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* brittney louise.-- nineteen. inked. single. arizona. straightedge. pierced. opinionated. stubborn. brutally honest.
a day to remember. sleeping with sirens. d.r.u.g.s. -kellin quinn. craig owens. -hedgehogs. otters. sharks. -cats.
hand woven bracelets. monday night raw. john cena. randy orton. snow white. disneyland. airel. concerts. bows.
big sweaters. high heels. acoustic guitars. the scream trilogy. floral print. --the maine. lace tights. rose earrings.

~ t u m b l r : follow me--------------~ p h o t o s : updated--------------~ s o t m : find out


hello, i'm nineteen & i love my fiancé kyle anderson.

stubborn. short. -opinionated. brutally honest. sweet.
arizonian. real. straightedge. positive. i am just .-me.

{+}: tattoos, .a day to remember, the scream trilogy,
lace tights, -.ocean life, high heels, hedgehogs, cats,
sleeping with sirens, --horror movies,.- d.r.u.g.s, john
cena, --floral print, rose earrings, --randy orton, gore,

the best friends: kyle; jakey; nickers; josh &christan
but everyone on my list is amazing & i adore you all.

i want to work at disneyland. i --believe in god. i think
our generation is fucked up. i color coordinate all my
clothes. I --prefer hot over the cold. I can --not stand
when people lie. Im an honest bitch. Love it or hate it.

*stay beautiful and stay positive.

i've .been on here since --february 28th, 2006. I miss
how it use to be. I will be your shoulder to cry on. I'm
always --here to listen. I --try to look on the .-positive
side of everything. .I'm not taking adds. But talk it up.


They say that love is forever. Your forever is all that I need.
The name is Brittney. {Britt-knee} I am nineteen. I live in Arizona and I am engaged to the love of my life Kyle C. Anderson. I'm stubborn, cranky, opinionated & hard to get along with. I'm different then I appear. I have a girly side & I can be one. of the guys. I wear a lot of -white. I'll be your shoulder to cry on. I'm a hopeless --romantic. I do not do drugs, drink, or smoke. I'm still a virgin & proud of it. I practically grew up on a race track. I am really straight forward & people think I'm a bitch for it. I work at an aquarium. My kitties are my babies. I'm --5'4". I collect hot wheels. I wear high heels a lot. If i'm at home my hair is up in a bun or pony tail. I have my future tattoos picked out. I color coordinate my clothes. & in the end, I'm just me.
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
*o6.3o.o9 : Kyle Anderson - No one will ever understand our relationship but I think that's one of the things I love the most. We have the unexplainable love that everyone searches for. We fight, we bicker but we also make each other happier then any other person can make us. You're silly, cute, loving, sexy, adorable, amazing & so much more. Thank you .for coming into my life & being mine. I never want to lose you baby. You are the greatest thing about life. -I am in love with you baby.


I'm Kirby.
I live in Glendale, Arizona.

I am: Nineteen, Straight Edge, Inked.

I enjoy: Tattoos,-: Hedgehogs, Piercings, A Day To Remember, Floral Print, Rose
Earrings, -The Scream Trilogy,- Sharks, Lace Tights,- John Cena, Accents, --Snow
White, Hand Woven Bracelets, High Heels, Randy Orton, Cats, Ocean Life, Mario,
Gore, Animal Crossing, D.R.U.G.S, Pokemon,: Pixar Films, Honesty, Flower Clips,

L i n k s : Tumblr, Photos,

No matter what we are I will always love him.


You can call my Kirby.

stubborn. short 5'4". opinionated. bitchy. different. nineteen. strong willed. brutally honest. im-perfect. in love. creative. a mystery. engaged. positive. straightedge. arizonian. sweet. dedicated. sensitive. silly. caring. real. unique. i am just me.

