i was just..........
Kain: It's alright. Honest you dont have to explain anything to me.
me: can let me up now please?
Kain: Of course.
Kain just stands there in front of me towering above me.
Kain: So your that cute new girl, Yoko Hitomi....right?
me: Ummm........yes! And sorry but i forgot your name.........
Kain: Its Akatsuki Kain. But you can call me Kain.
me: Oh, well.....okay then Kain! Nice to meet you.....again!
I smile at him and he smiles back then winks, then turns and walks toward his room. I didnt have any idea where Shiki went so i just went back to my room and sat on bed, i closed my eyes and thought of him.................................
~The Next Night~

I went to my door and pressed my ear too it, i heard two vampire students talking about last night between Shiki and that jerk, Kaname.
Student 1: Yea i heard that Shiki's getting punished by suspension!
Student 2: Really? I also heard that he was trying to eat that new Hitomi girl!
Student 1: No Wayy! A vampire feasting off another vampire!?!
Student 2: No she's not a real vampire.....she's a transformed vampire!
Student 1: What!? this Academy?? WoW!
Studnet 2: Yea.
Student 1: And Senri's trying to eat her!?!
Studnet 2: Yep. Its crazy i know.
Studnet 1: Yea kinda bizzar for Senri to do that though.....
Student 2: Shhhhhh... Kain's coming.....
Kain: Hello you two...what are you doing on this part of the Moon Dorm??
Studnet 1: We just wanted to see if it was true!
Kain: To see if what was true??
Studnet 2: You know Senri trying to eat that Hitomi girl!
Kain: It's not true, and whoever came up with that lied.....Shiki wasnt doing anything wrong, he walked her back to her room and then Kaname just slapped him. That's all i know kid-os.
Student 1: WoW...Kaname-kun actually hit him!!
Kain: Yes from what i saw.....he did.
Student 2: I bet Shiki was in shock about that one!!! HAHAHAHA!!!
I walk outside my door and the two students including Kain were staing at me, realizing i had over heard their conversation. The two students ran off and Kain bowed and asked to be forgiven, but i wasnt in the right mind t forgive people. I had to find Shiki and talk to him.
me: Kain..?
Kain: Yes Hitomi.
me: Do you know where Shiki went to??
Kain: No. Im sorry Hitomi i dont have a clue.
me: Well thanks anyway.
I take off down the hall to the balcony over looking the enterance hall, then i bumped into Kaname.
Kaname: I see your finaly awake! Hitomi!
He said that with a slight chuckle in his voice, i just gripped the side of dress, balling my hands into fists, then i responded with bitterness in my voice.
me: Yes. Kaname im up.
Kaname smirked, took a step closer to me, grabbed my hands and shoved me up against the wall fiercely, then whispered into my ear.
Kaname: Bitterness can kill someone's soul.
me: Like you have one!
Kaname: Honestly Hitomi. Are you truly disgusted with me, since i slapped your precious Senri??
me: YES!
Kaname: Well im terribly sorry Hitomi dear, but...rules are rules!
me: Who cares about rules!?
Kaname: Me. Seeing that i make them.......all of them!
me: What about the Headmaster? Doesnt he make the top rules??
Kaname: Yes. But if you were human then you would abide by his rules, but since your a vampire so you abide by my rules!
me: Yea well you SUCK!!
Kaname: .....*smirks* only blood........
When he smirked at me i caught a glimps of his fang, then his eyes turned a dark bloody red. I did my best to struggle free from his grasp, but it was no use. if he had the power to put me to sleep, then he could possibly kill me! Then i just clenched my eyes shut waiting for him to suck every ounce of blood out of my body, but he didnt! I opened my eyes and saw Shiki standing right beside us, along with Kain, Aido, Ichijo, Rima, and Ruka! Kaname dropped my hands and backed away from me, he stared at Shiki with his regular eyes now. Shiki then took my hand in his and stepped in front of me, leading me to stand behind him. Then Shiki glared at Kaname, and Kaname back at Shiki, then Shiki spoke.
Shiki: Dont ever touch her again!! Touch her how??
Shiki: Dont play dumb Kaname! You know what i mean!
Kaname: sorry i dont understand what you mean Shiki.
Shiki: Dont come near her ever again!
Kaname: or.......................what?
Kain: Kaname dont tease him like this.
Kaname: Stay outta this Kain!
Kain: Fine.
Then with his fast and very accurate speed Kaname grabbed Shiki by the neck and held him above his face, glaring at him. Kaname began to squeeze Shiki's neck, Kaname's claws pierce Shiki's throat and started to choke him, and Kaname just starts smiling. I come up to Kaname's side and start punching him in his ribbs and on his arm, but he grabbs me by the neck and throws me on the floor. Now Shiki is infuriated, he's outragged at what Kaname did, but Kaname still held him up in the air above him. Then Ruka screamed to Kaname.
Ruka: Kaname! Stop this childish action now! Put Shiki down!!
Kaname: NO. Not until he learns not to disrespect his dorm leader!
Aido: Who cares man......
Rima: Kaname he wont learn if you kill him!
Aido: Rima! Shiki cant die.....and if so he would only re-die! duh!
Kain: Aido, she doesnt mean it like that....stupid.
Kain slapps him and then Ruka walks up beside and grabbs hold of Kaname's arm, and tells him to let Shiki go. Kaname looks at Ruka.....then at Shiki...then back at Ruka, and he lets go. Just letting Shiki fall to the floor coughing and holding his throat. Kaname just walks away to his room. I get up and dash over to Shiki's side, i hold Shiki's head in my arms and i start to cry. Shiki looks up at me.
Shiki: *COUGH* Hi...tomi.....*COUGH*.....dont cry.
Shiki reaches up and wipes away a tear that was rolling down my cheek. Shiki smiles and i smile back at him. Then i instantly see the marks on his neck start to disappear, then the next thing i know they're completely gone! Like there was never even a scratch! Shiki sttod to his feet and extended his hand toward me, and i slide my hand into his. He then takes my hand and helps me up off the floor, and i plant my feet firmly on the ground.
me: Shiki???? What just.........happened??
Aido walked over to me and rested his arm across my shoulder.
Aido: You see Hitomi, we "Vampires" can heal -snaps his fingers- like that! so you dont need to worry so much, well that is until the after effect it does......
Shiki looks hard at Aido, then glances at me. He grabbed my hand and pulled me along with him. We walked through the crowd of night students, and walked to my room, leaving the rest of the Moon Dorm students behind us. He opens my door and draggs me inside, then closes the door quickly, and locked it. I wonder what he's planning??
me: Shiki...........? What's...........
Before i could say another word, i was lying on my bed with Shiki towering over me, staring at me with bloodlust eyes. He held my hands up beside my head, so that i couldnt escape, from whatever was going through is mind. I was utterly shocked, i didnt know what to do at this point! Shiki got really close to me, then trailed down my jaw line to my neck with the tip of his nose. He was smelling my scent....part vampire, and still part human!
me: *whisper* Sh.....Shiki???
Shiki: *whispered back* shhhhhhhhhhhhh!
I then felt him lick the center of my neck. I was totally scared now! I could feel the tension between us, i started to quiver.
me: *whisper* Shiki!?
Shiki: *whisper*
And with every syllable of my own name i heard his mouth open wider and wider. Then in the pit of silence, his fangs pierce my skin! SHIKI BIT ME!! I felt him breath heavily with every gulp of my blood he drank. I felt my eyes start to burn, filling with tears, and then feeling them roll down the side of my cheeks. I closed my eyes. Shiki then finished, retreated from his position off my neck, and started at me, his eyes had went back to normal. He let go of my hands and sat beside where i lay on the bed. I was surprised that i could still move, seeing that Shiki had drank my blood, but i guess he didnt drink as much as i thought he did. He looks at me seriously.
Shiki: Hitomi.......i.......i........*glances away* forgive me.
I just stayed right there where i lay, and didnt say a word. Shiki then got up and walked to the door, and when he spoke he didnt even look back at me.
Shiki: Hitomi.....i didnt mean to do what i did. I'll leave now....
But when he opened the door, i rushed to his side, but before i reached my destination, i got faint all of a sudden, and i started to roll back on my heels. But before i reached the floor, Shiki held me in his arms. I could barely keep my eyes open, and i began to go limp in his amrs. I felt him stroke my cheek and then give me a kiss on the forehead.
Shiki: so sorry for my actions just now. I dont know what came over me.
me: lo.....I lov...........................
Shiki: Hitomi??
I was out, i went completely limp in his arms, so he picked me up and walked me back over to my bed. He set me down and looks at me.
Shiki: Forgive me Hitomi.
Shiki then walks back over to the door, opens it, then leaves with closing the door behind him. I was still on the bed, out cold, but i was having a dream.....
I was walking in the forest at night, then out from no where an evil vampire jumped out in front of me. He tackled me to the ground and was trying to bite me. Then a tall shadow came and grabbed the evil vampire and threw him off me. Ths shadow reached his hand out and i slipped my hand into his. Then the glow from the moon beamed on the face of the shadow, it was Shiki! I was so happy that he saved me, but then something went wrong. Shiki then grabbed me ruffly and pined me against a tree. His eyes were blood red, and his fangs were longer than normal. He grabbed me by the hair, pulled my head to the side and bit me extremely hard! A terrifying scream came from my throat, while Shiki drank to his fufillment. I felt empty, like there was no more blood left inside me. I figured out that, i was human again!!! An Shiki had just drank every ounce of my blood from my veins. I was dying in his grasp, the one person i trusted fully, and the only person who i loved deeply.............

Wakeing to that horrible dream, i instantly reached up and touched my neck. Then i searched around my room, but found no trace of Shiki. I just lowered my head and sighed heavily. I crawled off my bed and walked towards the door, i opened it and then turned to close it behind me. Then when i turned back around Shiki was standing right in front of me, staring down upon me with a seriousness, compassionate look in his eyes. He then reached for my hand, and said.
Shiki: Hitomi, come with me i want to show you something.
All i could do was nodd in agreement. I layed my hand in his as he led me down the stair case in the backway of the buliding, through a door that led down more stairs to the basement. I was starting to worry about what he wanted to show me, but i trusted him completely. We finally reached our destination. Shiki looked back over his shoulder and gave me this half smirked smile, i just smiled back.
