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Please kind, please be gentle, and please...most of all, be there for those who need love, and a friend. Hurt would be avoidable." - Jeffery

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Name:   ;-|Shinobi_of_the_Trees|-;
Birthday:   2010-08-21
Joined:   2007-08-05
Location:   Land Of Wind

Instead of drugs, I got...

Cuz I am an

and an...

Hobbies: play video games(Xbox, PC, PS2, and Gamecube), drawing my own cartoons, anime, write stories, watch mecha anime's, going outside for a fresh breath of air and enjoying the sun, doing some chores, surfing the net(most of the time), watching anime on the net and dvd, Collecting entire anime series, (unless if can afford it), spending time with family(especially my ma and my friends online). Enjoys being with a person. I like music(mainly dance, trance, happy trance, electronic, dub step, drum & bass, house, trip hop, most of classical music, some country, alot of most kinds of rock, a lil bit of blues, major bass from hip hop, medium pop, some 50, 60s, 70s oldies, & maybe jazz). This is all I could think of at the moment.

SeX: male (boy in other words)
age: 28 (no kiddin)
Education: Graduated since high skool
Status: Single
Hates: being judged, being dissed even behind my back, fights, people being immature(adults as making an a$$ of themselves and not getting what they want), girls doing something without me(you know what I mean;):3 Meow!), being alone without a girl with him, being sunburned, sweating, chores(certain ones), staying couped up in the house all day and avoid going anywhere, not getting dessert after a meal, avoid finding someone special, avod being involved with family events...thas all I can think of, so far.

Things about me:
I love to go window shopping when we have barely enuff money to buy things. I also like shopping and buying anime and/or manga. And maybe watching a movie with people. I'm into more action, a little drama at least, and bit kool comedy. Even anime too. I would love to cosplay! At least with someone, so I could avoid feeling left out. When I'm listening to someone talking, I start to imagine and fade out from listening to someone, while still at the same time, I am imaginating or thinking alot of other things to myself. And sometimes I say the word, "Yes", or the word, "No", to the person telling me to do something, like a chore for example. Forgive me for those habits(that I need to drop, badly) I do, if you met me in person...ok? I talk loud, not meaning to, cuz i can't hear myself talk over my own thoughts, when I got too many things on my mind. Friends are supposed to be cherished, thas what I do. Even if they are not here, physically. Good memories are always great to remember! Avoid bad memories, ok?
I'm lonley, will you please, be my kunoichi of love? REALLY! I am sick And tired of being lonely. I have different days of things to do, I love to go outside occasionly(to avoid staying couped up at my house, unless it might be raining, alot!).
Love is something I'd rather be doing instead of hate. The reason is, hate will get you somewhere else rather than friendship(even with family). I also like being acknowledged as a human, and avoiding a name-call(unless if it is someone i know, like friends that I trust). I hate being dissed negatively. And being judged by someone I can hear over whispering about me, Trust me I got good ears. I love being treated with respect and love...makes me feel alive, and better than ever! Thank you for being my friend. okay?:)
I am always staying up, waiting for someone to love me and my ninja self.
I REALLY would like, to become a shinobi, ninja, and samurai. For REAL!
Jokes are out of protect the ones I love.
Even the girl of my life...(if I have one today or tomorrow, on G.G. would be okay.)
Samurai - one who serves a master or lord, mistress, lover(perhaps), or a magistrate(Kind of like the F.B.I. who guards the President)of a city.




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sakura120 writes:

Posted on: Dec 31st 2013, 6:39:15am

~*shippuden~* writes:
I missed u :3

Posted on: Jun 2nd 2013, 3:37:40am

sakura120 writes:

Posted on: Jun 9th 2012, 8:38:50am

roses12 writes:
(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ r e m b e r me~?
im back now~! sorry for being inactive for
a reallyyyy long time! im back now (;
reply back if ur still friends with me,
- jennifer

Posted on: Apr 18th 2012, 6:01:10am

yume hime writes:
You've got lot's of girls on your
Yes it's me :P

Posted on: Mar 28th 2012, 11:54:20pm

xxsaber writes:
hey hey :D
its me roses12 sorry i havent been on for ages so i made a new account as a fresh start :)
add me here?

Posted on: Dec 10th 2011, 9:45:20pm

yume hime writes:
Hello sweet heart! <333

Posted on: Dec 20th 2010, 4:38:12pm

kathrynkaren writes:
i love you & i miss you :(

Posted on: Dec 6th 2010, 2:00:58pm

the_animelovers_club writes:

Wanna join an anime-club?? :3
Then please check us out and join us x) Here you don`t need any jobs. Just come to talk sometimes a week ^^
See you later and please join us!! ;D

Posted on: Nov 28th 2010, 3:51:59am

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