{+} : my fiancée <3, tattoos, hedgehogs, piercings, sharks, rose earrings, the scream trilogy, a day to remember, horrorr movies, floral print, john cena, accents, snow white, hand wovenn bracelets, high heels, randy orton, disneyland, monday night raw, cups of tea in bedd, positivity, ocean life, stone cold steve austin, hot cheetos, cats, lace tights, bigg sweaters, pixar films, craig owens, d.r.u.g.s, pretty teeth, long hair, gore, drawing, animal crossing, mario, cardigans, my blackberry, pokémon, anchors, varsity jackets, christofer drew, growlithe, squirtle, vulpix, acoustic guitars, rocco the great, sunflowers,


-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------sotm: into your arms-the maine.
stubborn. short 5'4". opinionated. bitchy. different. nineteen. strong willed. brutally honest. im-perfect. alonee. creative. a mystery. positive. straightedge. arizonian. sweet. dedicated. sensitive. silly. caring. real. im just me.

Nickie: Girl we've been through a lott & you've always stuck around. Thanks for that. I'll always be here for you.
Jakey: Almost 2 years sir. We've rarely fought & you're always there to listen. {o5.14.o9} Best friends forever. :D
Joshua: We have had a lot of laughs & little arguments. But you've remained a great friend. So thank you sirr.

* 3 job interviews & prom dress shopping w/Dali Tuesday.
* Food stamp interview Wednesday.
* GED & a new tattoo from brother Thursday.
* Steph's in the morning. & Movies with Rocky & Connor Friday.
* Prom with Dali Saturday.

I'll be on when I can. I have to keep myself busy or ill breakdown.


stubborn. short 5'4". opinionated. bitchy. different. nineteen. strong willed. brutally honest. im-perfect. in love. creative. a mystery. positive. straightedge. arizonian. sweet. dedicated. sensitive. silly. caring. real. im just me.

o6.3o.o9 : kyle anderson - you have become the very thing I can not survive without. you are the greatest part about life. Nobody will ever understand how much I'm in love with you. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day.
I want to spend the restt of my life with you. You're my soul mate & one & only. I love you so much baby bee.

likes: my fiancé<3, tattoos, hedgehogs, rose earrings, piercings, horror movies, john cena, a day to remember, craig owens, florall print, tights, moccasins, rocco the great, randy orton, cotton candy, disneyland, snow white, cups of tea in bed, minnie mouse, spieling peter, monday nightt raw, correct grammar, stone cold steve austin, sweaters, bestt friends, acoustic guitars, tumblr, accents, hand woven bracelets, highh heels, pixar films, otterss,


--------------------------------------------------------------------------------{ Face ; Love ; Best Friend ; Proof ; Tattoo }

I'm Brittney. I'm stubborn, cranky, opinionated & hard to get along with. I trust very few & find the human race disgusting. I'm different then I appear. I have a girly side & I can be one of the guys. I prefer the heat over the cold. I'll be your shoulder to cry on. I'm old fashioned. I don't do drugs, drink or smoke. Kyle will be the one to take my virginity. My cats are my babies. I wear a lot of white. I'm 5'4. I get my shortness from my mommy. My hair has been so many colors I have lost track. I want to work at Disneyland. I am a hopeless romantic. I color coordinate my clothes. I have an obsession with Rocco The Great. There's a lot to me. In the end I'm just me.