Shiki: This is a room i built by myself, without anyone else on this campass knowing about my diapearences during the day. Especially Ichijo and you.
He opened the door and led me in, it was dark but not chilly, it was warm. He then turned the light on and i saw it. The room was made out just like my old room back at home. I looked a Shiki, then back at the room. He let go of my hand as i started to walk through the space that looked exactly like my old room. I ran my fingers over the furniture, it had the same texture, the same sent, color, style, everything. I looked back at Shiki, who was leaned up against the door frame just admiring me more than the room, his own creation.
me: Shiki??....How.......??
Shiki: Simple i just remembered everything about you.
me: But where did you get all this?? It matches exacly!?
Shiki: Easy i had the same company remake all the old furniture that they use to make, i paid them a lot for it, but i knew the goal and the satisfaction i would recieve when i saw the look on your face when you would see it again.
me: I dont know what to say........!?
I ran my fingers over the smooth furniture again and Shiki walked over and layed his hand on top of mine, i turned to look at him in the eyes.
Shiki: *whispers* Say that you love me.
He just smiled lightly and brushed my cheek, i closed my eyes at the feel of his touch, then i exhaled a breath.....
me: Shiki............I love you.
He then took his arm and slipped it around my waist and held me close, then with his thumb he brushed over my cheek then down to my chin. He inched his way closer and closer to my face as well as my lips. Then i felt him give in and he kissed me gently, then from a burst of inspiration from inside my body, i leaped toward him wrapping my arms around his neck and pressing his body to mine making us one with each other for the time being. He stopped, unlatched my arms and held them close to my side.
Shiki: *whispered* Dont force it to become reality so quickly, Hitomi.
I bit my lip and lowered my head while i blushed,
me: Im sorry Shiki.........
Shiki: *chuckles silently* Its quite alright. I was actually hoping that you would've responded like that.
me: *laugh lightly* I'm Sorry.
Shiki re-wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me close again.
Shiki: *Whispers* I'm not......
As i gasped at what he had said, it finally sunk in! He had wanted to kiss me all along, but he was the one afraid of me! Afraid of what i would think, the way i would react!
Just as i was thinking about it in my mind, his lips touched mine again, this time harder with compassion and relieveness. I just simply wrapped my arms back around his neck, and carfully pulled him more closer than how close he was pulling me to him.
Sitting on the bed talking about the past and how many memories we had shared together. Shiki got serious, more than i had ever seen him before.
Shiki: Hitomi.........i really.....i
me: Shiki just tell me.
Shiki: I really have missed you. Even though you may smell different and feel different, you havent changed a bit.
me: Yea but you said that.....
Shiki: I know what i said, but i was wrong. I tried to cover you up with what i had learned in my mind, but my heart was telling me another thing. I wasnt thinking clearly. *sighs heavily* Hitomi, when i first arrived here at Cross Academy.....i was trying to run from my past, trying to discover a new life style.....trying to.....well, to escape
me: From me!?
Shiki stood to his feet and turned his back to me and continued to speak....
Shiki: Yes its true. but i was trying to forget about you and the way i had lived and the forbidden life i had been living when i was with you. I tried to forget all those dangerous times i had that almost ended your precious sorry Hitomi. I just needed to make sure that you were never put in harms path again, so i left...........trying to forget.
I just sat there quite and still, not knowing what to say, do, or think. Was all this true? Why was he telling me all this?? Why bring it up now, of all times?? I looked straight at the back of Shiki's head trying to see if i could tell what he was thinking, what was going on in his head.....but it was no use.
Shiki: I know what i have done was selfish of me. But it actually started to work, I started making good grades here, and doing well with Kaname as my guidance teacher, and with Kain and Aido helping me with my training, and Ichijo being beside me as a friend of comfort and support whenever needed. It felt like a family to me, almost, but lately i had been feeling different like something was missing. Like there was an emptyness that i couldnt fill. Then i realized what exactly that was when i saw you from the balcony the night you first arrived.
me: What?
Shiki turned around and looked at me, stared me straight in the eyes. Then he took his hand and held mine in his, and smiled at me.
Shiki: You asked what?!
me: Yes...........? Was i not suppose to??
Shiki: You were.
me: Well......?
Shiki: was you! Deep in my mind i knew it was you that i needed to complete my life, when all that time i was trying to erase you and forget about all those memories from the past that we had created. Im sorry i know it hurts you for me to speak all this to you, but its like you were ment to be in my life.
me: To be with you....forever.
Shiki just smiled wider like he was happy that i understood what he was meaning by all this. He sat back down on the bed next to me, he stared at me, then gave me a questionable look and a half crooked smile. I couldnt help but lean forward and kiss him lightly on his hard, but soft lips. I felt his hand take my chin and lead my face away from his.
Shiki: Take your time. Im not going anywhere! Im not leaving......not this time.
me: *whispered breathlessly* promise!?
Shiki just smiled and nodded but i didnt open my eyes to see, they were still closed, only using my ears like a bat for communication. He realized this and spoke.
Shiki: I promise you.
I just smiled and bit my lip, then he pulled my chin forward and kissed me.

Leading me up the flights stairs almost to the main door, Shiki stopped and put a finger over his lips and made a low shhhhhhh sound, only low enough to where i could hear. He then pressed his ear to the door and heared Kaname, Kain, and Rima talking on the other side.
Kain: Kaname-kun i dont see why it's such a big deal to you, honestly.
Kaname: Because its Shiki! He doesnt know how to handle being around someone so powerful!
Rima: Well what about you?? Your more powerful than anyone else i know. Your a pure blood.
Kaname: Its that he doesnt know what she is.
Kain: Well what exactly is she??
Kaname: She's a transformed vampire.
Rima: Yes Kaname i think we've all realized that by now!
Kaname: Yes exactly she can be deadly to us all!
Kain: How?? I dont see her as any harm to anyone.
Kaname: Its her blood that's deadly.
Rima: ???huh???
Kain: What do you mean by her blood??
Kaname: Her blood carries a strong scent of humanism inside it, which means she was transformed by another transformed.
Rima: How can that be?? I thought only pure bloods have the venom and power to transform humans??
Kaname: As well as i did, but im guessing thats not the case here.
Kain: Wait! So does that mean she's practically half human and half vampire??
Rima: of course not Kain....
Kaname: Percisely! She's half and half! and the only way for her to stay here in the Academy is if she is bitten by a pureblood.
From the other side of the door i heard two exact gasps. Then i looked up at Shiki, who was staring down at me in the dark hallway, he just squeezed my hand. Then put his ear back to the door and heard nothing else, so he opened the door lightly and we both slipped out. He held me hand tightly, no that it hurt but that i noticed how tense he was. He dragged me back to his room and closed the door swiftly behind us both.
me: Shiki?? What's the matter??
Shiki: Nothing. Just a little confused......
me: With and about what??
Shiki: With your situation and about you...
me: What??
Shiki: Nothing dont worry.
me: but if its about me i want to know!
Shiki walked across the room to me right where i was standing beside his bed. he just took my face in his hands and kissed me lightly and then picked me up and layed me on his bed.
me: Shiki?? What is it??
Shiki didnt say a word, but just kept his eyes locked on mine. He stroked my bangs back out of my eyes and then stroked my cheek. I grabb his sleeves and pull him close.
me: Shiki tell me please!!! I want to know!
Shiki: No.
As he said this he just gentally pulled my arms back and held them down to my side, but he looked away as he did this as well. I bit my lip hard putting pressure, from dissapointment anger, and thus making my lip bleed without me even knowing it. Shiki looked shocked at first but then smiled at me. I didnt know what he was smiling at but i stopped and cocked my haed to the side with probably a confussed look on my face. He took his finger and almost touched my lip but then pulled it back and bent his head down and kissed me, taking the blood from my lip.
He then took his thumb and wiped the excess blood from his lip. All i did was stare at him. I wanted to scream, why why wouldnt he tell what the situation's about. Shiki let go of my hands and just sat on the end of the bed, in his room that he shared with Ichijo, and looked at the floor. I sat up and scooted closer to him, resting my head on his shoulder.
Shiki: Im sorry Hitomi.
me: Why?
Shiki: Because i dont want to hurt you again, like.......*he tried to move so i wrapped my arm around his*
me: Like....?
me: Like what Shiki? *I tugged on his arm and he flinched then answered*
Shiki: Like last time........ Hitomi i care about you deeply, i really do, but there are times that i feel, the only reason im with you is to keep you by as a feasting table for my mistakes.......and im so assamed of it.
me: So you consider me a...........a mistake?
Shiki: GOD NO!!! Hitomi i could never think of you as that. If anything your the closest to heaven that i'll ever dream to you see isaid only at times i feel that way.
me: do you feel any other times??
Shiki: I feel in love.
I didnt say anything, because i wanted him to say that he loved me and meant it. I could feel my eyes burn a little and i started to cry a bit. Shiki takes my hand and kisses it gentely. Then pulls my face toward his, with his extra hand, and looks me in the eyes and whispers....
Shiki: *whispers* Hitomi.......i love you. I have always loved you from the moment i met you.
me: really?????? *i spoke and my voice was scrachy from almost crying*
Shiki: Absolutely.
He kissed me very lightly and then more passionately as time went on, i didnt really know what was gonna happen so i wrapped my arms around his neck and he moved his hands around my waist. He more time that was passing, the more passionate we had become. Now lying on my back with Shiki towering me with a croocked smile, he leaned in and kissed me once, then twice, and then a third long kiss. During the third kiss Ichijo walked through the door, and saw us makeing out on his bed, he just cleared his throat and said...
Ichijo: Excuse me for the....ummm.....interuption, but Hitomi i was looking for you, dear, Kaname-sama needs to have a word with you.
As me and Shiki looked at each other we began to blush, not by the position we were in, but that we were caught together in that position. It had happened before but by accident and at that time our love was still only a small spark, which now is like a burning torch.Shiki arose from were he was and so did i, and all i could do was smile.
me: So what does he want to talk with me about??
Ichijo: I dont know all i was told was to find you and send you to him.
Shiki: Looks like we'll have to pospone our date later.
Ichijo: guess you will.
Shiki: Thanx but i wasnt talking to you. -_-'
Ichijo: I know. ^-^
Shiki: You'd better go see what he wants, before he comes looking for you and finds you in here.
me: Kay, but you dont want to come with me?
Shiki: No why??
me: oh well i just thought that you would want to protect me....or something.
