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Birthday:   1985-10-13Country:   United States
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Name:   Zim
Birthday:   1985-10-13
Joined:   2010-11-20

I'm Zim...the last name doesn't matter cause really who else is named Zim? I'm an elemental I can control fire and air not sure why I have two elements but I do.I have no birth mother just Syl. Who created me in her lab. Honestly she scares me but she gets me outta stuff so its all good. She says you can talk me into anything and out nothing personaly I say it's a lie.....

Name: Zim
Age: 25
Eye color: Brown (sometimes flashes to ice blue)
Hair color: Brown
Height: 6'1"
Likes: Lightening, tacos, books, wind, Spree, Kamora, dead baby jokes, sitting in the sun, and philosophizing.
Dislikes: Cops, envelopes, Jake, homelessness, homeless people, and anchovies.

Name: Sylvia "Spree" Stone
Age: 21
Eye Color: Brown (red when angered)
Hair color: Red
Likes: ME!!!, Jake , cooking, and to keep me outta trouble.
Dislikes: Me in jail, fighting, and frappes.

"Step Father/ best friend/ ????" :(
Name: Jake Rabalais
Age: 21
Eye color: Emerald green
Hair color: red but he dyes it
Likes: Music, stupid stuff, and...who cares???
Dislikes: Me....idiot...

So apparently he looks like this now...HOW DO I COMPETE WITH THAT!!!!!

Name: Kamora Sato Flowers
Age: "17"
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Leaves
Dislikes: Kids

The Twins
Name:Zeion Sato-Flowers
Age: Two
Hair: Orange
Eyes: Blue
Likes: Daddy

Name: Keion Sato-flowers
Eyes: Blue
Likes:Mommy POKEMON
Dislikes:Puppy toes
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User Comments

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *takes a bit* ohhh sooooooooooo good!
saki: *takes a bit* hmmmm theres okay
Kamora: *when zim leaves she snoops around his room*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 5:23:59pm

rocker babe writes:
both of them: *Jumps*
jake: YAY! brownies!
saki: *grins* lets see if they're good *stands up and walks to syl*
Kamora: *looks at zim* save me one.. i think i'll stay in here for a bit *smiles*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 5:18:30pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: *randomly stares at saki*
Saki: *stares back*
Jake: *crosses arms and keeps stareing*
Saki: *rest his chin in his hands and keeps stareing*
Kamora: *smiles and plays with his fingers* hmm *stares at a wall in thought*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 5:12:04pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: yay!!
Saki: lets see if syl's famous brownies live up to their name
Kamora: I would've proably been one of the people to make fun of you in all honesty. *lays her head on him*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 5:02:39pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: *grins*
Jake: *smiles and hugs syl back* now for thoses brownies
Kamora: aww now baby its okay *kisses him* it'll be awakard roses or pansy..i bet you got made fun of alot in school you know like zim pansy or others. we'll have to discuss me ever taking that last name in all seriousness.

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:55:26pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: yeah zim that would ruin it.
Jake: *walks in with the butter* not a fun time *sighs* GAH!! *puts the butter on the counter and gets a glass of water*
saki: screaming fangirls?
Jake: more like creepy bisexual men *shakes* soo freaky
Kamora: *giggling alot* f-flowers?! *trying to contain her self* thats a...beauitful last name...

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:47:58pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: why have we never talked before..?
Kamora: *looks at him* my last name is sato..what in the world is yours?

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:38:55pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: never said i was normal
kamora: *kisses him back, smiles* well that was nice *flops on the bed*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:25:17pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: *takes the bread off and eats the meat*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:15:45pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: eh..neither that just sounds sicking
kamora: *nods* well yeah zim i would. *puts her hands on his shoulders and smiles sweetly* I'm in love with you Zim. and one day i think it'd be awesome to be married to have a family to live forever with you..

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:01:05pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: *lights a ciggeratte*sounds good to me
kamora: *sits up* well i'm a vampire and i also have needs *pokes him in the chest* i'd have you know zim I'd marry you tonight if you wanted, i could commit to you! of goodness saks we almost had a baby together and you think i can't commit to you? *stands up*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 3:44:10pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: very simple.. hes an idiot and i don't like him with kamora
Kamora: *looks away* zim..I do love you. its just..I'm not the person to fall in love *puts her hand on his* I've always been more of the home wrecker type. *sighs some* and its not like i ingore you on purpose i just have a one track mine *looks up at him* i'm not into love or marriage but its just somthing different when it comes to you...i could see myself married to you which is weird for me

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 3:32:08pm

rocker babe writes:
Jake: excatly Syl exactly
kamora: *looks over at him* well thats just mean! *sighs and looks at his ceiling* you know we'd ever make it married?

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 3:19:56pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: sandwhichs.. you know ham, turkey, sometimes cheese
Kamora: *crosses her arms* un huh sure whatever. i'm still complete mad at you. *looks at him* we proably won't make it past a week of marriage, because you are just.. i mean you sure *falls back* gah!

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 3:12:45pm

rocker babe writes:
Saki: Well..I'm a cook myself.
kamora: oh i see how it is your ingoring me alright then. *crosses her arms* i see how your gonna act, fine. you want a girlfriend pay a hooker *goes to the kitchen and sits next to saki*

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 3:05:26pm

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