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God is a girl, only a girl, can you believe it can you recieve it?

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Name:   Haily
Birthday:   1995-09-11
Joined:   2008-07-31
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My name Is Haily and I'm 15, I cant quite exactly explain how... Different I am.
I am a born prankster, riddle queen, Thief, and not quite all human. Some people from the past wouldn't even know who I am today,
not even by any comparison. No I am not no fairy or anything special, But I used to be. Until... the freak accident that changed
me, but not who I am why of course not! I am still exactly the person I was before, but more so different in much much ways, if
you can catch my drift. But however I do inherit some very weak powers from Ino thanks to some blood ritual on how I am still alive

But still, and ANYWAY I still am in contact with my sisters
who we were all wolf's and foxes at one point, but we all came
to our different paths and all changed human for some reason.
But all with our own triggers to tragic events.. I still lay in
me and Lulu's old pup bed and think about her.. Her scent still attached to the old bed

I am putting a list of songs down since playlist is no longer
a playlist, now a radio station -.-


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fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Raises a brow as the girl took a turn into an alley. What was she doing? He huffed. She seemed too troublesome for his liking. He already had the upper-hand he needed with the necklace. Putting his hands back in his pockets, he began to walk again, whistling as he tried to think of what more to do*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 4:59:39am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Luke: *Leaves the necklace in his room, knowing his dad trusted him enough and there was always a girl's scent in the house. There was nothing to worry about there. Right now, his hands were in his pockets as he walked down the sidewalk, humming. He inhaled deeply, hoping to catch the scent of a girl who would be feeling frisky. He growled softly as there weren't even that many girls out* You have got to be kidding me.. *Mutters, glancing at a pub. Maybe working as a bartender would make it easier.. He paused as a familiar scent caused him to look. He saw Ino and even if it was very faint, he could tell she had liquor the night before. He snorts, watching her with curiosity.*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 4:46:51am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: No I'm guessing if you are asking me, he must have said something to you. Come over whenever the hell you want. He'll be there at about 8. *Gets up* I'm going home. *Shuffles off*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 4:14:05am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Not surprised to hear you say that. *Finishes her breakfast and yawns, putting her head down* You're a fucking idiot, Haily. No one should even make you that m- *Stops , raising her head to look at April* What. I swear if you ever did that on anyone I'm leaving now. *Looks at Haily and narrows her eyes slightly* I guess so. I mean today Cas was supposed to.. *Trails off, staring at her as she figured out what she was coming over for* Great.. *Mutters* Not like I can invite Eric. Too soon for that. *Huffs and puts her head back down*

Posted on: Jun 14th 2013, 3:39:40am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *Shifts using the trees as coverage. He sped after the wolf and pounced, slamming it against the trunk.*
Wolf: *Yelps and snarls, biting at his neck*
Cas: *Headbutts him off, sinking his fangs into its front limb and tearing it*
Wolf: *Howls in pain and shifts into its human form* FUCK! *Kicks him off, causing him to also shift back*
Cas: *Covers his neck and bares his teeth* What the hell were you doing at the house, Luke?
Luke: Nothing important. You clearly saw that I didn't break in. *Holds his arm as blood leaked from the open wound* How's that girl of yours huh? What was her name.. Haily? *Smirks*
Cas: *Snarls* Don't you dare bring her up. *Inhales, his eyes narrowing* Why is her scent on you?
Luke: *Chuckles, getting up* I thought you would have known by now.. That gift of hers.. Too much for a little coward such as yourself. It's too cute of her to do so much for you. *Removes the necklace, dangling it in front of it*
Cas: *Growls* Give it back, Luke. *Tries to get up shakily*
Luke: Not sure if you really earned this. How 'bout I show it to Dad?
Cas: DON'T! *Lunges for it before being slammed into a tree, Luke's arm pressing hard against his neck*..Don't..
Luke: I'll just keep this close then. *Puts it in his pocket* Take care, Lil' Bro. *Backs up before running off, leaving Cas gasping for air*
Yuni: Man, so am I but I can admit that I don't know what the fuck I'd do when I'm drunk. Anything could happen and we can't control that.