Shiki: Sure i'll protect but there's reallly nothing he will try to do, or he'll get kicked out, and then Kain wil take his place as "Dorm Leader". So im not worried about it.
me: Kay...........
Shiki stands and i follow, he walks to the door and opens it, and i walk outside and he stands there leaning up against the door. He rubbs his thumb over my chin and kisses me on the cheek, and whispers....
Shiki: *whispers* i love you.
me: *giggly* i love you too.
I smile and he gives me his famous grin or smirky croocked smile. I begin to walk to Kaname's door, i heard the click from the door latch on Shiki's door. And as i came up to Kaname's door, i reached up my hand, and before i could knock he said in a low voice...
Kaname: Come in........Hitomi.
I opened the door and steped behind it, and see Kaname sitting in his big chair, that sat in front of the huge window in his room. I look at him harshly, noting that i despise him.
me: Yes. Kaname, you wanted to see me.
Kaname: Yes i did request for your presence. I didnt think you would come, i thought i would have to send out a search party for you.
me: That wouldnt be called for. What do you wish to talk to me about?
Kaname: Right. Hitomi......i dont do this in spite of Senri, but i feel it is my duty to protect my ruufians from a ruffer.
Kaname: Hitomi you have to pack your things a leave the Academy.
At that instent i couldnt feel my fingers, i couldnt breathe, it felt as if someone took my voice and locked it up where i didnt know where the key was. I was shocked! 'I couldnt leave. I cant leave Shiki!! Not after all this time i've spent with him so close to me'.........i could feel my eyes start to get wet, but i held my composure and emotions.
me: ....wh.......why?
Kaname: I feel as though you are a threat to the students of this Academy. Hitomi, i have already spoken to the head master about my decision and he highly approves. So you must pack your things and leave. I will allow you to stay throughout the rest of the day, but tomorrow you must leave.
me: Why would you think I'm the threat?? The way i see it is that your the most dangerous one here.
Kaname: Thats only because i am a pure blood and you fear my powers.
me: HA! Im not afraid of you!
Kaname: oh really!?
me: Yes really.
Kaname: In any case, my word is above yours, and so i think you must leave before things get worse than they already are.
me: Well its only worse beacuse your the dorm leader, and everyone has to listen to you.
Kaname: Are you testing my authority??
me: What authority? You have none! Not on me!
Kaname: Oh!?
Just as there was a break of silence Kaname has me pined against the wall with his hand around my throat. He looks at me with cold compressed eyes. Cold, hard, and lifeless.
Kaname: You are the parisite that needs to be contaned!
I couldnt breathe or speak, until from the corner of my eye i saw Kain walk past the door, stop and stare in our direction. He saw that Kaname was being more ruf than usual and saw the coldness in his eyes. Kain stepped through the doorway and gasped. Kaname then noticed Kain by the doorway, he let go of my neck and i fell to the floor gasping for air to return to my suffocating lungs. Kaname walked over toward Kain and just stared at him.
Kaname: Kain.
Kain: Kaname-sama.......uhhh.....what's going on?
Kaname: Nothing that concerns you Kain.
Kain: What's happening.
Kain said this in a stern voice, as i regained to my normal breathing, i looked up at Kain. I saw how hard his face was to backup his harsh voice toward Kaname.
Kaname: I was telling Hitomi that this will be her last night staying with ua at the Academy.
Kain: What!? Your leaving?? So soon??
I knew he was talking to me but i moved my glance elsewhere so that i didnt have to see the sad expression on his face, but i could still feel his eyes staring at me. Just then Kaname began to close the door, but Kain took a step forward and caught the door.
Kaname: Kain. Step aside. So that i can finish your discusion.
Kain: From where i was standing there was no discusion, more like abuse to me.
Kaname: This is none of your business. Just leave it be.
Kain: NO! Not when your hurting someone that i........uhhh....
Kaname: That you what Kain?............Never mind it. Just leave it be.
Kaname pushed Kain back and tried to close the door again, but Kain shoved the door and Kaname jumped back. Then i heard Kain walk over toward me and then i felt his hand grasp around my arm to lift me on my feet, even though i still felt a little light headed. As i stood Kain wrapped his arm around my waist and supported my weight with just his one arm. I looked up at him and then i noticed him staring at me. I started blushing, i didnt know why but maybe it was because of his gental touch, or the light smile he gave me, but i all of a sudden got red. so i lowered my face. Then Kaname spoke harshly, i wasnt sure if it was toward, me or Kain?!
Kaname: You have dared to defile and disobey me! I am the dorm leader you will show me respect!!!
From down the hallway Ichijo and Shiki, along with other students, heard the raising of voices, and not in a good way. Shiki amediately jumped to his feet and sprang out the door toward Kaname's room. Shiki busted through the door to find Kain across the room on the floor and me lying on the floor with Kaname hoovering above me with his fists tight. Shiki quickly got inbetween the space where Kaname stood in front of me. Kaname was shocked to see Shiki so fast.
Kaname: Senri.....What do you want??
Shiki: Dont lay a finger on her! Dont forget the promise i made you!
Kaname: Oh yes the simple be honest im not worried about it. Its irrelevent to me.
Shiki: Dont push me Kaname..........i swear.
Kaname: On what?? Her??
I saw Shiki's grip get tighter, and i fliched when i saw it get even tighter, to where it looked like his bones would cut right through his skin. Kain, across the room, got to his feet and made his way over toward us. He made his spot right beside Shiki.
Shiki: I got this Kain, i dont need your help.
Kain: No i want to help her too.
Kaname: This is rediculous!!
Kaname backs down and leaves the room. Shiki turned to me and hrlped me off the floor and i threw my arms around him and he did the same. While holding my face in his hands, he asked me if i was 'okay' or if he hurt me i said no, but i saw Kain stirr and i just looked at him with a daring glance.
me: No Shiki. Im fine. Honest.
Shiki: You sure!?
me: Positive.
Kain: but.....
me: Im fine!
Kain didnt speak another word and Shiki looked at both of us with a confused look on his face.

It's been about two years.....

Living in the Academy has really changed my life and my relationships with all my new friends, and including Shiki. Last year on November 21st, Shiki bought a promise ring to give to me. Its so beautiful. It's a silver band with a small, but good proportion sized, diamond on it. And inside the ring it's ingraved with these words, "Forever...". Which was the promise he made me, to stay by my side and to love me.....forever.
Sitting on Shiki's bed holding eachother. i start to think about what will happen once everyone finds out that Shiki bought a ring for me.
Shiki: Hitomi, it's just a ring. I dont see why your making such a big deal over it.
me: Well.....i dont want people to start talking...
Shiki: They've been talking ever since you got here, Hitomi.
me: Exactly! It's been a year and im still being watched like im a lion fixing to pounce on someone. It would give Kaname a good reason to actually kick me out.
Shiki's face got hard and cold for a moment. I felt him stiffin when i reached for his hand to intertwine my fingers in his.
me: Shiki..??
Shiki: Hitomi..i wont let that...that....jerk ever touch you or harm you again.
me: I know Shiki......
Shiki pulls on my hand and i scoot closer to him and he wrapps his arm around my waist. I look at him as he puts his hand on my face. He gets closer and whispers to me.
Shiki: *whisper* Hitomi.....
me: *whisper* Yes...
Shiki: *whisper* i love........*get closer to me* you so......*barely touches his lips to mine* very much.
Shiki kisses me lightly. I wrapp my arms around his neck then he leans forward laying me on my back, he's towering above me. He keeps his hold around my waist, but with his other hand he grabbs the crease behind my knee and wrapps it around his waist! He begins to kiss me more passionately, but just before things got heated up Aido walks in the room..........and he screams!!
Aido: OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SENRI!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????
Shiki suddenly stopped kissing me and looked over at angrily at Aido.
Shiki: Aido! Are you mental??? Do you not know how to knock???
Aido: Sorry but Kaname-sama told me to make sure that everyone gets to class on time.
Shiki: Well who cares what HE has to say.
Just then Kaname walks around the doorway and speaks up.
Kaname: Well Senri. I tend to think that my orders aplly to everyone!!! Even you and Miss Yoko.
me: Yea well shove it Kaname!
Aido: How dare you! You WHORE!
Shiki got really mad and jumped off the bed and got straight in Aido's face, giving him the go to "hell" look.
Shiki: Dont you ever call her that again or i'll kill you!! Got it!
Aido: But the thing is cant kill me.
Shiki: Probably not with my bare hands buti know someone who has a bloody rose!
Aido: *gaspy sarcasim* You wouldnt!!
Shiki: Dont push me Hanabusa!!!!
I crawl off the bed and stride over beside Shiki, i grabb hold of his arm in support. He doesnt move his glance from Aido's smirky expression. Kaname Took a step forward and Shiki scooted close to me and pushed me a bit behind him. Kaname raised his hand, then slapps Aido across the face!!
Aido: *shockingly* Kana......Kaname-sama!!!??
Kaname:That's enough Aido. We dont need anymore fighting. *he looks at me from behind Shiki's shoulder* Do we?
Shiki: Fine by me.
Aido: Why??
Kaname: Because i said so!
Aido: Okay. Okay.....geez chill.
Kaname: I will not chill! You will do as i say! Understand?!
Aido: Yes sama, i understand. Forgive me *bows respectful*
Aido begins to leave the room but stops and looks back at Shiki and me, and gives us his 'evil eye' but it doesnt effect us. I know Shiki couls beat up Aido anyday. Kaname takes a step toward us and tries to apologize.
Kaname: My honest and sencere apologizes.
Shiki: We dont want your apologize!
Shiki had said that through his clenched teeth, i didnt know it made him that upset, or was it just because it was Kaname who tried to apologize and us both knowing that he didnt mean it?
Kaname: Alright i understand where your coming from. I wont hassle you anylonger, just get to class.
Shiki: Fine.
Shiki grabbed my hand and pulled me along as we started walking out the door, with Kaname watching our every step. We walked down the hallway to the enterance hall, down the staircase and toward the door. When Shiki knew that Kaname wasnt watching us anymore, he hooked a right.
me: Shiki? I thought we were suppose to go to class?
Shiki: Shhh....
