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Name:   Shin
Birthday:   1992-02-09
Joined:   2009-03-07

Summer...?I think school's has a lot of fun than Summer..

Alright.My name's Shintaki Utada but you can call me Shin.I'm Currently dating Hikaru,and he's one hot guy.My family,you say?Well I have 3 brothers and I'm the only girl in our house.My mother's dead.Wanna ask how she died?She fell off the cliff because of a wild dog.Well she's really afraid of dogs.But that incident doesn't stop from taking care of my dog named Pity.Ok,let's stop talking about that!This profile's a "ME" thing you know!The oldest of the family is Akira.Next is me,then K-maru then Kean.Akira's 20,i'm 19,K-maru's 16 then Kean's 12.My father's working abroad,and we're a bit happy of that because we can do anything we want to do in the house up to 5 am and the only reason's playing an online game?Well sometimes i do that but only on Fridays And Saturdays in school days.But in summer i always do it....

My Girls

This Emerald

Emerald's dating my brother,Akira and is living with her parents,2 sisters and her naughty cousin,Michelle.She loves to sing and she loves to play her electric guitar.

This is Danka.

Danka is my best friend.She's a vain person and she always check herself in the mirror.She's sometimes funny but not as funny as Emerald.She makes a joke out everything and everyone.

This is Nina.

Nina is her real name but we call her Ninzy.She's 17 and dating Kyieto.She's a bit shy person but sometime she's talkative.

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abandoned princess writes:
Slavery Boy in the Winter
One winter day I was trapped in my cellar or room with nothing to eat but bitter snow. I was a slave boy and whenever I was trapped in the cellar anger feel over me. In the summer I'd eat dirt and and in the winter snow with it's bitter flavor. Whenever I'd eat it my molar would hurt and I'd start to cry. On a lunar aclibse my owner would say it was a bad night and it was because of me. She'd also say I wasn't proper and I'd never be popular. She was right, this became a major problem for and it caused me stress.
I went to talk to the mayor, senator, and congress on this cold day for freedom. They all said, "No, it's illegal to set a slave free."
I got on a bus to see all the passengers. The bus driver stopped me and asked for money. I told him I only had a quarter. He kind of shoved me out of the bus, I started to slide on the ice, and bonk; I hit my head on a pillar. I tried to hold in my tears but I coundn't, and soon my tears turned to ice. He said sorry and gave my a pocket calender, but I ripped it up because I was mad. A cowboy told me I could ride with him on his tractor but I passed.
I got home and into the cellar. I tried to sleep, but the snow clumps on the roof sounded like thunder. I started to get really warm and I passed away.....
The next day my owner went down to tell me to get to work, but saw me dead on the ground.
An hour later a messenger came with a note for me. When he handed it to my owner she started to cry, and he snuck away. She opened it up and it said:
Dear You,
This is the congress speaking to tell you we have given you freedom. You are now a free man. Live wisely! =)
Love Congress
If you don't send this to 5 people you will either die or have one of your friends die!!!! {This is real and serious!!! One of my friends died from reading this!!!}

Posted on: Jan 2nd 2011, 6:29:19am

churai_902 writes:
Wake dearest i'm back!

Posted on: Nov 13th 2010, 6:29:55am

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