Posted on: Jun 13th 2013, 6:15:52am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: Don't! Don't tell me to calm down. *Snarls and pulls his hand away, looking for him again. He was sure he was there! Cas didn't expect Haily to understand what he meant. She wouldn't understand what was happening and he didn't want her sympathy. It wouldn't do him any good, even if it was her.* What gift? There was nothing there- *Cuts himself off, his sleep-deprived mind trying helplessly to piece things together. His brows furrowed as he stared in no particular direction. His right knee bounced quickly as he grew more and more on edge. He stood up immediately and wiped his hands on his pants* Look, Haily, now's not a good time.. I'm looking for someone. *Pupils dilate for a moment before returning to normal. At this rate, he would snap then and there. He inhaled deeply and exhaled.* I'll.. I'll stop by Yuni's later okay? Maybe I can see you then.. *Spots a wolf from afar and tenses before running after it*
Yuni: Sounds like slave work. *Snorts* But alright. I feel like next time there should be more guys. I was afraid you two might start making out or something. *Takes a drink of orange juice*

Posted on: Jun 13th 2013, 5:05:43am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Cas: *If it wasn't for her scent, he wouldn't have been able to look up. He forced himself to lift his head, squinting for Haily. He opened his mouth to say something, but stopped. He let his head drop as he just covered his face, a slight tremor shaking his frame as he let out a whimper without his consent. The stress was beginning to be too much. He gritted his teeth and stumbled up after a few tries. At this point, he wasn't even paying attention anymore. In a few steps, he walked right into her, stumbling back a few feet.* Sorry.. Sorry.. *Mutters, already forgetting she was there. He shivered, looking around frantically. He swore he caught his scent.. But it was gone.*
Yuni: Just give me a fucking toilet. *Rushes past as she went to the bathroom, throwing up a few times before she rinsed her mouth out. She returned to them and sighed* Shitty night. That's not happening again. It was boring since you two passed out in a half an hour. *Plops onto a stool, taking a muffin and biting out of it*

Posted on: Jun 13th 2013, 4:13:51am

fairyprincess9585 writes:

Cas: *He couldn't sleep. The area under his eyes darkened from his paranoia. He caught his scent. He had no reason to be at the house and he was afraid as to why he was there. Whenever he had the chance to doze, Cas would wake up from the same nightmare over and over. He just didn't risk it anymore. It was a bad idea for him not to sleep since the full moon was coming up (dun dun) but he didn't have a choice. Shuffling through the streets, he kept his eyes glued to the ground and his other senses keen. Underneath the sleeves of his sweater, the previous wounds healed, but new ones replaced them from his vigorous training. Haily always kept coming up too, which made it worse. His uncle noticed in a heartbeat and continued to lecture him, using her as a driving force for his training. It worked. Cas didn't want to hurt her. He wondered how she was doing.. She seemed so upset last time. He stopped in his tracks, his brows tilting upwards as he was disappointed in himself. He didn't even mean to and he still managed to freak her out without her even knowing the truth. He should just give up. Spotting a bench from afar, Cas entered the park and sat down, pulling his hood over his head as his eyes drooped in exhaustion*
Yuni: *Wakes up with her head pounding. She groans, holding her head as she sat up too fast for her liking* What in the hell.. *Looks around, realizing she was on a couch. She didn't exactly know where she was, but she didn't bother finding out. She still had her dress on, and that was enough for her. She left silently, closing the door behind her as she jogged to the pub. As she jogged, she figured out she was most likely at Eric's. She did remember going with him and there was no one she didn't know at the pub, so it had to be him. She stopped herself from any more thinking, unable to handle it. She opened the door to the pub, sliding in* April, Ino?

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 6:13:22am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Moans softly, shutting her eyes* Fuck.. *Whispers breathlessly, beginning to drift out without her consent. The next few words were mixed together, starting and ending differently as her hands slid out from his shirt and her legs dropped. She was out.*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 5:57:13am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Shivers as she felt a sensation in the pit of her stomach. She bit her lip, tilting her head to the side as she gave him more access* E-Eric.. *Her hands wander underneath his shirt, her hands warm as she ran them up slowly against his bare skin*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 5:45:21am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: Nn..~ *Moans against his lips as she pulls away slowly. She smiles and plants light kisses below his jaw*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 5:29:25am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Wraps her legs around his hips as she gasps softly. Her returning kiss was needy and rough as she presses against him*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 4:50:30am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Blushes, wrapping her arms around his neck before kissing him back*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 3:56:05am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Raises a brow as she caught the smell, before it grew faint. She opens her mouth to pick, but closes it as she decided not to say anything. She looks around, moving a bit slow as to avoid growing dizzy.* Chill place.

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 3:52:41am

fairyprincess9585 writes:
Yuni: *Waits until she hears the click. She went onto her tippy-toes, turning him and pressing him against the door as she kissed him. She pulls away after a moment, not allowing him the chance to respond. She smiled and turned the doorknob, the door sliding open*

Posted on: Jun 12th 2013, 3:31:17am

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