He stopped and pressed a finger to my lips, then removed his finger and kissed me lightly. I started to blush but i dont think he paid any mind to it. He took my hand again and dragged me to where we were out of sight. We stood in a hallway ive never been in. As we walked down this hallway i saw up ahead of us double doors that were closed. Shiki stopped and looked at me through the almost complete darkness. I could faintly tell the expression on his face. I knew he was thinking something. He began to walk again, pulling on my hand. We came to the big double doors, he took his free hand and pushed against the wood. It creaked open lightly, then he pushed it open enough for us both to fit through. When we both were in completely he closed and locked the door behind him. I walked over to the big lavished bed and gentaly ran my fingers across the delicate silk sheets. I felt Shiki's arm wrapp around my waist and i shifted in his arms toward him. He barely brushed my cheek before he started leaning in to kiss me. He touched his lips to mine lightly, then pulled away and stared at me.
Shiki: Do you know how long I've waited for this moment? Hitomi I love you so very much.
He leaned in and kissed me passionately once, then twice and again a third. I caught my breath and spoke.
me: too.
I spoke in short words, while i was gasping for air to my mind for oxygen. I was so overwelmed by the power he had over me, over my emotions, actions, and my thoughts. He was like the Puppetier and i was his puppet. But i knew he didnt see it like that. We stared at each other after my long breaths.
Shiki: You....okay??
me: Im fine. I was just overwelmed is all...
Shiki: Really.......?
me: Yes, but i like that feeling.
Shiki: Well if you like it then i shall reconstruct it for you.
He leaned in, but before he kissed me he pulled me up closer to him, putting presure on the small of my curve, arching my back. He grinned and kissed me more and more passionately each time. We each took turns taking breaths. Before i knew the environment around me, Shiki was towering over me as i layed in a ocean of silk sheets. Feeling his hands roam over my half-bared body. I noticed something....his shirt was off.....but so was mine! I couldnt believe was like a fantasy, each touch was so delicate, making my soul want to scream out for more. Feeling love, passion, needing, the wanting for more and more. It was too much for my mind to calculate all the sums of this one moment in both our lives. To know the person you love will love you back with no refusal. To willingly give every part of yourself and your soul to that one person.....forever.

Waking to the slight darkness, i could feel the difference in that one moment from last night. I heard Shiki's steady and his even breathing, all i could do was smile in delight, i knew he was sleeping. I scooted closer to him than i already was in the ocean of silk sheets, which now was wrapped around both of us,and pressed my cheek against his bare chest. He moved his hand over my back, i felt his fingers along my bare back, it gave me goosebumps, i heard him snicker under his breath. I just smiled. He mummbled something but i didnt understand him, so i sat up and looked at him confused.
me: What did you say?
Shiki: I said........
He started to move his fingers in circles on my back. Then he sat up as well, looked me in the eyes and then brushed my cheek.
Shiki: I said I love you.
I touched my forehead to his and took a deep breath and smiled.
me: I love you too.
He rocked his forehead, then moved his head to the side and kissed me. I kissed him back. He pulled me close to him making our bodies touch, makinf the kiss more passionate. Suddenly we hear noises down the hall, they stared getting closer and more louder, like talking almost. Then there was pounding on the door and the door knob started to move violently.
Shiki and i both looked at each other, Shiki grabbed his pants, pulled them on and headed for the door. He whispered to me....
Shiki:*whispered* If it's just Aido then i'll take care of him.
Shiki walked over to the door and opened it. To his surprise not only was Aido outside the door but every single night student was out there. Shiki calmly spoke.
Shiki: Yes. May i help you?
Shiki: I dont have a clue what your talking about.
Shiki: WHAT DID YOU JUST CALL HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aido: Oh im sorry i think i said a......what was it.....A WHORE!!
Shiki: Why you B***ARD!!!
Then before Shiki took a step closer Kaname stepped in front of them both.
Kaname: Senri. You have broken the rules.
Shiki: Im sorry Kaname but i dont think being in love is breaking any rules.
Kaname: No being in love isnt, but making love is.
Shiki: How!?! And besides you cant prove anything!!
Kaname: It jepordizes our stay at this Academy, We can not create life or take a life. It is in our contract for our stay here. Senri.
Kaname reached around and put his hand on the door fixing to push it open but Shiki grabbed his arm and looked at Kaname evilishly.
Aido: How dare you touch Kaname-sama in that Manner!!! You're so disrespectful!!
Kaname: You wouldnt happen to know where Miss Yoko is, would you Senri??
Shiki: Why?
Kaname and Shiki both stare at each other for a long time, then Kaname twisted Shiki's arm and knocked the door off the henges, and there i was just sitting in the bed, bare with only sheets to cover me, thank goddness none of the night students have a power to see through materials. But once i saw Kaname throw Shiki to the ground hurting his arm, i jumped outta the bed still holding the sheets and i went over and stood in front of Shiki protectively. I felt different, more powerful to stand against Kaname, not just for my Shiki, who i loved very deeply, but for newfound lover-lover, Shiki.
me: Your such a JERK!!
Then Kaname grabbed my arm and jerked me forward, he then took a hand full of my hair and yanked my head to the side.
Kaname: Do you know you have bite marks??
me: Yes i do thank you very much!!
Kaname: Well now i have to take this to the high council.
Shiki: What!
me: Who?
Kaname lets go of my arm and Shiki stands and pulls be back around to his side.
Aido: Oh now your in for it Senri!!! HAHAHA!!
Kaname: AIDO!!!!! Enough! Im taking this to the High Council.
Kain: Wait Kaname. Cant we discuss this rationally!?!
Ruka: Yes Kaname, We cant just let this get out, to where things will be spread around about our stay here.
Kaname: And after its born then what!?!
I looked at shiki, then my hand automatically went to my stomach. I just stared frightened beside Shiki, because now Kaname knew. He knew exactly what i was feeling, the new life inside of me. This new creation apart of both Shiki and of me. Shiki wrapped his arm around my shoulders and kissed me lightly upon the head. My eyes were filled with horror at the thought of Kaname trying to kill my new life. I wouldnt let that happen!; and i knew Shiki wouldnt let that happen either.
Ichjio: Kaname-sama why dont we take into consideration every asspect of this situation right now before we rush to conclusions!
Kaname: No! Ive heard enough! I will take this to the High Council and that's FINAL!
Kaname turns around and starts to walk away through the crowd, but then something inside of me moved, and it moved me, i knew it wanted me to speak up and save us both.
me: Noooooooooooo!
The murmur from around the room went to a hush. Every set of eyes were either on Kaname or me, from my last spoken word. I felt Shiki stare at me too. Kaname slowly turned around.
Kaname: Oh! You have something to say Miss Yoko?
me: Yes, i do.
I felt Shiki's grasp on my shoulder as if he was trying to stop me, but i didnt pay any mind to that now. I had to speak my mind, both of our minds.
Kaname: Let's hear what delighted words your wish to speak.
me: I wont let you hurt it and it wont let you hurt me!
Kaname: Who? Senri??
me: baby!
An all together gasp went around the room, even from Shiki's mouth. Kaname just stared at me with hateful filled eyes.
I felt his eyes trail on me up and down like me was scanning me for a bluff, but this was no bluff! I was serious! Then Kaname leaped forward and got close to my face, Shiki stepped in front of him but he hit Shiki so hard he went flying across the floor, then whispered something in my ear.
Kaname: *whispered* i will destory that monster you've created, and then your next.
At that moment when Kaname walked away from me i was stiff, i gasped for air but none could find my lungs, i began to fall backward. But before i hit the floor Kain caught me, and held me in his arms. I was crying and gasping for air all at the same time. I have never been more frightened in my entire life, for my life or anyone elses. My eyes were searching the room, trying to find Shiki, and then i felt his hand on my face. Kain handed me to Shiki, who then picked me up and layed me on the bed. As every cleared the room, Kain spoke to Shiki.
Kain: I would like to help you win the trial against Kaname and the High Council, Senri.
Shiki: Why do you care??
Kain: Because i found to realize i've come to hate Kaname.
Shiki: You?? the second hand dorm leader hates Kaname??
Kain: Yes i despise him. and i dont think you or Miss Yoko deserve any treatment his been attentive with towards you both.
Just then Rima, Ichijo, and a bunch of other night students joined in.
Everyone: Yea we wont let nothing happen to it.
Ichijo It deserves to breath life.
Shiki: Good. At least we got people on our side.
Shiki turned and looked back at me, my hand steadily rubbed my stomach repeatedly. I knew it was trying to say something but i didnt know what.
me: I wish i could understand you.
Shiki: ?? What??
me: Oh! I was talking to it. I know it's trying to tell me something i just dont know what it is.
Shiki walked over towards me and gentaly put his hand on top of mine, then he stroked my cheek and kissed me very lightly, but i moved toward him when he pulled away. My hand moved to form a grasp around his neck, and i pulled him forward, kissing him more. He kissed me back knowing what i felt. I was scared for my life, and so was he. We could die and never see each other again, and we knew we had to make every moment a memory to keep with us forever even after this life.
Back in the enterance hall, Kaname went to his room and Ruka followed, as everyone else stood staring and confused, they didnt know what to think.
Ruka: Kaname how could she be pregnant?? She's a vampire is she not??
Kaname: Yes, but she's not completely a vampire.
Ruka: How can that be??
Kaname: Well, she was transformed by another transformed vampire, and so she's half human half vampire. She can breath, and she can reproduce creatures of any kind.
Ruka: Any kind??
Kaname: Yes but she chose a vampiry child over a human child.
Ruka: This is all so confusing. So let me get this straight.....She's half and half, but can decide whether or not to have a human child, but she can also chose to have any other kind of child??
Kaname: Percisely.
Ruka: WOW! So her decision on an existing child is determinded by our existance basically??
Kaname: Yes. I cant find any other explanation for this rebellious action of Senri. Does he truly care for a halfling or is he doing this for more power??
Ruka: Power?? What power??
Kaname: Once that Vampiry child is born is can have unparalleled powers that can become leathalized as dangerous to everyone's existance, including it's own.
Ruka: I understand where you stand now Kaname....and Kaname.....?
Kaname: What is it Ruka??
Ruka: I dont know if im with you on this or not. Why would you want to destory a life force capable of being a remarkable being???
Kaname: Dont tell me you are falling against me too Ruka??
Ruka: Im sorry Kaname, but i wont allow it.
