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Name:   thissnigguh
Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2012-03-24
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pinkmist. writes:
I just realized! I didn't do August 3rd!
I'll do it meow;
August 3rd.
Well, my parents decided to make the grossest
Food ever... Lobster. You might not think it's gross,
But I'm allergic to sea food. I can touch it, but not
Eat it. Well the smell stayed in the house. All night.

August 4th;
I finally got over the lobster smell. I helped dad make
Lobster rolls for him, mum, and the boys. I babysat
All day and I was excited to see you wrote to me. Cammy
Text me saying "I see Andy was on :) he's so sweet on
You." then she texted me after I said I know, she replied
With "y'all are so cute!" yeah. I love you.

Posted on: Aug 5th 2012, 12:55:18am

pinkmist. writes:
Your my life. <3

Posted on: Aug 4th 2012, 4:41:44pm

pinkmist. writes:
Hah the soda tastes good at first
And then like, horrible. Omg I
Miss you so much.<3 how has the
Job & school hunt been going?
Yeah I'm surprised we are. But I
Can't say the same for my brothers..
I love you too baby Andy<3

Posted on: Aug 4th 2012, 4:33:55pm

pinkmist. writes:
August 2nd.
Bleh. Still haven't spoke to you in a while, and
I still miss you terribly. I've been lazy and laid in
Bed basically all day, and I feel like shit right meow.
My brother got this cool soda machine that you can
Make the soda from water & liek, it seriously tastes
Liek soda. I'm so amazed from modern time stuff. It's
So amazing. & mom and I have been getting along a
Lot better than we have in a while and idk how that happens.
Anyway, still miss & love you Baby Andy.
<8:18 pm>

Posted on: Aug 3rd 2012, 2:18:51am

pinkmist. writes:
I last wrote to you, three days ago. Be expecting
Daily comments.
August 1st; I miss you terribly. I miss seeing that you
Have commented on my page, or I miss seeing updates
On your page for me. I hope the work & college search
Is going good. Mum decided to rip a wall out and put in
A window.. Dads not too happy. All I want to do is talk
To you. It's unhealthy how much I miss you. /: your such
A boob for not getting on, but I know why so. Bleh, I miss
You. I'll write you tomorrow. ♥ ♥
<5:04 pm>

Posted on: Aug 1st 2012, 11:04:42pm

pinkmist. writes:
Andy baby. /:
Bleh I miss you so much. My ex keeps
Bugging me about going back out with
Him but I really like you. /;

Posted on: Jul 29th 2012, 11:07:25pm

pinkmist. writes:
Alright.. I won't quit. Just for you.

Posted on: Jul 28th 2012, 1:02:33pm

pinkmist. writes:
I miss you Andy. You like need your phone back,
The second I see your comment, I'm quitting. I
Really hope you atleast come see me. I'd be so happy.
Text me, or call me. Whatever 1-207-214-5066
I love you <3

Posted on: Jul 26th 2012, 8:03:48pm

pinkmist. writes:
OMG, come to college up here
&& like.. I'll help you find a job :)
The college is next door to the
High school so liek, yep :3

Posted on: Jul 26th 2012, 1:46:38am

pinkmist. writes:
& I love you too. I really
Hope you find a good job
& college. /:
I miss you though

Posted on: Jul 25th 2012, 9:59:53pm

pinkmist. writes:
Your never on and I hate it.
You need to start getting on

Posted on: Jul 25th 2012, 9:58:56pm

torturedsouls. writes:
I miss you </3

Posted on: Jul 10th 2012, 5:49:01pm

torturedsouls. writes:
Yeah, I am. She's probably going to get me sooner (:
I love you <33

Posted on: Jun 21st 2012, 4:59:51am

torturedsouls. writes:
Here's an update on my life,
Well my sister bought a 2 bedroom apartment and im having a hard time at home and school, (basically I don't like my home life) and she asked if I would move in with her, and she would do everything in her power to prove to my parents, that their unfit parents, so basically I'd be goin to a new school and everything.

Posted on: Jun 17th 2012, 4:21:43pm

torturedsouls. writes:
Yes I do! Omg /:

Posted on: Jun 14th 2012, 11:51:56pm

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