{ Tumblr ; My face ; Tattoo ; Proof ; Love }
0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000I REFUSE TO SINK
engaged to kyle anderson ; // nineteen on O3.3O.11 // inked // arizona // straightedge // adtr & d.r.u.g.s // part kitten~
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •
I am the captain of my life.I do not live to please you. I'll be your shoulder to cry on. I could spend all day putting together a puzzle. I could watch 'Despicable Me' everyday. I'm old fashioned. I'd rather stay in && watch movies then go out && party. I'm proud to say I don't do drugs, smoke or drink. Ocean life fascinates me. I haven't had soda in a year & 9 months. Kids are tying too hard to grow up. Calm down. I am 5'4". I try to look for the good in everything. I wear a lot of white. Everyone deserves to smile. I hate frosting. I actually adore Justin Bieber. Gotta problem? Our generation disgusts me. I want to work as Snow White at Disneyland. I have a girl crush on Emma Stone. My cats are my babys. Everyone deserves to smile. Im probably the slowest ice cream eater. I wish my hair was thicker. I think differently then most people. Just stay positive. ♡
o6.3o.o9: kyle anderson - you have become the very thing I can not survive without. I'm not myself without you. I am not comfortable around anyone like I am with you. I need you like a heart needs a beat. You are the greatest thing about life. I love you more then I could ever explain. You're my fiancée, my best friend, my lover, my rock. Thank you for everything. I love being able to say you are mine && I am yours. I can't wait till we get married & start our life as husband && wife. <3
Things I like: my kyle baby <3, tattoos, hedgehogs, piercings, horror movies, a day to remember, craig owens, cats, bigg sweaters, correct grammar, the way kyle smells,(: d.r.u.g.s, tumblr, pretty teeth, high heels, pixar films, monday nightt raw, flower clips, hand woven bracelets, hott cheetos, my blackberry, gore, cups of tea in bed, ocean life, the smell of hollister, john cena, disneyland, acoustic guitars, crushed ice, camaros, puzzles, randy orton, otters, coloring, red robin, jersey shore
© - 100% made by me. don't copy or steal anything off my page.


----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------You be sonic & i'll be tails.
brittney louise - hedgehogs, my kyle baby<3, cats, adtr, horror movies, word searches, ocean life, cardigans, tumblr, teal, big sweaters, warped tour, acoustic guitars, positivity, the way kyle smells, best friends, otters, btr, high heels, tattoos, long hair, silent library, piercings, disney movies, moccasins, monday night raw, spicy foods, california, in-n-out burger, colored hair, raspberry arizona ice tea, drawing, the beach, john cena, randy orton, car rides, plaid, curly hair, correct grammar, gifs, accents, floral, concerts, cups of tea in bed, true blood, collarbones, nutella, editing things, forever 21, heatt, ferrero rocher chocolate, coloring, crushed ice, hand woven bracelets, painted nails, flower clips, heart shaped glasses, hot cheetos, knee- high socks, camaros, camping, nsn, drawn on kitty faces, disney land, pretty teeth, my blackberry, animal crossing for the ds, courage the cowardly dog, red robin, chinchillas, braids, the smell of hollister, vans shoes, photofiltre, photoscape, gore, jersey shore, the summer set, j-wow, paranormal activity 1 & 2, growlithe, sneezing, quading, lucky charms, emma stone, ♡

t u m b l r : ----------f a c e : swipernoswiping.----------- l o v e : squidkid.


Facts: I turn nineteen on March 30th. Repunzel from Tangled is my favorite princess. Hedge hogs, otters, cats & koalas are my favorite animals. The only thing I want is to marry Kyle Anderson.‹ɜ I have a panda bear pillow pet. I'm 5'4", so yes I am short. I watch Monday Night RAW. I wear heels & sweaters a lot. A Day To Remember & Big Time Rush = the greatest. My kitties are my babies. I do not put up with bullshit. I adore kids. I think this generation is messed up && it really sickens me. I am a hopeless romantic. I love the smell of Hollister.~ I kick ass at guitar hero. I can rap to all of Eminem's songs. I miss the 90's cartoons. I enjoy quad riding & four wheeling. Virgin. Drug, smoke & alcohol free. I believe in god. Sharks && under sea life fascinate me. I love gory//horror movies. Kyle is my one & only. I collect hot wheels. I like hot weather more then cold weather. ~~ There is a lot to me. I am different then anyone you've ever met. Don't like it? Make like a tom & cruise. ♡

Stay Positive. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Stay True.~~~~!~~~~~~~~~~ Envy Nothing.


Britty Λnderson - Engaged;{O6.3O.O9} ♥ - drugfree - sexfree - alcoholfree

eighteen, christofer drew addictt, stubborn, different, opinionated, short,
strong willed, creative, not perfect, positive, brutally honest, a mystery.

i dont hand out second chances. im real. i dont take bullshit. I dress how
i want. I'd rather stay in then go out. Parties are not my thing. I'm pretty
much old fashioned. I think most girls are whores. & it really sickens me.