She leaves and Kaname gets furiated and screams, so loud i flinched when i heard it, and so did my baby.
me: Shhh its okay darling nothings gonna happen i promise, shhhh.
i said rubbing my tummy, and Shiki looked at me and just smiled. He could tell that i was happier than ever, and that made him happy too.

As everyone left shiki took me back to my room, where i got new clothes to change into, and then he led me back to his room, which had a bathroom. He opened his door, making sure Ichjio wasnt there, the coast was clear and he held the door open for me. I slid in through the opened door, and went to the bathroom. I set my things on the counter, then Shiki walked in and was looked around for something.
me: O_o Shiki what are you looking for??
Shiki: Stay here i'll be back.
me: Wait......
Shiki left but before it was a minute later, he was back and was holding something behind his back.
me: Where'd you go??
Shiki: I thought you might need this.
He pulls out a fluffy towel from behind his back. He grinned his "famous" smile at me, making me blush a little.
me: Thank you
Shiki: Your more than welcome.
I start to reach for the towel but he pulls it back. He took a step forward and lightly ran his fingers over my bare shoulder. Trailing down my side, still wrapped in the bed steet, Shiki wedged his fingers inbetween the sheet and my skin, making it loose. I didnt know what he was doing..
me: ummm.....*blushing* Shiki??
Shiki: You trust me dont you??
me: Of course i do, but what on earth are you doing??
Shiki: This......
Just then Shiki ripped the sheet from around my body, letting it fall to the floor, but in that same motion he wrapped the towel around me. The towel must have just come from somewhere that contained heat, cause the towel was hot. Not hot like something to burn you, but warmish hot, the kind you want to clam you. But why would he want to calm me?....He had done all that in what seemed like a blink of the eye. He then wrapped his arms around me, embracing me lovingly and kissed me on my forehead. I could feel the electric charge coming from the touch of his lips, from where he had kissed me. He took my face inbetween his hands and brushed my cheek with his thumb, then he leaned in and kissed me. The kiss was kinda longer than one of his normal kisses, but then he stared at me with a look in his eyes i couldnt understand, then he kissed me again, and by the second kiss i knew what the look was for....he wanted more of the passion from the night before. I couldnt say that i didnt either, nor did i want to make him unhappy, so i let it be. With him kissing me, i felt like i was envincible. He pulled me close and gripped around my waist and gentaly carried me to his bed, and layed me on top of his sheets. As i peered upon him, his shirt unbuttoned and my fingertips defining his muscles with every gental stroke. I look up at him and notice him looking at me with a crocked grin upon his lips. He layed ontop of me with nothing between us other than the warm towel. We kissed, then deeper into the passion, i intwined my finger within the hair on the back of his neck, then unintwine them into circles on his bare back.
Shiki: That kinda tickles.
He breathed on my neck and then began making a trail of kisses along collar bone, then up my jaw line. Finding my lips, we began yet another moment of passion that will stay in both our memories.....forever.

~Through Shiki's Eyes~
Lying there on my bed, with Hitomi's cheek on my chest, sleeping; i feel her warm body brush against mine every time she breaths, and its so diffucult not to wake her for my own passionate wantings. "I just want to feel her wrapped around me again, in nothing.....and her kisses.....her kisses are like the kisses coming from the sweet lips of an angel.....and her body.....its like God, himself, was inside my head sculpting her to fit me exactly...." I look down at her and trace my fingertips over the edge of her shoulder, defining her body shape with only then extent of which my arm can reach, which was about to her waist. "Ah, her smooth skin, so delicate; her curves so beautiful.....i want her again!...NO! What am i saying!?" I stop and stare at the ceiling trying to calm my breathing, and i heard her speak.
Hitomi: What's wrong??
Me: What do you mean??
Hitomi: Your breathing got awful fast so quickly.....I was sleeping to the rythum of your steady beathing. What are you thinking about?
Me: Nothing you need to worry about.
Hitomi: Are you sure??
Me: Positive.
She smiles at me, her beautiful smile so dazzling. I bend down and kiss her. "Her lips ever so petals off a flower" I pull her closer, then move my body to wear im leaning on my shoulder half way towering above her. I trace my thumb over her cheek, then to her jaw line onto her chin;lifting her head up and I just stare at her in amazment..."Wow her eyes are wonderfully filled with love and fire, both for me....What am I to do, but not react the same??" Her soft sweet voice interupted my train of thought, but i didnt care i wanted to hear what she had to say.
Hitomi: Shiki? Is there something on your mind?
I just stare at her taking in each word, every syllable, of her angelic voice.
Me: Only you.
I smiled at her when i noticed her turn her face to blush, i guess she didnt want me to noticed, but i did. I notice a lot of things, ecspecially when they're about her.
Me: Why are you blushing its only the truth? Why? What's on your mind?
Hitomi stayed quiet for a moment then she looked back at me and her eyes were softer than before.
Hitomi: .......You too.
She probably noticed the fait shocked expression on my face but what did i care?? I loved her with every fiber of my "unliving" being. Placing her hand on my cheek, she rose up and met me equally in almost the same stance, and she kissed me. I noticed a weak spot and took me chance. "I want!" I leaned in more making her fall upon her back and i towered over her. I began kissing her with passion, then with more passion, and more; to my astounishment she was kissing me back with the same amount of strength and passion combined. I quickly grabbed the crease of her knee and pulled her toward me and wrapped her leg around my waist. "WoW......I couldnt let her go not now, not ever. I love her. And shockingly she loves me back. She will always be mine...forever. But what will happen in the coming future??..." Just then i felt a strong force try and push me away, but i held tight to the sheets, digging my claws into the matress, and then i realized when looking down over Hitomi, that she wasnt the one oushing me away, in fact she had her arms wraped around me, embracing our mementary love making? But it seemed more like she was trying to keep us together, i felt her hands start to tremble and her grip loosened. Before i knew it her hands fell and i go flying across the bed, falling off the end of it. "What the hell just happed??? What on earth was that force?" I heard Hitomi yell.
Hitomi: SHIKI!
Me: Hitomi??? What on earth was that??
I rise up off the floor and look at her lying on the bed, and to my shockingly eyes, her stomach had grown to the size of a canolope!!! O.O "OHMYGOD!!" i thought i had said that in my head.
Me: OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O.O What.....? What.....? What's happening???
Just then Ichijo busted through the door all chipper and singing a happy song, but when he glanced over at Hitomi.....that all ended.
Ichijo: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hitomi?? Is
Me: Of course it is Ichijo! Who did you think it was??
Ichijo: Oh hey Shiki i didnt nocite you there on the'd you end up down there??....ummmm just out of are wearing something under that sheet...right?? I hope so cause then this would be a very awkward situation indeed, seeing that Hitomi is there and your're there with nothing on....and.....
Me: Shut it, i dont have time to play twenty-questions with you!! I need to figure out what's going on.
Ichijo: Well from where im standing it looks like you were rejected for love making.....pittiful. *shakes his head*
Me: That's not what im talking about!!!!
Just then Aido and Kain walk in.
Kain: Hey we heard some screaming so we just fingured something was wron..............*looks at Hitomi* OHMYGOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aido walks in after Kain and seeins Hitomi.
Me: This is ridiculous!
Kain: Shiki!!! What did you do to her???
Me: I did nothing. Butt OUT!!!
Kain: Sorry Senri but it looks like you stuck a canalope inside her.
Me: OKAY LISTEN If you cant shut up then i'll make you...NOW Shut IT!
Kain: 'Kay all you had to do was ask politely..GEZZZ! *rolls his eyes and kicks Aido, who's still on the floor passed out*
Hitomi: hurts.
I get up and quickly put on my pants.
Kain/Ichijo: Ewwwwwwwwwww!!!
Me: Shut up how else am i suppose to get dressed with you to in here??
Hitomi: Shiki............
I focus my full attention back on her. I go over and sit on the bed. She's crying, and then she reaches for my hand, and i hold her delicate fingers in my hand. "What made her stomach exspand so much??" She yelled once more in pain, then Hitomi's sobbs began to disappear, and her pain began to go away...."What's going on?? Does it not want to put Hitomi in pain?? Can it actually develope feelings so quickly?? And grow so rapidly?? How can that be?? What exactlly does it want?? A matter of fact.... What is it???"
Hitomi: Shiki......?
Me: Yes? What is it?
Hitomi: Dont worry, he was just trying to protect me, cause he loves me.
"A He?? How on earth can she feel like that, it was putting her in so much pain and she just brushes it off like nothing 'he was just trying to protect me'?? I dont understand whats going on with her its like she doesnt care if its hurting her as long as 'he' is alright." I lean forward and kiss her softly on the forehead, then i run my hand over her stomach and to my imagination, i could have swore something had kicked my hand away. But im not sure. "Am i just imagining it or does this 'he' not like me?? Hello I kinda created you if you havent noticed!" On well as long as Hitomi's safe and protected, by me......or the 'he' inside her....i guess i have to live with it. Its whatever she wants. Suddenly i feel a soft cool hand on my cheek, and i look down at Hitomi, she had that look like a painful love. Compassion, hurt, love, fire, all these things i could sence through her eyes, i wonder if she's willing to go through with this?? I have to find someone who knows what's going on. I have to find someone who can get rid of this......this.....
Hitomi: *whispered* Shiki?
Me: *whispered back* Yes?
Hitomi: Why are they here??
She points a tiny finger toward Ichijo, Kain, and Aido (who was still on the ground), with a worried look.
Me: They were just curious, is all.
Hitomi: Curious about us making love?? That's kinda wierd....dont you think??
Me: OH NO! They're not doing anything like that sweetheart.....they just heard....
Hitomi: Well do you think you couls ask them to leave...please.
Me: Sure no problem.
I kiss her softly on her forehead, and i stand up and walk toward the guys.
Me: Hey...ummm do you think you all could leave now. The shows over.
Ichijo: Oh Well this is my room too, so i dont have to leave.
Kain: Okay, but if i hear anything else im coming in whether you lock the door or not.
Me: Oh please, just shut up and leave!
Kain: Fine!
As Kain walked out of the room, Ichijo went and sat beside Hitomi, I think he was creaping her out a little but it wasnt like he would try anything. Then i noticed Aido was still in the middle of the floor, so i called Kain back.
Me: Hey Kain!
Kain: What??
Me: You forgot someone.......*kicks Aido*....dont leave him here.
Kain: Oh right! *picks Aido up* Come on cuzz let's go.
Aido: ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz..........
