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Birthday:   1993-04-02Country:   
Joined:   2007-02-25Location:   IN MI LIL WORLD
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Name:   lucia
Birthday:   1993-04-02
Joined:   2007-02-25
Location:   IN MI LIL WORLD
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i am makeing a new profile so i am getting off to make it


personaltiy-she hate when ppl depend on her she is shy but a playful gurl like boys and likes to fight

chapter 1.i dont known anything bout me .but da ppl i grow up with was axel,namine,and roxas .i thought there were closest friends in da world until the day came i became a somebody leaveing them wasent easy to become a somebody i fought the one i love.....roxas.i was not happy at all mi life came to a end when i closed mi eyes when i opened them i saw a boy name...sora he was young and looked sweet by mistake i said"roxas". but he said how's roxas i am sora.then a girl name kairi came out and said "SORA what happen i saw her she looked so much like namine then i got up and said"hello i am lucia.then kairi said"hi i am kairi this is sora and all of sudden a boy came behind me then i turned around and kicked him he was riku the worst man u ever saw in your life sora said"RIKU dont u see she is a new part of our island"when i heard him say tha i truned into a grin then ever since i lived with them.
until was really dark sora kept telling me to go home i kept saying "no" then he grabed my hand and when i looked at him i saw roxas .then he went away then dark things came out sora said"RUN"then i said"NO, i am not leaveing without you then the black stuff glomped us when i opended my eyes i saw roxas and all of them i said"HUH WERE SORA"then roxas looked at me and said"do you even remimber us" i said 'yes but.." no said roxas save it then he disapperd again.then i saw sora only then he said "here you go again"."huh" then i saw me with a sword and sora with a sword and a whole new world





The Nobody
In the new world i saw in bold letters"hollow bastion"then after tha my head started to hurt really bad then i fell still holding my head i saw sora giving me his hand but he left again then i was in a whole new world i was really scare then i saw 5 people they looked like nobodys but they werent!i was ready to fight i said"what the HELL is going on!!"this girl came up and said"roxas is sora""HUH"i said "HELL no he is or not"well she said "i am you" "so you are my nobody"she nod her head yes and then a young boy named xeldye said"well we are somebody but not namgi she the only nobody.cause we were nobody but we became somebody,but not namgi,so will you let here like be half of you" i took me a while then i said "YES" she smiled then befor they left xeldye said to me i got 2 stuff to say to you 1.when she with one of your sword get powerful.2.roxas said hi!then he left.i blushed.namgi said to me"you like xeldye"then i saw sora again.he said"are you alright"
i said "yes"then when he helped me up i saw roxas.but how do i love more roxas or xeldye.GOD DAMNIT MI HEAD HURTS AGAIN




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