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if u don't like me;; theres nothing i can do, heres a newsflash honey, i don't live to please you.

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Name:   x_emergency_x
Birthday:   1992-12-12
Joined:   2007-04-18
Location:   michigan..
Uploads:   57 graphics 
all that stuff you heard about me being a bitch? yeah its probably true. that person that probably told you? yeah i bet their a bitch too.


note to self:: put something here for the nice readers.

WARNING::random shit coming your way.

i have a bad habit of liking people wayy more than they like me and then i get hurt. =/
Oh yeah. The names Nicole.
i hate the way mint smells...
most people would say im a freak or a bitch. id perfer nicole tho.
cody is mi adiction
i dont beleive their is any age limit on love.
"love is like salted water; the more you drink the more you want" thats mi favorite quote.
i love how people stare at me like im some kind of freak. it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling inside.
i say haha way too much.
OMFG. i hateeee it when people point their wrist when they want the time. do i point to mi crotch when i have to pee? NO!! gha...
i dont really like the way i look but i dont hate the way i look either.
DONT call me nikki.ill get a walrus to ass rape you.
i am exteremly perverted. hah.
music is mi life.
i couldnt spell if a truck full of alphabet blocks hit me in the face and it said phonix.
yea ok. your hairs kooler than mine, youve had more boyfriends than me, your more popular, prettier, richer? guess wat. i dont care. im always gona be miself even if im not the nicest richest prettiest girl ever.
i have a issue with people calling me emo. im not. just cuz i wear black means nothing. its a color get over it bizzsnacherz. 14 years young.
if i say i love you, i mean it.
im supa shy when you first meet me but get to know me, im a pretty kool person :)
i love banana flavored stuff.
yush. i am athiest. dont tell meh im gona burn in hell cuz i dont believe in god. lol ill prolly end up laughing in your face.

hair dye+converse= LOVENESS.

T A L K T O M E I D O N T B I T E . . . H A R D

-madina lake♥
-my chemical romance♥
-panic at the disco♥
-the used♥♥
-rock kills kid
-death by stereo
-agony scene
-inked in blood
-kill hannah
-bullet for my valentine
-papa roach
-inhale exhale ♥
-red jumsuit apparatus♥
-Escape the Fate
-Sparks the Rescue

"love is like torture for the heart"

-The Matches
-Gym Class Heroes
-matchbox 20
-Funeral for a friend
-Fear Before the March of Flames
-The Academy is...♥
-manchester orchestra
-Taking Back Sunday♥
-Say Anything♥
-The Early November
-I Can Make a Mess like Nobodys Business
-Bright Eyes
-Senses Fail
-The Postal Service
-Yo Yo Carnival for President
-The Faint♥
-Armor for Sleep
-The Weakend
-Motion City Soundtrack♥
-Protest the Hero
-Cobra Starship
-This Providence
-Cute is what we Aim for
-death cab for a cutie
-hollywood undead
-Yeah Yeah Yeahs
-Hit the Lights♥

-Rock kills Kid
-We are the Fury♥
-The Scene Aesthetic♥
-Nowhere Found
-Men, Women, and Children
-the almost
-boys like girls♥

"even if i say itll be alright, still i hear you say you want to end your life"
~three days grace~

"i told myself i wont miss you, but i remembered what if feels like beside you"

"if we cut out the bad well then we'd have nothing left"
~the used~

"when you go would you have the guts to say i dont love you, like i loved you, yesterday"
~my chemical romance~

"i gave you every waking moment, i gave you everything you wanted, and now i know your giving me up"
~madina lake~

T R Y M E .

so im not your average teenage girl.
im nothing too special, but believe me
im not average.
dont try to label me i wont fit into any of your stereotypes.
you labeling me is just a challenge to prove you wrong.
hate being told what to do.
yeah ok so im immature.
dont tell me to "grow up".
you need to stop being a stuck up prick and have some fun.
i dont care what anyone thinks about me.
ive been called just about everything under the sun.
ive probably had more rumors spred about me in a day then friends i have.
im kinda a loner.
its really hard for me to trust people.
ive learned the hard way for alot of things.
but when you do have my trust,
ill trust you forever.
if you tell me something, mean it.

if your going to talk behind my back,
G O D R I N K N A I L P O L I S H.

yush i will take over the world one day,
so bow down bitches. ^.^

i dont have very many friends,
but the ones i do have mean the world to me.

i havn't had many boyfriends,
but the ones i had i really did love.