Me: I think he's sleeping more than passed out.
Kain: What!?!?! *throws Aido on the ground* Get up Lazy Bumb!!!!
Aido: HUH!???? Wha.....what.....???????Where am i??...All i remember is walking into Ichijo and Shiki's room and seeing what seemed like a huge whale that ate Miss Yoko.....and then all i remember after that was screaming.
Me: Get him outta here!! D*MN!!!
Kain: Okay Okay calm down...
Hitomi: Shiki??????
I turn and see Ichijo playing with Hitomi's hair, brushing it for her....which kinda creamped me out too....I could tell Hitomi didnt like it, so all i had to do was look at Ichijo and he stopped what he was doing and left the room. As i walked him out, and made sure no one was in the hallway, i locked the door. Im not sure if it was my imagintion again or what, but i could have swore i heard something or someone inside my head telling me to leave the room.....'Am I hearing things??' i asked myself this and i just brushed it off. As i turned around Hitomi was standing in front of me with the bed sheet mearly drapped over he naked body underneath. I suddenly got a slow wanting for her deep inside me, in the pit of my stomach. I watch as she left this room headed for the bathroom, I followed her watching every moved she made. Each movement her delicate body made my stomach yearned. 'She's so beautiful, graceful, radiant, and the best part......she's all mine." I walk in and she turns to look at me, our eyes lock, and all i could do was stand there in a trance as i looked in her beautiful blue eyes. I gentaly wrapped one arm around her waist and pulled her close, feeling her body press against mine, was one of the most intense feeling. I kissed her deep the first time, which seemed to shock her a bit, but i grined to myself, i kissed her once, then twice, and before i could control myself...i was showering her with deep passionate kisses. She squeezed me closer to her delicate body, i was afraid that i might hurt her and that was the last thing i ever wanted to do, so i gentaly loosened her grip and fell away from the flames that had been burning inside me.
Hitomi: *whispered*.....Shiki......
As she whispered breathlessly, i let go my grip around her waist, and went back to the bedroom. I needed something to calm the burning inside. 'I need her. I want her more and more.....when can i trust myself not to hurt her?........All i know is that....i want her NOW!' I darted toward the bathroom, but i stopped myself. I layed my head on the door, and closed my eyes. 'How can i be so selfish? This isnt me....!' I left away from the door and layed on my bed, waiting. And then i tried to sleep, but i couldnt, the burning was still there keeping me awake. I heard the shower start, and the burning got worse as i pictured in my mind her body......."soapy"......'STOP SHIKI!!! God, why is this so d*mn hard?!?!?!'
I get up and leave the room, in fear i might fall prey to my wantings. So i walk to the entrance hall to rest, and forget about the burning in my chest. As i was walking down to the enterance hall i spots Kaname sitting on the counch, he looked comfortable, but his face was hard and mean. As i aproached the bottom of the stairs Kaname looked at me with evil, hateful eyes. I just walked toward the door, but he stood and spoke to me.
Kaname: Senri.
Me: Kuran.
Kaname: I want to let you know i wont have this monster you've created destroy my dorm.
Me: It's NOT a monster Kaname.
Kaname: Well then Shiki, tell me what it is then!?
Me: Im not sure myself but i know its nothing of a monster compaired to you!
Kaname: I see.
I walk out the door, walk to the courtyards, and sit down on the benches. Those same benches where Hitomi and I sat before. Then from beside me a guy walks up and sits down beside me. He has white hair, purple eyes, and has a wierd tattoo on the side of his neck. We all in the night dorm call him a "special", which means his job is...special. I remember Kaname calling him Zero, and the young girl Nami. Why is he so infatuated with her? And how does he find the time to even make both mine and Hitomi's life miserable? I dont even care, just random questions i guess.
Zero: Chilly night huh?
Me: I guess. *sigh*
Zero: ??
I was kinda irritated about him being there while i was having some alone time to myslef and try to think. But whatever i also knew that he carried a bloody rose and to not, when in his possession, piss him off!
Me: Aren't you suppose to be asleep in your dorm after the lock-down procedure is finished?
Zero: I guess.
Me: What's wrong not tired??
Zero: I am, but i cant stop thinking.....
Me: About what?? Eating her??
Zero: That's crazy!!! I would never hurt her!!!! I love Nami!!!
Me: Okay!! Calm down i was only kidding.....gezz lighten up!
Zero: Sorry, i just feel a little off.....
I didnt really care to know the details, then a girl with black hair came and took him by the hand and led him away. I wonder if they'll work things out?? Will things between me and Hitomi work out?? Or even our baby?? What will happen to us if the Head Master finds out about this?? Has Kaname already told him?? Oh well i didnt care really, just as long a im with her i would be alright. I know i would. I stand to my feet and stretch, and walk around for a couple of hours just thinking, randomly i suppose. I looked at the clock tower and notied the time was getting early and i had to be back in my dorm, so i headed out. As I walked through the door i noticed Kain and Aido were talking about Hitomi, cause that was what Kain was always talking about nowa days. It was really annoying me the way he looks at her when she's not looking, probably the same way i did before we said your vows a year ago. I just walked up the stairs and strait to my room. As I opened the door there was only a single light on in the room and it was beside my bed, which was where Hitomi slept soundly. I close the door and walk quietly over toward her lying there on my bed, her hair pushed back showing her neck and her hand lay ontop of her stomach which wasnt that large, as when Aido freaked and passed out, but she never looked more vunerable than the way she did now. I lie down on the bed beside her, putting her head on my chest i could feel her chest against mine, and through her shirt i felt her chest lift and fall with each deeply breathed breath she took, probably strained by our new creation of life inside her. I lightly trace my fingers across her bare neck and then traced my way down her shoudler to her arm, then back up to her neck. I just lie there, then i noticed she shifted to look at me.
Me: Oh your awake?!!! Sorry i didnt mean to wake you.
Hitomi: Where were you?? Ive been so worried about you!!??
I could tell that she had been crying, but why i only left for her own sake. I noticed how puffy her eyes were and how moist her cheeks were. I gentaly ran my thumb over her damp cheek.
Me: Sorry, but i didnt know you would be worried about me.
Hitomi: Well why wouldnt i be?? I love you, i cant imagine a moment without you.
After she said that she flung herself ontop of me and wrapped her arms around my neck, she began to cry a little, and she kept saying she loved me, and i told her repeadedly that i loved her too. Then she started kissing my neck, then trailing up to my chin and cheek, and i could feel that burning in my chest start to return. She touched her forehead to my forehead and spoke, lightly, the words i thought id never hear come from her.
Hitomi: Shiki.....make love to me....I.......I-
And before i let her finish what she was saying i kissed her passionately and tossed her over so that i was above towering over her. And in the mere light that was shone we made love, with more passion, wanting, adoring, and giving in to each of our pleasures, and this time i was not thrown on the floor!! Instead we stayed in the bed wrapped in each others arms telling each other how much we had loved one another, and then kissing and making love repeadedly, each time more fulfilling than the last.
Wakeing to the sound of humming to a beautiful song, i open my eyes and look around the room to find Hitomi sitting on a stool in front of a mirror on my desk, brushing her hair. Her voice was so soothing and calm, the sound like an angel singing a lullaby to Jesus himself. She looked more radiant than ever before. She was wearing one of my shirts fitting her loosly down to her thighs, and underneath she wore what looked like girl boxers, i wasnt sure, but she was stunning. I sat up, rustled my hair a bit, stretched and yawned, then i had noticed that there was a folded, pressed, and cleaned pair of pants lying on the edge of my bed.
Hiromi: Your awake! I hope you dont mind me wearing your shirt, i couldnt find any clean clothes of my own to wear.
She smiled a lovely smile at me and i was breathless, more than before when she use to smile at me, but now it seemed as if she was more pure than ever. I dont see how, but she did.
Me: Of course i dont mind you wearing anything that belongs to me, you are my wife now, so why should i care?
Hitomi: okay...umm i cleaned and pressed your pants for you.
Me: Yeah i noticed, ummm thanks.
Hitomi: oh, no problem i wanted to make sure you had clean clothes to put on.
Me: Again, thanks.
We looked at each other, and then she got up and walked toward me. Without unlocking our eyes, she crawled on the bed and crawled into the place between my legs and looked very closely at my face. She took my face in her hands and put her forehead to mine, closed her eyes and whispered:
Hitomi: No. Thank you. You have made my life so much more lightly and more special than anyone could have ever done.
Me: Hitomi.......
I grabbed her by her hipps and pulled her into my lap, pressing my lips to the place of the bottom of her earlobe i whispered something that i think shocked her a bit.
Me: You have no idea what you've brought to my life.
She giggled a bit, i didnt know at what, but she looked at me and smiled again, then she placed her arms around my neck.
Hitomi: Well i couldnt guess...maybe you should show me instead.
Me: Show you?? How would you like me to show you?
Hitomi: I dont know....use your imagination.
Me: Well....what if........what if i use more than my imagination??
Hitomi: Dear sir Senri do i hear a suggestion of seducing me??
Me: Only if you wish to be seduced.
She pulled me closer to her pressing our bodies together, sort of, and she kissed me lightly. Our legs became romancically intertwined. We layed there staring into each others eyes, and then there was a knock on the door.
Me: Who the hell could that be??
Hitmoi: I dont know. What time is it??
Me: The clock says 4:12 PM.
Hitomi: What?? Its almost time for class to start.
Another knock hit the door and then i hear Ichijo speek through the door telling us that classes started in about 18 mins. Which was kinda early even for night classes, but i was glad he didnt enter the room, leaving Hitomi and I together alone.
Hitomi: I guess we have to get ready for class.
As she said this she loosened her grip and slid out from underneath me, i didnt move i just let her body lightly brush against mine, feeling me with that same burning yearning passion. But i had to stop having those episodes and concentrate on school, rather than her making love to me.
I got up and put the pants she had pressed and cleaned on, and then i watched her change from out of my shirt into her uniform, it fit her just not the same, cause of her stomach. I walked over and lightly wrapped both arms around her waist and kissed her on the neck, she let out a sigh. I turned her around and looked her in the eyes, she put her hands on my chest and stood on her tippy-toes, then kissed me lightly again. I kissed her back, not as passionately as i would have liked to, but i pulled her close. Then a low steady growl entered my chest, this growl was out of wanting and from her scent, which made my nose tingle every time i smelt her.
