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i love you, you love me... really well then post it :DD

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Name:   send me some loveh :]
Birthday:   1920-01-01
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Friend, it's an indescribable word.
But I describe
it as you
send me some love ♥
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whisper. writes:
Anniversary of Beffies.
I know this person, yeah. Her name is Dr Banana Redrose Detective Pink 6 Rhedyn Smoxxo. She is the bestest best friend in the world! She is the best at shopping at Big W over the computer and loves to buy underwear that ave been worn once.She makes my mail hot and i search her google. She laughs like a normal person. :O Shocker, i know! Her turtles almost killed my cat and now they are enemies. lamp, is so annoyig! Never saying anything , except poking his tongue >:/ Babe, you are the best Babe in the world. You kill the Beanie Master and strap him to a rocket. You ish OLOARIOUS! when i slap you and and when we talk, i get in trouble for laughing to much.I'll write more later, cuase right now i'm having a mental blank :P So, before i end this for a while, just gonna say,
I LOVE YOU Dr Banana Redrose Detective Pink 6 Rhedyn Smoxxo.

Posted on: Jan 16th 2011, 1:06:31am

whisper. writes:

Do you see this girl with the user betrayal?
Well, she is the most amazing person I know.
She is beautiful, smoxxoo, loving, caring,
amazing,wonderful, exquisite. She is, in general,
the best freaking friend anyone could wish for.
You make me laugh and cry from laughing. You make
me smile but just talking to me and when we webcam,
we're unstoppable! One day, we will kill bumfluff
and become the worlds best known heros. You
are the best Detective Pinky 6, Redrose and god
knows what else I know.We can 'OLO' at anything
and everything and randomly tell eachother when we are
going to the flowers, just substituting words xD.
We talk about everything and i trust you with my life.
I love you with all my two-fist-fulls of heart. There isn't
anything i wouldn't do for you, and you are my best
friend in the whole wide world, scratch that.
You are my best friend in the whole entire UNIVERSE.
So, if you ever come across her, just hope to god she likes
you, because you will be the luckiest person alive if she does!

Posted on: Jan 10th 2011, 2:48:32am

Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 9:31:08pm

Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 8:59:43pm

caitlin short stack writes:


Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 8:39:19pm

caitlin short stack writes:
ILY Cake Buddy
LOL, you stole my quote :P
Oh well :]

Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 8:31:52pm

alovernotafighter. writes:


Posted on: Dec 22nd 2010, 3:18:04am

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 10:04:55pm

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 8:07:45pm

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 8:07:18pm

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 8:06:53pm

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 7:33:51pm

Posted on: Dec 21st 2010, 7:27:36pm

whisper. writes:
Yes, you finally made it.
Ok, where do i start.
Oh, i know. At the beginning.
I have no idea how i met you on the BKF. All i know is that we were like connectable textas, we just got eachother. I don't think it was long until we started to write, or as we liked to call it back then, pen pal xD
We made names up for people and got nicknames for ourselves. We sent letters and would wait until they came. I remeber then first letter that came, i actually squeals. Yeah, I squealed :P No joke, i was excited, really excited!! Anyways, i don't think i have ever laughed so hard in my life when i read your letters sometimes. Or when we talk on MSN. Some of the things we come up with ... Bhaha priceless!!We went hunting for doll sites and we actually found some !!! We amde words up and talk about ...stuff *cough cough* special someones . Red Rose, Haha, i remeber our first Siggeh shop. Shockwave sigs and avvies OLO it was pretty cool!!! We made more nicknames then i can remember :P And had the best of times on MSN. I remeber i was 'chasing' you on my sheep whiel you were running away on your dog xD I hope you Gppd and you ish Olo'ing because some of the memories you and i have together are OLOARIOUS. You helped me through my rough patch and i love to hear about your best friend Jaymie (: She is just so...peachy! xD We talk books and populars and god knows what else. We share when we go to ...places xD and you tell me random lines from movies you watch :P I can't think of words to describe you and I think if i could write all the things we do this would be an endless comment :P <33 You ish my bestest friend in the whoel wide world and i hope that never ever ever changes!!! <333


Posted on: Dec 18th 2010, 3:10:01am

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