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Birthday:   1920-01-01
Joined:   2009-07-05

Seriously,I'm here not to get attention.And people who join GG
are not bitches,but most of them are."why?" you are asking;reasons:

1)When some attention seekers made "i hate gg" account,like half
of the members started acting immaturely,they started saying "fuck
you,you're a fuckin bitch" and these stuff,why the hell is that?

*You can't control your nerves? Sweetie,why didn't you even ignore
that account now that person is famous because of YOU and your
FRIENDS.I'm not meaning any offense,but why bother?

2)GG is a site where half of the members steal graphics from other
sites,Deviant Art is one of them.

*You're not a good graphic designer? Then why don't you go and
buy photoshop and seek some tutorials?

3)Too many fakes here,you don't love yourself? Go suicide.
*Yeah that's right,every site has fakes but on GG,super very much.
Thanks to Remi/Scream,she is clearing the place from the fakes.

4)Too much drama here,why are you people so troublesome?
Go cause problems for your mum,not for us on GG.
* "And like why do you care?",is your next thought.Why I care?
I'm a member of GG,and I love GG but all that makes me hate it
in some way.

5)When they hate someone,they start calling them like the worst
words in the English language.

*It makes your enemies very happy.So stop it unless you feel
like there is no other way to shut them up.

6)Not to mention other stupid and silly problems,people
on GG always acuse (did i type it right?) others of copying them.
When they have no proof,and no witnesses (wow,this now became a
crime o_O).

*You have proof? No.You have any right to acuse someone when you
are not sure? Also no.

7)Moderators don't do their job well."and like how?",you'll say.I'll tell you how,they allow GG to be such
a mess I know that GG is such a site with many members but
they should not take the advantage of that fact.I know that
mods have a life also but the way they work,really is disappointing.

*I don't think many of you were here when we found
out about a member stealing graphics when she was known for being
one of the best graphic designers in GG,and the moderators did
nothing.No offense to that person and his/her friends.
(i really don't mean any offense,many people where busted that
way and nothing was done to them,nothing).

I am brave enough to say that I am Sana,aka,Supergal
who created this account.There's nothing to be afraid
of when you are trying to make your point clear right?
I know I won't get banned,just would receive some bad
words from immature ones,but who cares? I can control
my anger so I won't even care,as long as I know I'm right.

What I want from you:
I want you to say if you agree with me or not,c'mon
speak up ;) I spoke up for myself and made this account
and even revealed my identity so I won't get stuff like
"oh look at the coward,she even is afraid to say who
she is!",so now it's your turn to speak up and say what
you think.All spam will be deleted,bad words will be kept
forever,in case I wanna show an example of an immature one.

The most important,I want you to ignore these:
ihategg-gg stinks-gg sucks
And here's the reason why..*click
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