I pressed her body to mine, then i felt it, the passion had erupted inside me. I grabbed her by the waist, picked her up and took her back to my bed. I layed her down and rose above her, showering her with kisses, and then without thinking my instincts took over. *BAD IDEA* I started jerking and tearing at her clothes, and i became more ruff than i had ever wated to be. I couldnt stop myeslf until i heard weaping coming from underneath my crazed instinctive self. It was Hitomi, she was crying. WHY?? Was i not pleasing to her?? Why the hell was she crying??
Then as i took consciousness i had realized i was more ruff than what i had thought. She had this look of betrayel in her eyes, her clothes where ripped and wrinkled, and she had more than one pair of bite marks in her. Two sets on one side of her neck, one on her shoulder, and then another three marks on the opposite side of her neck and shoulder combined. She had scratches on her arms and parts of her legs, where i knew my fingers had been, and her blood had stained more than her uniform but the sheets as well.
I was in shock at myself, i quickly jumped back away from her with wide eyes in horror, knowing that i had done that to her, the woman i loved, who i vowed to never put in danger or to never hurt her, ever! I had failed her, and i had known she felt the same way. I ran to the bathroom and slamed the door. All i heard was crying, from the outside i knew what i had done, she probably would never forgive , i know i never will forgive myself.
From the other side of the door i heard a sweet voice, it was Hitomi's.
Hitomi: Shiki???? What are you doing in there?
I opened the door and there she stood, her face was moist from the tears she cried, her blood stained uniform, and she looked as though she couldnt hold herself up.
Hitomi: Shiki....please dont leave me.
Me: How can you stand to be in the same room with me?? How can you forgive what ive done??
Hitomi: Because i love you.
Me: But Hitomi look at look as if i had tried to kill you just now!
Hitomi: But you didnt.
Me: Because i heard you crying!....Hitomi you cant ever trust to be around me anymore....alright.
Hitomi: What?? NO! I wont do that. I refuse to stay away from you. I love you, no matter what happens to me!
Me: Im sorry i let my instincts take full control and lost myself. Hitomi.....i think it would be best if you stayed in your own room from now on.
Hitomi: What?? Why??
She moved closer to me and touched my forearm lightly, then she gripped my arm.
Hitomi: Im not leaving you. I said i would stay by your side, and that's what i plan to do.
Me: But Hitomi I hurt you!! Dont you understand, i could have killed you and you seem like you dont even care!!!
Hitomi: Shiki...
Me: HITOMI!........Just....just...i dont want to hurt you again. Please you cant trust me anymore, not alone.
Hitomi: But i can and i do.
Me: Hitomi.....stop.
She started crying and she through her arms around me and sobbed against my chest. I ran my fingers through her hair and i rubbed her back. Then through her sobbed she spoke in my chest, shaking her head.
Hitomi: Shiki...I wont let you go. I need to be with you always, and forever. I cant stand to be apart from you. Please dont make me go away!! Please!!!
Me: Alright Hitomi. I wont ever tell you to leave. I wont make you go away.
Hitomi: Good. Cause im not leaving you, no matter what you or anyone else says.
Me: Okay love. You can stay til you dont feel safe.
Hitomi: That wont happen. I will always feel safe in your arms. I love you Shiki.
Me: I love you too. Just promise me you'll leave me when i hurt you again.
Hitomi: What?? NO!!
Me: Hitomi! Please!?!
Hitomi: NO I wont do that!!! I will never leave you!!
Me: Hitomi, just do it please!!
Hitomi: Fine. I......i.....i promise......i dont want to, but i promise.
Me: Good.
Although she probably only said that to give me peace at mind, i still needed her to be more aware of the danger i put her in, and that at any minute i could have killed her. Even though i vowed not to, i had still hurt her. And i will never ever forgive myself!!!
*Another Year Later*
i walk back and forth constantly... contemplating whether or not to leave this place or not. i know that if i stay that i am only putting shiki's life in more danger w/ kaname's sick obsession over me and my past. I reach down and put my hand over my stomach were a young life once lived, a young life that belonged to both Shiki and myself, a young life with a piece from each of us; but now its no longer there...or alive. Kaname had accomplished what he set out to do, and he did just that, destroyed my baby, mine and Shiki's baby.
However if shiki knew the link that holds me and kaname together he would be digusted w/me....and never want anything to do w/me. and i dont think i could endure the pain that accompanied the knowledge of shiki. still i love him, and i can not keep any secrets for him. i have to tell shiki, even if it mean absolute shame and abandoness from shiki's love and embracement.
I knock gently on the door, hopeing no one would be in there, but as i turned to step and walk away, the door cracks open and Shiki's standing there w/ a towel wrapped around his waist, and rubbing another towel through his beautiful red hair.
"Hitomi! Hey, what brings you to my door at this hour?"
"I....ummmm......I need to speak w/you Shiki." i said w/a shaky voice and trembling hands. Shiki opens the door further and i walk past him and stop in the middle of the floor. He closes the door and i turn to face him, but his back is still to me he lays his head up against the door and lets out a long heavy sigh.
Once he said my name my mind went blank. he turned to face me and the look in his eyes where nothing but understanding and love for me. He needed to know but i couldnt hurt him i cant stand to see him in pain. He walks towards me and took my hand in his and pulled me into him, he wrapped his arms around me and hugged me tightly, but it was soft not harsh. He loosened his hug around me and i looked up at him, his eyes met w/mine and he just sighed and smiled down at me.
"Shiki." i said and lowered my head. i couldnt tell him. so i decided that i wont tell him.
Then i feel the slightest touch under my chin and i lift my head to see shiki looking at me. he looked deep within my eyes. As he caressed my cheek w/his thumb i began to cry.
"Hitomi? Why are you crying??" he asked w/his head cocked to the side confused.
"I cant do this. I cant hide this any longer!"
"Do what?? Hide what??"
"i......i cant. sorry." i slid away from his embrace and just stood there, a couple of feet from him w/streams of tears running down my face. I watch as Shiki stood there w/the most confused look on his face, struggling to determine what the hell i was talking about.
"Hitomi?? Cant do what??"
"Shiki...You need to know something. I need to tell you something....important."
"Tell me what, love?"
"Its about Kaname."
"What about the scoundral Kaname?" his eyes narrowed and i could tell it inflicted pain and a fury fire deep within his chest at the mention of his name.
"Kaname has .................connected........ w/me..."
"Connected how?"
"When i was in the hospital...after the miscarriage...he bit me and drank from me."
"WHAT!?? He bit you!! and took your blood too!!!!
"So he knows everything now......everything about me, my past, and my connection w/you as well. He knows how i feel, and my emotions towards you. He tried to kill me the other night....and.."
"He did WHAT!?? I swear! If ill kill that f**king bastard for hurting you! But Why didnt you tell me before?"
"Shiki please.....Im sorry i didnt tell you earlier when it happened but i had a feeling that you would react like this and i dont want to make your life any more complicated.
"Hitomi...protecting the only thing i care for and love in my life doesnt make my life complicated. Ive chosen to take this path in protecting you, Hitomi." he walked towards me, and i started to back away.
" shouldnt want me anymore. Im connected w/Kaname and he's a dangerous person! Shiki i dont want you to get hurt being w/me." i started to cry a bit.
"Hitomi dont cry..please. I'll be just fine. I can take care of myself." he took a few more steps towards me, but i took a step back w/every step forward he took.
The last step i took i bumped into his writing desk, i turned to see what i had bumped into and when i turned my head back forward Shiki was standing in front of me. i gasped as his sudden nearness. He bent towards me arching me on the desktop. He was present between my knees in nothing but his towel. I began to blush as he just stood there leaning so close to me. I reached my arms around his neck and we kissed. He deepened the kiss making a fire flair between the two of us. The more passionate the kiss became the more longing each of us felt for each other's touch.
"Sh....iki." i gasped his name as he started lifting the edge of my skirt higher as his hand rubbed against the skin on my thigh. I was full blown a shade of pink now.
"What's the matter?" he chuckled a bit in his throat. i couldnt speak, there was a lump in my throat that wouldnt go away. I wanted him just as much as i knew he wanted me at the very instant. My heart pounded harder as his tumb went higher on the inside of my thigh and his pinky wrapped around the elastic of my panties. He began pulling down on them
"Shiki!" i gasped his name very loud and he just looked at me in utter shock, but he smiled and went back to kissing me passionately again.
He stoped trying to remove my panties and so he started to unbuttoned the back of my dress and slid it off, he leaned in and kissed me again, as my arms where coming down from being removed from my dress i wrapped them around shiki's neck. his arms wrapped around my back and he lifted me and carried me to his bed, which wasnt make up from the day before. As he laid me onto his bed he just stared w/amazment at me.
"What is it Shiki?"
"Nothing..." he smiled at me and then bent down and towered over me, he pulled on the crease of my legs and he pulled me close to his waist, his hands roamed over me and as i arched my back he kissed my neck and nuzzled at my collar bone. W/me positioned arched he unbuckled my bra and tossed it onto the floor, but never stoped kissing me and nuzzling my neck. I gasped his name as he romoved my panties and then his towel.
He made gental passionate love to me, always careful as to not get to harsh w/me and watched his blood tastes on me. Small doses every time he peaked. He whispered in my ear sweet love words and promises. I smiled because i knew he meant them and i would always belong to Shiki. No one else but him.
I began to gasp his name, gasp after gasp, breath after breathless breath, all i could think about was him, his presence, his whole being w/mine at the same time, Shiki collapsed on top of me as he yelled out in furious passion.
"Shiki." i said breathlessly, and i began to stroke his hair. he looked up at me and smiled.
"Hitomi, I love you." he smiled and leaned upward and kissed me. I caressed his shoulder w/my left hand as my right fingers ran through his beautiful red hair. When i caught my breath from Shiki's kiss, i whispered "And I love you, Shiki." his smile widened, then he gentaly kissed me and then he left a trail of kisses all the way down to my belly button, and followed his trail right back to my lips again. He licked the tips of my nose, and wrapped his arms around me and then rolled onto his back and carried me on top.
Shocked and surprised i screamed w/excitement. Shiki chuckled at me and then pulled the sheets over us and began kissing me again.
"Hmmm? Yes Shiki?"
"I won."
"What? Won what?" And as he said that his hands moved to my sides and started tickling me. at this time i shouted, screamed, and yelled very loudly for him to stop.