"im not another teenage fucking whore"

heres the people that mean the most to me.

this is amber. shes one of mi best friends, shes been with me through the good and the bad. i love her. she gives me strength to go on. i know she wouldnt judge me even if i told her i was a lesbian, crack dealing, pot smoking, prostitute. hahahaha.<3

this is cody. i love him so much, no one could really understand. ive been with this kid for about 6 months now. he is EVERYTHING to me. no one could ever take him away from me. some people have to search for a lifetime to find true love, and some never do find it, i guess i was pretty lucky to meet cody cuz i could never love anyone the way i love him. i would die without him. hes the only reason i get up in the morning, and the only reason i have to keep living cuz even though he lives like 500 miles away from me, just wait. when i turn 18, and hell be 20, well be together, and we can get away from this hell and be together forever. cody i fucking love you with all my heart, your the only one with that holds the key to my heart and your the only one that ever will. <3333333333

oh god...travis. we have so many inside jokes. he knows exactly what to say to make me smile. ill be their for you forever. <33

haaaaaahaaaaaaa..the green licorish at the tractor supply co.
popcorn fights in the movie theater..
haveing snowball fights in the rain XD
damn if anyone messes with this girl i swear to fucking god i will fuck your face up so bad. haha.
ily <33

that would be me.

guess what? i am human. and i do hurt and cry and bleed just like the rest of you. alot of people think its ok to do stuff to me because im a good actor. i pretend like nothing gets to me, that everythings ok, and that words dont hurt me. but in reality they do. but im not one of those people that sits their and crys about it...i get even.

dont mess with the best bitches.

yes i do smoke.
dont judge me for it. i have mi reasons.

yes i do drink.
dont like it?
kiss mi ass =]

i am 14.
I have the looks of a fifteen year old.
I have the outlook of a eighteen year old.
I have the pantience of a five year old.
I have the life experience of an seventeen year old.
I have the sexual mindset of a sixteen year old.
I have the personality of a fifteen year old.
and I would never change it.

i love cody more than anything...

LOVE is the slowest form of suicide...

>>>>>>this shit is addicting<<<<<<

fuck the rain.
K I S S M E I N T H E S N O W.
i wanna be kissed on the snowiest day ever when i get locked out of mi house and im freezing cold, and theirs no where to go.

i cant do a cartwheel. when i try i kinda look like im having a cesure. yea cant spell either. hahaaah.
im amused very easily.
if you havnt noticed im kinda in love with love.
to me its one of the best feelings you can have.
i want to be a graphics designer.

i dont care what you think,
i wont change just to make you or anyone else happy.
i could care less if you like me or not
cuz guess wat
maybe just maybe..
i dont like you all that much either.

you can try and copy me all you want.
but youll never be me.
so you should stop wasting your time trying.
cuz being yourself is much better then trying to be someone else.
no matter who you are, your different from everyone else,
and thats what makes you special.
by coping someone else your throwing that all away.
the things that make you different
are the things that make you beautiful.

point and laugh at the girl with the purple and red dyed hair.
just cuz she has the guts to be something
that your not.

oh yeah.
and to top it all off..
|.codys gona turn me into a vampire.|
cuz i love him. and he loves me.
and were gona run away together, and get away from this hell one day.

^.^ i wrote this. ^.^

oh beautiful, yet wreckless night.
how enchanting it may be, and also troubling..
what comes before you when you sleep at night?
is it your dreams? your nightmares?
or is it something else..something you cannot describe..
what is your worst fears that haunt your dreams and turn them into a nightmare?

fear is what lies with you at night; fear is what sings you to sleep.
no one may know what your true fear is, what haunting inside your room is..
but i do know one thing.
immortality is what haunts everyone.
you may not realize it, your human entertainment portrays, movies, plays, films;
they all teach you,
that your fear is death.


this is what cody wrote for me<3<3<3
i love this kid.

you had room in your heart and you took me in while i was romeing wild lonely cast away from love i was, but u showed me love and i liked it so we desided to be bf and gf it was the happest day of my life no one can make me happy like you, many have tryed only you have triumphed only you, my gf and future wife <3 i love you with all of my blood pumping heart, your family i love as well indeed your sister is funny and cute and mean sometimes, your mom is funny and nice, your grandmother talks funny :P, but that doesnt really matter as long as i love you and you love me thats all we will ever need to make it through, im perfectly ready to spend my life with u forever, i never want to say goodbye to you my love you mean so much to me it hurts to say bye even for 5 mins im sad when im not talking to you my love it hurts when your gone im so happy when u randomly say cute things and say i love you :) you make me the happyest person in the world and i cant wait for our wedding my love :D


you left my heart feels broken even though its only momentaraly i miss you terribaly like a toddler being sepparated from there mothers for the first time, the urge to be with u is stronger then my urge to live and i need you to keep it, i feel like someone is chaning me to a wall being so far away from you, im so lonely when im not talking to you my dear i would do anything to be with you for at least a moment of my life, to kiss you i would kill to hug you i would thug to marry you i would carry you to the ends of the world with my love for you witch is stronger then anything, i really wish you were here so i could hold you and be with you but the ass hole's named distance and time are stopping us from being together for now, someday though we wont be apart and we will be in each othes arms for as long as we want and i will be everywhere with you as you for me would also, when were finaly together i never want to leave your side my love my only mi baby:)

isnt my drug
he is my oxygen.

and ill prove you wrong.
and ill tell you off.
and just watch where i end up.
and ill show you one.

and ill do you twice as bad.
but you really have no idea."

baby, i could be your or your worst

M O V I E S:::

photography is one of the few things that keeps me somewhat sane. haha.
heres some of my

P H O T O G R A P H Y I S A R T .

ever had a crush on me? or just think im kool?


annd tell meh.


i think that is the koolest thing ever and that whoever wants to ban free hugs is a total asshole and needs to go die. and that guy giving them..he should get something for that. we need more people like him in this world

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