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Further down below are some wonderfull site's for everyone..
from the very newest artist to those who are skilled
at creating graphix. If you've never made a graphic before.. go play around with your photos at a couple
of the *websites below (no download) It's alot of fun
& your skill & confidence will improve with time.
➡ If you have any questions just ask. I will do my
best to help you.. take care ❥

For those who dont want 2 download, there are
links to photo editors below that you can play around with.. or (same site) (animations) (photo editing) (text & more mobile app) (photo effects) (frames) (glitters & effects) (animations) (add text 2 pix) (special effects)

--Anne Geddes, Carebears, Colleenland, IMVU Dolls,
Mary Engelbreit, Me To You Bears (Tatty Teddy), Playboy logo, Pon
and Zi, Precious Moments, Ruth &/or Bill Moorehead,
Sanrio Characters including Hello Kitty
Disney & Betty Boop require a copywrite on any
of their characters we use. Put the copywrite
symbol in front of the name, like this ↪ (c)DISNEY

NO DOWNLOAD CONTINUED: (add text ect) (photo editor) (play around) (Sparkle tutorial) (Sparkle Shapes) (special effects)


•To try out of different ANIMATIONS available see info below•
➡ (snow, rain, blood, glitter, bubbles, water droplet, ect) you click on ➡ ANIMATION then on ALL ANIMATION EFFECTS. This will open the animations so you can choose the one you want. For now we are choosing glitterize.. if its not on the 1st page of options click the words MORE EXAMPLES

below the first page of options til you see a photo of
a tower that says glitterize. Select it. Once the glitter option opens you now have a couple more options to choose from. LUNAPIC.COM takes a bit 2 get used too but, they have loads you can do with your photo. You can add glitter to any photo. Two styles. You can add glitter around the edges of an image or you can fill it completely.

I prefer these options:: FAST-GOLD-OUTLINE then i hit apply (you can check out the choices of speed,
color and filling the image with glitter or outlining it.. personally i think the outlining looks much better than the fill does) •remember• no matter what you add to your image.. you can ALWAYS UNDO IT! All you do is select the drop down menu by clicking the 3 stacked lines on the left of the screen. Then select; EDIT then the top option: UNDO LAST ACTION. Now you can go back to the animations and try other options until
you make the image look the way you want it too (have fun)


↪ Also.. As i come accross them, I will add the names of the sites so you can get free images to play with.
For instance BELOW is a short list of great sites. Including one with loads of disney cartoons to use:: (•info below) ⬇

*Just be sure to put the (c) DISNEY on the image.
Make sure you leave a link back to the webpage you got the free image from if they ask for it. Also.. Always check the TOU (TERMS OF USE) in order to do
as they ask in exchange for using the images.


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redgiant writes:
Shian, you're so welcome and thanks for appreciating..

Posted on: Dec 13th 2018, 11:33:45am

sky4118 writes:

Posted on: Dec 13th 2018, 2:04:26am

katerinapap writes:

Posted on: Dec 12th 2018, 3:16:01pm

jane (official artist) writes:
Thanks Shian for the info, but you didn't have to do that. It just shows what a sweet lady you are and I appreciate it so much. I hope you are enjoying your day. It's cold here, of course, and we have snow. It looks so pretty but my bones don't like the cold so much anymore. I'm waiting on summer now to get my tan on, lol. I'm off now to keep working on my computer since I had to get a new hard drive. When I get it perfect, it will all be saved, believe me. Enjoy whatever you are doing and I'll be by soon. Hugs, Jane

Posted on: Dec 11th 2018, 7:24:47pm

babygirl303 (official artist) writes:
Hi Shian you are very welcome for your tags thanks for your request I had to redo them as I typed so fast and misspelled your name and another member kindly caught it for me so sorry about that but I did redo them and uploaded them and they should have already been approved and sorry again hugs melanie

Posted on: Dec 11th 2018, 3:22:51pm

robbie4 (official artist) writes:

Posted on: Dec 11th 2018, 2:02:49am

jane (official artist) writes:
Shian, the sad thing is neither is a puppy, one is about 7-8 and the other 5-6. Too many to remember their exact without looking at it on the paper where I keep track of everything for them. The bigger Puggle, Sadie, I adopted from a dog pound in Ohio and the other one, Bella, also from Ohio but from a person. Sadie roamed the streets till they caught her, so had to fend for herself and that might be where she got the aggression. But she never bothered with any other dogs that I have seen. Bella is so darn cute, she is so sweet and submissive, it almost killed me when it happened and sadly it was not the first time. But first time I got bit. No, actually the 2nd. Bella thought she was biting Sadie. It's hard to explain, I love all my dogs to death, but Sadie is my girl for sure. She is so funny when she tucks her butt down and runs through the house, it cracks me up. She listens to me better than the others too. It's our fault that we never got any of them trained. We had too many at our last house and the chihuahuas used pee pads and we took bigger ones out. But where we are now we can have as many animals as we want. Gotta love living in the country. lol. The funny thing is they used to play together, then one day Ron accidentally opened a door and Sadie ran in and grabbed Bella by the neck ans was shaking her. I was so terrified, could not get her off Bella. We had to take Bella to vet as she had bite wounds and we didn't want them to get infected. It tears me up seeing her hurt. I was screaming for Ron to do something, he just stood there and me, with my back problems, neck issues and others, I'm rolling all over the ground trying to separate them. He is not good in any type of emergency. lol. We just have to be more careful with both of them. A few of them are getting near that age where they'll be leaving us and NOT looking forward to that. I already lost a dog and two cats. But it's part of life. Well now that I wrote you a novel, lol, you're probably ready to take a nap. I'll go get some things done on my computer, still putting stuff on the new hard drive and fixing it up so I can back it up. I hope you enjoy your day. Hugs

Posted on: Dec 9th 2018, 6:24:24pm

jczbabydoll (moderator) (contest runner-up) writes:
Hi Shian,

Thanks for stopping by & the lovely graphic you left on my page. Hope your evening was a beautiful one too, thanks.
Wishing you a blessed day & week ahead :)

Posted on: Dec 9th 2018, 12:49:05pm

fran (official artist) writes:
Hello Sweetie,
Thank you for stopping's always good to hear from you.
I hope you're having a wonderful weekend, have a Blessed Sunday and sending you...

Posted on: Dec 9th 2018, 3:48:49am

katerinapap writes:
hello my dear friend
I see this comment that she has written to a girlfriend and copied it to translate it because my english is not very good
sorry my dear

Posted on: Dec 8th 2018, 8:29:01pm

olesya-st (official artist) writes:
hi, Shian! :)
have a nice weekend!

Posted on: Dec 8th 2018, 3:42:24pm

babygirl303 (official artist) writes:
Hey Shian, Thanks so much for your request I have them both uploaded and waiting on approval on the merry Christmas one it might look alittle different I had to start over on it as I didn't make a blank one hope it came out the same to me it did. Thanks again have a great day hugs Melanie

Posted on: Dec 7th 2018, 7:44:34pm

jane (official artist) writes:
Hi Shian, how are you? I uploaded your two requests. I had to redo the one with Baby, it's cold outside, but it has been uploaded again. Thanks for your requests, I don't get many anymore. I think I'm going to take a break from making so many and request a few, which I hardly ever remember to do. Well, I hope you have a great day. I'm recovering from a fall. Well, not really a fall, more like a throw yourself on the floor to keep two dogs from killing each other. I have a bad back and so many other things, but I literally threw myself on the floor to keep my one older puggle from coming through a gate to get my younger puggle. Not sure why she attacks her, she is so submissive and sweet. In the process I got bit big time. But it will heal. My back however, I can hardly walk I'm so darn sore. I feel so bad for Bella, the one who got the brunt of it from Sadie. I was screaming for Ron to help and crying and he acts like What? I said get Sadie. I had to bop her on the nose to get her to release Bella's cheek and neck. It is so scary. I'm making sure this NEVER happens again. I hope I outlive all my pets to take care of them, but things like this, they are putting me into an early grave, lol. I love them all to death. But today I do not much of anything, play on computer all day. So you enjoy your day and thanks again for the graphics. Hugs

Posted on: Dec 7th 2018, 5:34:39pm

sky4118 writes:

Posted on: Dec 5th 2018, 1:19:56am

jane (official artist) writes:
Shii, you can't be on break, lol! Dropping by to say a quick Hello before I do some Christmas decorating. I love the way the house looks when decorated. this is such a great time of the year. I hope you are enjoying your day and doing something fun. I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, but I'm trying to make more time for all my wonderful friends on GG. I don't do FB much anymore, I log on and hit a few likes or post here and there and I'm done. It is starting to rain here and tomorrow will be 65, believe it or not. By the end of the week in the low 30's, that is our weather here for sure. I dream of snow, but no cold anymore, just bring Spring and Summer back, lol. Well, take care, stop by when you can and let me know what you have been up to. Sending you a big hug to warm your day or just to hug those who have nice weather now. I'll be back soon, I promise. Hugs,

Posted on: Dec 1st 2018, 7:07:13pm
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