"Shhhhhh. Hitomi be quiet, or someone will know that you're in here."
"Well then maybe you shouldnt tickle me!" i said and i stuck my tounge out towards him, sat up and crossed my arms under my breasts, w/ a pouty face.
"Dont be like that Hitomi..." he sat up too w/me still on his lap, he rubbed my arms and then wrapped his arms around me in his embrace. "Please..." he said and then when i didnt respond he began kissing my shoulder and then my neck then whispered in my ear "I love you."
I smiled at him and i freed my arms from his embrace to embrace him myself. I hugged him and kissed him, but when i went to pull away, his hands cupped my face and he kept kissing me and layed onto his back pulling me along w/him. He let one hand free and i gasp once i felt his hand move to one of my breasts. While i gasped he smiled and then deepened the kiss. I gave into his sweet caresses and passionate kisses, we both moaned and Shiki rolled over atop me, but never let our lips separate. Once he was atop me, he pulled on the creases of my legs and he moved into me.
i smiled as he began to make love to me a second time. i was utterly posessed by him now, i wanted everything he did. i knew how to make him happy and he knew how to make me happy. and now the wretch Kaname knew the same things.
And just as that ugly thought crossed my mind Kaname busted into Shiki's room furious, and angry.
"What the F**K is going on in here!!" Shiki stopped and climbed out of bed and grabbed his pants on. "You!!!" Kaname said glaring at Shiki then to me. I pulled the sheets of Shiki's bed close around me.
"What the F**K is your problem Kaname!? Ever heard of the term knocking?" Shiki said firm and mean to him. Just then in the blink of an eye Kaname had Shiki by the throat holding him up against the wall banging his head into one of the mirrors that hung there. I screamed and ran over to them i carried the sheet w/me for my body is for only Shiki's eyes to be bestoed upon.
Kaname glared at me w/red eyes, and then back at Shiki, who was struggling to free himself. Kaname squeezed Shiki's throat harder, Shiki gasped for air. I was infuriated i began punching and knocking Kaname's side and back w/my fists.
"STOP!! STOP!! Your hurting him!!" i yelled in horror as Kaname's nails cut deep into Shiki's throat. "STOP THIS!!!!! Kaname STOP this now!!!!!!" as i started to beat him again he grabbed ahold of my blonde hair and pulled me to his face. i began to scream and fight back as he tried to kiss me. And once he forced a kiss on me, he threw me to the floor, hard as he could, then he wiped his mouth off.
"You taste like garbage! You little whore!!" he spat on me, and proceeded to try and kill Shiki.
"Dont....." Shiki gasped out "you.....ever...." breathlessly he continued "touch BASTARD!!" Shiki screamed at him.
"You are in no condition to be even considering to threaten me young fledling. Ha! i would love to see you try something!" Kaname looked down at me still wrapped in the sheet, he smiled and evil grin and i began to back crawl away from him. He punched Shiki hard in the stomach and he threw him against the wall. Shiki slid to the floor in pain and his neck was drenched in blood. I got to my feet and ran to him, i reached him and i began to try and bite my wrist for him to drink, but once i put my wrist to my mouth Kaname came over and pulled me up off the floor beside Shiki.
"NO!" i screamed constantly and tired to reach out for Shiki.
"You want to be a whore? I'll treat you like the whore you are then!" he smacked me across the face hard and i began to cry at the sting i felt on my cheek. He picked me up and started to carry me to the bed. I started kicking and screaming w/all my might to free myself because i knew what Kaname was about to do. he tossed my on the bed and placed me on my back.
"NO!! Kaname stop!" i pleaded and begged him to not do what i thouhgt but now i am positive what he was about to do.
"SILENCE YOU WHORE! isnt this what you want?" he said unblucking his belt and unbuttoning his pants. i tried to crawl away but me grabbed me by my legs and pulled me back to him. He parted my legs and i screamed and punched and clawed at his face.
"Stop that you wretch!!" he began to make "love" to me as so he called it, but i was disgusted w/him. i began crying out for help at the top of my lungs and kept hitting him. "Just relax and enjoy it!"all ii could see was Shiki lying there on the floor coughing and gasping for breath. loosing blood, but having to watch this horrific action that was taking place. i began to cryout again, but Kaname covered my mouth w/his hand.
Just then my prayers were answered. Zero and Nami were walking by outside and heard my screams, so the fled upstairs and came to Shiki and my rescue.
"Kaname! What the hell are you doing?!!" Nami said in horror!! And as she said that Zero pulled him off me and punched him across the face and knocked him to the floor. Then Zero dashed over to Shiki and helped him regain his strength. Kaname looked at Zero w/fury and confusion, then he looked at me lying on the bed wrapped in covers and w/nami comforting me.
"Oh God! What've i done?" then while he asked the question Shiki stood infront of him, making Kaname look up to him.
"You tried to kill me, and you rapped hitomi. YOU MOTHER F**KER!!!" shiki said as he grabbed kaname's jacket, "You BASTARD!! How dare you do that to my woman! to my future mate!?? You sicken me!"
"Your sorry that's what you are!" Shiki screamed in his face. Shiki released his hold on Kaname's jacket and turned to Zero. "Thank you," then he turned to Nami, "as to you as well, Thank you both."
Shiki looked at me, but i couldnt look at him i was so ashamed of myself. Now i know for sure Shiki will never want me again. Not after what had just happened.
"Will the two of you give me and Hitomi a minute please." Zero nodded at Shiki then the both of them were out of the room and they took Kaname along w/them. once the door was shut behind them there was no more noise between the two of us. I could feel Shiki's eyes on me, but i still couldnt look at him. He walked over to me and squatted down infront of me sitting on the bed, he reached up and brushed a long curly blonde locke of hair out of my face, then he caressed my arm.
"Im sorry." he said as he bowed his head. My head shot up and i stared at him, confused at why he was apologizing, when i should be the one apologizing not him. then i felt something wet drop onto my knee, where Shiki's head was bent over. I saw it, the tears that Shiki were crying. I grabbed Shiki's hand and i kissed the top of his head. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to cry harder and telling me that he was sorry.
"Shiki." i spoke his name and he looked up at me, his beautiful blue eyes where glazed w/tears and he just looked at me like he was waiting on me to forgive him. "why are you apologizing to me?" he just looked at me w/the most confused look on his face as if he were required to apologize.
"For not being able to protect you from Kaname. Hitomi im so very sorry. Please forgive me! i can understand if you cant ever be w/me ever again! Im so sorry Hitomi...I..." i had to cut him off he was being ridiculous.
"Shiki. Stop." i held him and i, myself, began to cry. i cant stand to see him cry when he did nothing wrong. "Shiki i will always want you, but im worried whether you want me after what happened. I was touched by someone body no longer only belongs to you but Kaname now too." i cried harder when i realized that fact was now true. the horrific truth of my body.....of my connections. Shiki unwrapped his arms from around my waist and looked up at me.
"You shouldnt cry hitomi. It wasnt your fault one bit. Kaname's a wretch who thinks he can have whatever the hell he wants but he is mistaken. He cant have you. You will belong to me always."
"Shiki......Kaname IS very mistaken....he might have had his way w/me, but he will never obtain my love or my heart. For that posession belongs to you, and only you Shiki." Shiki smiled at me and then he stood and took my chin and lifted it, then he bent down and kissed me. i didnt kiss back, and Shiki just stared at me.
"What is it?" he asked so very concerned "do i taste bad or something?"
"Do i?" i reasked his own question.
"What? of course you dont, you always taste sweet to me. Why would you ask that? Is it because of Kaname?" i didnt speak, i just lowered my head in shame. He knew exactly why i had asked him that question. "Hitomi you dont have to worry about him any more. i can at least promise you not so sure about being able to protect you anymore. And im sorry for that."
"Shiki you dont have to keep apologizing, really you dont."
"Yes i do Hitomi. I let Kaname get away w/defiling you right infront of me! thats unforgivable on my part i shouldve done something but i didnt! i just laied there on the floor and did nothing!"
"Shiki its not your fault! Im surprised that you even still want to me w/me."
"Why wouldnt i want to be w/you Hitomi?"
"Well because of Kaname being w/me, and i know that you have a fire passion of hatred towards him, and if he had me like he did then you wouldnt want anything to do w/me."
"Hitomi...Love...Sweetheart. Kaname forced you to have sex w/him. He rapped you, and there was nothing you could do, he over powered you. And sure i have the most firey passion of hatred for him, but that doesnt mean i wont ever want you. Hitomi, i will always.....always and forever want you in my life. So dont you ever think otherwise, okay."
"Alright." i just started to cry again at the reality that just happened. Shiki sat on the bed next to and embraced me w/his bare arms and i fell into his bare chest with tears filling and flowing from my eyes.
"Shhhh..please dont cry my love." he said as he ran his fingers through my long blonde hair. W/every sigh and sob that i made my heart ached more and more at the thought of how much this must be tearing Shiki apart inside.
"Shiki!" i gasped as my hands immediately flew to his throat, his wounds were all healed and the was only a couple of dryed blood stains on his neck and collar bone. "Your scars!"
"What about them?" he asked questioning me.
"they're gone! like there was never really anything there in the first place! WoW! that's amazing how fast you can regain your strength and health."
"It's nothing really." he said grasping my hands in his and he began to caress them, then he leaned his head down and kissed the top of my hands. "I love you Hitomi."
I smiled and another tear began to roll down my cheek, but he stopped it with his finger, then kissed the tip of my nose. " I wish you would stop crying sweet, it makes me sad to see you like this. So please no more tears." he smiled at me and looked into my eyes, "you really are beautiful. And the best thing of it all, is that im all yours to do whatever you wish to do w/me. I am your chivaliae for as long as your wish me to be."
"My chivaliae? What's that?" i asked curiously cause this was the first time w/shiki. Ive heard it from Idol and Karria, but never from Shiki.
"Well it basically means 'mate' or 'lover' or 'servant' for as long as you will have me." he said as he kissed my cheek. i smiled.
"For as long as i will have you? well that would be forever w/me Shiki. I will always want you, all of you." i smiled and he smiled a wide smile.
"Good cause i woudnt know what to you w/out you in my life, honestly, ever since i first set eyes on you when you came back into my life. i had always pictured a young lady, but now that im seeing you, i see a woman. The woman of my dreams, of my love."
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