I am in love with my fiance, Kyle C. Anderson.♥

I like people watching. Quading. Camping. Staying up till 5AM. Playing in
the rain. Driving with the windows down && the radio blasting. Yellingg at
the tv while watching Monday Night RAW. Long road trips. & sneezingg.

I think drugs are stupid. You were given one body && i think you should
take care of it. Your not cool because you do them. & they destroy you.
I wish i could rescue every stray cat & dog I see. Ima big animal person.

I think everyone should have a reason to smile. & thanks to Kyle I have
found mine.<33 I want to work as Snow White at Disneyland. I love kids.

Yess, Oliver Sykes is sexy. But there is more to him then thatt. I adore
Christofer Drew more then its healthy. & yeah im a 3 year fan & like him
for his music & what he stands for. Youu should learn to look past looks.

I want to touch Travis Clark's hair. I look at things differently then most
people. I love the smelll of hollister. I will nott addd you. please dont ask.


-------------------ilovekylec.anderson-----------------hesallmine&onlymine------------------photos ; love ; fiance
kyle c. anderson, moccasins, passion fruit tea, hand woven braclets, acoustic guitars,
raybans, aquariums, christofer drew ingle, red pandas, koalas, owls, sunflowers, head
bands, horror movies, going to shows, the beach, raspberries, sweaters, braids, bows,
true blood, robert pattinson, victorian houses, doodling, stephen moyer, coloring, stars,

-----------------------------------------------••> Mrs. Kyle .:. Engaged;{O6.3O.O9} .:. Eighteen .:. Straightedge <••

---------I work at an aquarium. I talk about my fiance 25/8. Dont like it? well dont talk to me.
---------I wont pretend to be something im not. I dont put up with bullshit. I can't stand lying.
---------I believe most girls are whores. It realllly discusts me. I have a lott of self-respectt.
---------Im done giving out second chances. Im a bitch but hey, at least im an honest bitch.

-----------------------------kyle anderson is my one & only. i love him!-------------------------------------√v^√v^√


my fiancée <3 : piercings : tattoos : tumblr : hello hollywood : hair dye : handwoven bracelets : kitty cats : flannel : music : big time rush : floral patterns : a day to remember : otters : courage the cowardly dog : kenndal schmidt : moccasins : nsn : monday night raw : best friends : my twinn : koalas : john cena : floral patterns : high heels : accents : warm sweaters : the smell of rain : straight-edge : nick jonas : acoustic guitars : emma stone : catdog : katy perry : animal crossing : the smelll of hollister : johnny knoxville : long road trips : cardigans : origami stars : disneyland : california : randy orton : hedgehogs : the maine : raspberries : arizona tea : my blackberry : boots : christmas time : eminem : goingg to shows : nutella : music :
so, i'm brittneyy, im 18 & if you don't know by now i'm engaged to the love of my life, kyle anderson. O6.3O.O9 <3



♡ I'm Brittneyy Louise. I'm a cat. =^.^=
* The only thing I want is to marry Kyle Anderson.♥
* I don't put up with baby bullshit. I will speak my mind.
* Stubborn, brutally honest, opinionated, imperfect.
* O6.3O.O9 the best day of my life.
* Hot weather > cold weather.
* I like potatoes & tomatoes any way you make them.
* Drug, smoke & alcohol free.
* A Day To Remember. Big Time Rush. Nevershoutnever.
* I'm short. 5'4 to be exact.
* I have girl crushes on Emma Stone & Katy Perry.
* I like when people smell good.
* I talk about Kyle a lot. Get over it.
* I try to look at the positive in everything.
* I think this generation is fucked up.
* I find sharks & undersea life fascinating.
* Kyle you're the greatest thing to ever happen to me.




I can't see me lovin' nobody but you, for all my life.
engaged to kyle; // stay positive // straightedge // envy nothing // 18 // arizona // adtr&btr // stay true

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