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Name:   .мσиƨтɛяƨclʋв`
Birthday:   1996-02-29
Joined:   2011-07-29

.αвσʋт ʋƨ`
-this is a club of monsters,"rawr" i mean a club for monsters lovers and acting like a monsters obviously..
i think this is right place you can join if you are monsters/ cute monster! -

`we are acting like a monster/cute monsters but that does not mean that fighting is acceptable in this club. fighting is restricted in this club.if you have problems to your clubmates or me them pls. inform us about that.
`every animals/human being and also the real you are have different face and attitudes,so
COPYING/stealing some documents of your clubmates are strictly not allowed in this club.if you not obey this then bounce off! this is not the right place for you! ok?.
`every workers of one organization are having their own responsibilities/obligations that will do by thier,do your
job nicely and be a model/good examples for your clubmates. and lat but not the least.:
`always smile while working :) it will helps you to do a job nice,neat and good looking graphics. this will help a graphics designer/clickie maker to do their best in making graphics!

.ι αм ______`
what`s this? = this is your monstrous name in this club (ex. `monstrousfreak,deadlymonster, ect.) this will classified as fiction monsters. the cathegories are fiction monsters and non-fiction monsters.exampls of non-fiction monsters:elmo,barney,cockie monster,sulley,mike ect.(usually the characters of disney pixar and cartoon network).and for fiction monsters just invent your own name.when the name is already taken, you cannot clone/take it again.unless you have permission to the owner of that name but its best to have your own name in this club.

avatar:(with link)(can u give me size of 120x120?)
(monstrous)name: (ex. monsterfreak,deadlymonster ect.)
(ex. i am monsterfreak of .monstersclub`)
non-fiction or fiction?
i am ________ of .monstersclub`(ur invented monstrous name)
*your avatar should be a monster*

co-owners/admins:(who can open and manage this page when im not online or hiatus)
clickie maker:(who will/can make a cute monstrous banner in this club)
advetizer:(who will advertise this page/club)
idea giver:(people who can/will make and share a monstrous ideas for this club)
simply monster:(a member who always active and also she/he can share his/her ideas for this club)

.զʋιcκ lιиκƨ`

.fiction monsters`

.иσи-ғιcтισи мσиƨтɛяƨ`

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vintage girl writes:
Am i a member??

Posted on: Sep 6th 2012, 8:47:01pm

bridgeisbroken.. writes:
is this still active?

Posted on: Apr 15th 2012, 5:46:13pm

jord4n. writes:
If you save your icons in PNG files after editing them their quality may turn out better.

Posted on: Dec 26th 2011, 7:55:29am

vintage girl writes:
i wanna join

Posted on: Aug 26th 2011, 3:44:27pm

winonasofia20 writes:
how's the club? is it still active?

Posted on: Aug 18th 2011, 1:45:17pm

setfiretotherain. writes:
going on holiday tomorrow and since this message i've sent i wont be online until next friday(: adiosss!

Posted on: Aug 13th 2011, 9:29:33am

sweetdreams. writes:
hey, it's amanda i moved to this page. Add me on this page. :) vvv

click here. :)

Posted on: Aug 12th 2011, 5:03:43pm

winonasofia20 writes:
how's the club?

Posted on: Aug 10th 2011, 10:50:44pm

winonasofia20 writes:
how's the club? do you have a banner already?

Posted on: Aug 8th 2011, 1:01:12pm

bubbles. writes:
Okay you can give me an avatar. XDD

Posted on: Aug 6th 2011, 8:04:38pm

winonasofia20 writes:
THANK YOU!! :D So, is there anything i can help or do?

Posted on: Aug 6th 2011, 1:38:47pm

jblover101 writes:
hey what up

Posted on: Aug 6th 2011, 11:58:16am

wecameasangels. writes:
no thanks.

Posted on: Aug 6th 2011, 1:25:13am

Posted on: Aug 6th 2011, 12:36:12am

bubbles. writes:
Non-Fiction or Ficton: Non-Fiction

Posted on: Aug 3rd 2011, 1:06:44pm

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